Integrate master data management technologies with those in SAS 9.4. SAS MDM is a web-based application that is accessed through the SAS Data Management Console. It provides a single, accurate and unified view of corporate data, integrating information from various data sources into one master record. SAS® Data Remediation and SAS® Task Manager work together with SAS MDM and as well as with other software offerings, such as SAS® Data Management and SAS® Data Quality. SAS Data Remediation enables users to manage and correct issues triggered by business rules in SAS MDM batch jobs and real-time processes. SAS Task Manager is a complementary application to others that integrate with SAS Workflow technologies giving users direct access to a workflow that might have been initiated from another SAS application. Users can start, stop, and transition workflows that have been uploaded to the SAS Workflow server environment.

The most recent release is SAS MDM 4.3.

The most recent SAS Data Remediation release is SAS Data Remediation 2.4.
 The most recent SAS Task Manager release is SAS Task Manager 2.5

What's New

  • Support for SQL Server 2014
  • Configurable limits to the number of records presented when viewing clusters
  • Automated cleanup of remediation issues
  • Creation of new survivors when clusters change due to retirement
  • Control access to hierarchies
SAS Data Remediation 2.4
  • SAS Data Remediation
  • Group-by functionality
  • Remediation plug-in enhancements
  • Overview portlet
  • Saved preferences
  • Reports for SAS Visual Analytics
SAS Task Manager 2.5
  • Security updates


Find user's guides and other technical documentation for SAS MDM.


  • SAS MDM 4.3: User's Guide PDF | HTML
  • SAS MDM 4.3: Administrator's Guide PDF | HTML
  • System Requirements--SAS MDM Advanced 4.3 HTML
  • SAS MDM 4.3 is compatible with SAS 9.4.

SAS Data Remediation

SAS Task Manager

Note: SAS Task Manager is a component of a number of SAS software offerings, including SAS Data Management, so requirements are listed under the SAS 9.4 software offerings on the Install Center.


  • Guided Data Analysis with SAS/LAB Software
  • SAS/LAB software provides an integrated environment for performing standard data analyses such as regression and analysis of variance.The software explains and interprets analysis results, makes suggestions for further analysis, and issues warnings about violated assumptions. The point-and-click interface provides convenient methods for converting raw data to a usable form, producing graphical display of results, and converting results to a report.

Previous Versions



  • SAS MDM 4.2: User's Guide PDF | HTML
  • SAS MDM 4.2: Administrator's Guide PDF | HTML
  • System Requirements: SAS MDM is a component in several software offerings, including SAS MDM 4.2 (Advanced and Standard).
  • SAS MDM 4.2 is compatible with SAS 9.4.

Related Documentation

  • SAS Data Remediation 2.2: User's Guide PDF | HTML
  • SAS Task Manager 2.2: User's Guide PDF | HTML


  • SAS MDM 4.1: User's Guide, Second Edition PDF
  • SAS MDM 4.1: Administrator's Guide, Second Edition PDF
  • System Requirements--SAS MDM Advanced 4.1 HTML
  • System Requirements--SAS MDM Standard 4.1 HTML
  • SAS Data Remediation 2.1 is documented in Chapter 9 of the SAS MDM 4.1: User's Guide  PDF.
  • SAS Task Manager 2.1 is documented in Chapter 10 of the SAS MDM 4.1: User's Guide  PDF.
  • SAS MDM 4.1 is compatible with SAS 9.4.

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