Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights Reviews

"The SAS Information Evolution Model has helped many organizations become analytical competitors. This very useful book provides considerably more detail about each step of the model, and explains how tools and structures like centers of excellence can help organizations advance."

Thomas H. Davenport
President's Distinguished Professor, Babson College
Co-author of Competing on Analytics, Analytics at Work, and Keeping Up with the Quants

"In the Age of Discovery, the most important voices were not those who told us that a new world existed. The leaders who made a real difference were those who drew the maps that [a] showed us how to get to that new world and [b] told us what we should do when we arrived. Aiman Zeid is such a voice. His book is low on hyperbole and high on practical advice. Zeid is the Lewis & Clark of the analytical age. He has made the journey to the analytical frontier and has returned with invaluable lessons on business transformation."

Thornton May
Futurist, Executive Director, and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy

"The organizational challenges covered in this book represent some of the top priorities for visionary executives and leaders who understand the need to introduce real and positive change in their organizations. Those leaders will find the comprehensive approach and strategies outlined in this book practical and invaluable."

Suteera Sripaibulya
Senior Executive Vice President and CIO
Bangkok Bank PCL, Thailand