SAS® Visual Text Analytics

Gain insights from data with a combination of natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules. SAS Visual Text Analytics in SAS® Viya® uses context to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenge of identifying and categorizing key textual data. You can build models (based on training documents) that analyze and categorize a set of documents, then customize them to realize the value of your text-based data.

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The most recent release is SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4.

What’s New

New GUI Features (available in Model Studio)

SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4 in SAS Viya 3.4 offers new features that enable greater control and customization when modeling and analyzing textual data as well as performance enhancements for some previously existing features.  

New Features:

  • Automatically generate relevant concept rules and fact rules based on existing rules for a concept. Note that automatic concept rule generation is an experimental feature in SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4.
  • Instantaneously add new CLASSIFIER rules to existing concepts by simply highlighting and selecting text in the Documents tab.
  • Use the sandbox associated with each predefined and custom concept to quickly test new rules and subsets of your model against a document collection.
  • Select a pipeline template from the new drop-down list in the New Project window when creating a new project.
  • View the breakdown of each topic by sentiment in the Results window for the Topics node when a preceding Sentiment node is used in the pipeline. In addition, the Topics node results include feedback about documents that do not match a topic.
  • Kazakh is now supported in addition to 32 other languages.
  • Stop lists are now provided for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. With these additions, stop lists are now provided for all supported languages.
  • Text parsing now supports distributed accumulation.
  • Analytic store support is now supported for the Concepts, Sentiment, and Categories nodes.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Improved pipeline efficiency. When you run a pipeline after making changes to an analysis node, only the nodes with outstanding changes will be rerun.
  • Improved performance when compiling and validating categories.
  • Improved performance when compiling and validating concepts.  

New Programming Features (available from a SAS Session)

SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4 includes new Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Network, and ASTORE features, along with support for the Kazakh language. In addition, SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4 includes a variety of performance enhancements for previously existing features.

New Features:

  • You can now use the actions in the Deep Learning action set to build, modify, and use recurrent neural network (RNN) models with a SAS Visual Text Analytics license.
  • The rnnExportModel action in the Recurrent Neural Network action set is new this release. You can use the rnnExportModel action to export a recurrent neural network model.
  • The exportTextModel action in the Text Analytics Rule Development action set is new in SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4. The exportTextModel action builds a category astore model, a concept astore model, or a sentiment astore model.
  • In addition to previously supported languages, SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4 includes support for the Kazakh language.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Improved performance when running the tpAccumulate action in distributed mode.
  • Improved functionality when using distributed accumulation with synonym lists.
  • The 100 KB limit on the size of output text per file has been removed for document conversion.
  • A fieldmatch query now supports ISO dates, integer, and float formats. A rangefilter query now supports ISO dates.
  • A caslib parameter is added to the loadTableFromDisk action.


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