SAS® Environment Manager

This web-based application can administer, monitor and manage SAS resources, including servers and services. It collects and charts data on metrics for monitored resources, providing a comprehensive view of resource health and operation – plus it provides SAS administrators with a dashboard that presents aggregated data from monitored resources, enabling them to gauge the effectiveness of their entire SAS environment.

SAS Environment Manager is licensed for and restricted to the monitoring and management of SAS technologies, solutions and the necessary associated supporting infrastructures. Other uses are restricted in accordance with your SAS Master License Agreement. It is supported on Linux for SAS® Viya® environments and on all SAS Version 9 environment systems except for z/OS.

Most recent releases:

SAS Environment Manager in  SAS Viya

SAS Environment Manager 2.5 on SAS 9.4M4.

What’s New

SAS Environment Manager in SAS Viya

SAS Environment Manager has been optimized to work with the current release of SAS Viya.

SAS 2.5 on SAS 9.4M4

SAS Environment Manager 2.5 enables you to manage metadata definitions for SAS users, servers and libraries to implement a federated data mart, and to collect and report upon metric data from a SAS Grid. In addition, log collection and discovery is improved and the Report Center uses only stored process prompts, enabling you to better control reports created from metric data.


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Previous Versions


SAS Environment Manager 3.4 for SAS Viya 3.5

SAS Environment Manager 3.3 for SAS Viya 3.4


SAS Environment Manager 2.4

  • SAS Environment Manager 2.4: User's Guide PDF | HTML   

SAS Environment Manager 2.3

  • SAS Environment Manager 2.3: User's Guide PDF | HTML   

SAS Environment Manager 2.1

  • SAS Environment Manager 2.1: User's Guide, Second Edition PDF | HTML   

SAS Job Monitor

Job Monitoring for SAS Viya

  • The functions of SAS Job Monitor are incorporated into the Jobs page in SAS Environment Manager. The Jobs page enables you to monitor and schedule jobs from a variety of sources in SAS Viya.
  • Refer to the Jobs topic in SAS Viya Administration.

SAS Job Monitor 2.1 and 2.2

  • Help for SAS Job Monitor is accessible within the product.

Related Documentation

  • Refer to the SAS Job Monitor chapter in the SAS Environment Manager 2.5: User's Guide, Third Edition. This chapter applies to SAS Job Monitor 2.1 and SAS Job Monitor 2.2.

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