SAS® Data Preparation

This offering adds enhancements to SAS® Viya®, including advanced data profiling features, data quality transformations for SAS Data Studio and programming interfaces for data quality operations. 

SAS Data Preparation includes Cloud Data Exchange (CDE), a data connection capability that securely copies high-volume data from an on-premises store to a cloud-based instance of SAS Viya for use in SAS Viya applications. The CDE also allows Cloud Analytic Services to read and write data stored on-premises. SAS Data Agent enables you to move data to and from the cloud.

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The most recent release is SAS Data Preparation 2.4.

What's New in SAS Data Explorer 2.2

  • Cloud Data Exchange is available on the data sources tab.
  • New databases are supported on the data sources tab.
  • Advanced input options and unique ID columns.
  • Import feature extracts text and metadata from a collection of documents.
  • Import feature supports geocoding.
  • Improved management of tags for tables and columns.
  • New data profiling features.
  • Improved management of tables and caslibs.
  • Improved social media import performance.
  • Microsoft Windows and SAS Data Quality.

What's New in SAS Lineage Viewer for 2.2

  • Additional connection type support.
  • Improvements in performance and usability.
  • Primary relationships view type.
  • Lineage saved diagrams.
  • Modified by filter.

What's New in SAS Data Studio 2.2

  • Match and cluster transform.
  • Enhancements to the join transform.
  • Analytical partitioning transform.
  • Performance and usability improvements.
  • Unique identifier transform.
  • Microsoft Windows and SAS Data Quality.

What's New in SAS Data Quality 3.4

  • Profile and categorize data with new functions for identification analysis.
  • Combined documentation for SAS Data Quality 3.4 and SAS 9.4M5 Data Quality Server.
  • Perform data quality operations on data in CAS.
  • Execute programs in CAS that contain data quality functions.
  • Use a new function to obtain a confidence score for locale guessing.
  • Interoperate with SSL-enabled DataFlux Data Management Server.
  • List the locales supported by the SAS QKB with the DQLOCLST procedure.
  • Synchronize results with DataFlux Data Management software.

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