Aiman Zeid
Director of SAS Global Business Consulting

Aiman Zeid heads Organizational Transformation Services for SAS Institute's Global Business Consulting unit. He has helped numerous organizations on four continents evaluate their organizational maturity and readiness to deploy business analytics. His focus on enterprise-wide approaches has made him a sought after consultant for starting Business Analytics Centers of Excellence.

Zeid specializes in evaluating organizational maturity and readiness to deploy and use business analytics. He works with organizations in all industries to assess their technical information management infrastructure, resources and skills, processes and culture. He has 28 years of experience in information management, business consulting and technical implementation of business analytics and performance management solutions.

Zeid is his organization's in-house expert on SAS methodologies and is often called on to talk with analyst groups such as Forrester and Gartner. He is SAS' chief messenger for Business Analytics Centers of Excellence and helped develop the SAS Organizational Maturity Assessment methodology using the SAS Information Evolution Model. He is also a popular keynote speaker – having headlined business analytics talks in Greece, Turkey and the Philippines. He has presented jointly with noted management consultant and author Robert Morison on "Leading an Analytical Enterprise".

Before joining Global Business Consulting, Zeid led the SAS Human Capital Management practice in North America. He holds an MBA and a BS in engineering (computer science diploma) from George Washington University. Prior to joining SAS he worked as a consultant for Battelle Institute and the Hay Group.

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