SAS® Bridge for Esri

Exchange spatial data between ArcGIS and SAS. With SAS Bridge for Esri, you can create maps and interactive presentations that show relationships and provide answers that were previously hidden. You can link tabular data in SAS with spatial data in ArcGIS so that queries can consider spatial proximities as part of the analysis.

The most recent release is SAS Bridge for Esri 3.6.

SAS Bridge for Esri 3.6 requires the second maintenance release of SAS 9.3 or later and ArcGIS 10 or later. The SAS Bridge for Esri must be installed on the same machine as ArcGIS.

You can use the SAS Bridge for Esri to connect to a SAS session running either on the same machine (a local session) or on another machine (a remote session). To connect to a remote SAS session, SAS Integration Technologies must be installed on the same machine as SAS Bridge for Esri.

SAS Bridge for Esri must be licensed for use on the copy of SAS to which you connect.

SAS Bridge for Esri enables you to:

  • Add SAS data to your maps by establishing a connection to your SAS data and incorporating that data into your GIS.
  • Join SAS data to an ArcMap layer.
  • Export data, including raster data, to a SAS data set.
  • Save SAS programs and applications on a SAS server as stored processes and then share and run these programs from client applications such as ArcMap.
  • View the metadata associated with SAS data sets.
  • Create custom applications or macros that export data to SAS and run other processes without your intervention.
  • Export your data to a SAS dataset, use SAS to perform any analysis that is needed, read the new data back into ArcMap, and incorporate the new information into the SAS Bridge for Esri.


Find user's guides and other technical documentation for SAS Bridge for Esri.

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