SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server

Get fast, on-demand delivery of data subsets gathered from large enterprise data stores. SAS Scalable Performance Data (SPD) Server provides user access to SAS data for intensive processing (queries and sorts) on the host server machine. When client workstations from varying operating platforms send processing requests to an SPD Server host, the host returns results in the format required by each client workstation. SPD Server uses the power of parallel processing to exploit the threading capabilities of servers with multiple processors.

Most recent releases:

SAS Scalable Performance Data Server for SAS® Viya®

SAS Scalable Performance Data Server 5.4 for SAS® 9.4

What’s New

SAS Client for SPD Server is Available in SAS Viya

SAS client software for SPD Server is included in SAS Viya. You can access your existing Version 5.4 and earlier servers from SAS Viya, beginning with SAS Viya 3.4. Beginning in November 2020, you can access your existing servers from SAS Viya in the cloud.
The SAS client software is included in SAS Viya and supports SAS language connections to the server through the SASSPDS engine. The client also includes the SPDO procedure. Using the SAS client provided with each version of SAS Viya, you can create new server tables and cluster tables from SAS Viya as well as read and write existing server tables. Secure client-server connections and use of PROC DS2 and PROC FEDSQL to make server requests are limited to Version 5.3 and 5.4 servers.
SAS client software in SAS Viya does not support access to data in Hadoop. Nor can server tables be accessed with the CAS server.

SPD Server 5.4 for SAS 9.4

The components needed to enable secure communication between a server that is configured for TLS and SAS Management Console are available as part of the SPD Server plug-in for SAS Management Console. There is no longer a need to download the software. For more information, see What's New in SPD Server in SAS Viya and SPD Server 5.4.


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