SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management

Gather and manage intelligence, conduct complex investigations and improve investigative processes and workflows with this solution for law enforcement and public safety. SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management helps you identify and explore complex networks (e.g., criminal and terrorist connections) across multiple data sources, and over variable time periods.

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The most recent release is SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management 1.4.  

What's New

  • You can now create and share useful searches at a role group level.
  • The Object Splitter control provides users with a simple, easy to use mechanism to create new objects containing data captured from a free text field in an existing object.
  • Status Reports enable users to view summary information about the status of interrelated objects associated with an object.
  • Markup with suggested mappings, this feature is an extension of the existing Markup control.
  • Current image functionality is now compatible with the new SAS Visual Investigator Image control.
  • The Markup control now supports SAS Visual Text Analytics as the default setting.
  • The Object Lookup control now uses a larger window to display more data.
  • The Advanced Search control has been enhanced to retain user-entered data entered into placeholder fields after a user has moved away from the Home page.
  • The Code Editor now displays only controls that contain customer-editable code, such as the Markup control and the Map Lookup control.


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Documentation is provided on a secure site that requires an access key, which can be requested by licensed customers from SAS Technical Support. Expedite your request by including "SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management" in the subject field of the form.

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