SAS® Federation Server

This data server provides scalable, threaded, multi-user, and standards-based data access technology to process and seamlessly integrate data from multiple data services. SAS Federation Server acts as a hub by accessing, managing, and sharing SAS data as well as several popular relational databases, including DB2, Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, Teradata, and Greenplum. It enables powerful querying capabilities and improved data source management.

The most recent release is SAS Federation Server 4.4 and SAS Federation
Server Manager 4.4.

What’s New

The following new features have been added to SAS Federation Server 4.4:

  • REST Pagination and Sorting
  • Single sign-on
  • New HASH methods
  • JDBC connectivity from SAS Federation Server to back-end data sources
  • Performance Improvements
  • SASHDAT is no longer supported

REST Pagination and Sorting

SAS Federation Server 4.4 includes stateless and stateful pagination for REST API. Stateless pagination maintains no state between the REST service and the client in terms of where the cursor is located in the generated result set. It issues a new query against the data source for each request and specifies the offset and limit SQL identifiers to limit the result set. Because a new query is generated for each page request, performance is not optimal. Also, data changes are visible between page requests. That means if rows are added or deleted, the contents of a specific page can change.

The stateful pagination approach attempts to eliminate the problems of the stateless data browsing. It issues one query against the data source and allows the client to specify the JSESSIONID cookie, maintain an active REST HTTP session while keeping the cursor open until the entire result set has been fetched. The result set can be fetched in a forward-only mode only.

Stateful pagination outperforms stateless pagination since only a single query is issued against the data source. The result set is consistent with the initial query.

SAS Federation Server 4.4 also added sorting capability for REST API.

Single Sign-on

SAS Federation Server 4.4 supports single sign-on (SSO) connections from the ODBC and JDBC (Windows only) client interfaces along with the FEDSVR LIBNAME engine. SSO requires the use of the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) for connectivity from the client to SAS Federation Server.  SSO is supported using only the FEDSVR driver.

New HASH Methods

Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) HASH algorithms are used to detect errors in data transmission and can detect if a piece or stream of data has become corrupted. New HASH methods include CRC, CRC-[modelname], BLAKE2, SHA384, and SHA512.

JDBC Connectivity

SAS Federation Server 4.4 supports connectivity to any data source using a vendor-supplied or third-party JDBC driver. Along with the ODBC connectivity, this provides a rich set of data source access using industry standard APIs.

Performance Improvements

SAS Federation Server 4.4 includes several performance improvements. In addition to REST stateful pagination noted above, it adds a prefetch capability for improved read performance, and a bulk load capability for improved write performance.

Prefetch and bulk load use asynchronous threads to reduce run-time latencies between client and SAS Federation Server, and between SAS Federation Server and back-end data sources.


SASHDAT is no longer supported in SAS Federation Server 4.4.


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Previous Versions


SAS Federation Server 4.2 is compatible with SAS 9.4M3 and earlier releases of SAS and SAS Data Management 2.7 offerings.

SAS Federation Server 4.2

SAS Federation Server Client 4.2

  • SAS Drivers for Federation Server 4.2: User's Guide PDF | HTML


SAS Federation Server 4.1 is compatible with SAS 9.4 and SAS Data Management 2.5 and 2.6 offerings.

SAS Federation Server 4.1

  • SAS Federation Server 4.1: Administrator's Guide PDF | HTML
    This guide includes documentation for the SAS Federation Server Drivers for Oracle, DB2, and other data sources.
  • SAS 9.4 FedSQL Language Reference, Third Edition PDF | HTML

SAS Federation Server Client 4.1

  • SAS Drivers for Federation Server 4.1: User's Guide PDF | HTML


SAS Federation Server 3.2 is compatible with SAS 9.4 and SAS Data Management 2.5 offerings.

SAS Federation Server 3.2

  • SAS Federation Server 3.2: Administrator's Guide PDF  |  HTML
    This guide includes documentation for the SAS Federation Server Drivers for Oracle, DB2, and other data sources.
  • Help for SAS Federation Server Manager 3.2 is accessible within the product.
  • SAS 9.4 FedSQL Language Reference, Third Edition PDF  |  HTML

SAS Federation Server Client 3.2

  •  SAS Drivers for Federation Server 3.2: User's Guide PDF  |  HTML
    These drivers were previously called the DataFlux Drivers for ODBC and JDBC.

Hot Fixes

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