Gerhard Svolba
Advisory Pre-Sales Solutions, SAS 

Gerhard Svolba, PhD is an Advisory Pre-Sales Solutions Architect  at SAS Institute Inc. in Austria, where he specializes in Analytics and customer intelligence. His project experience ranges from conceptual considerations (both business and technical) to data preparation and analytic modeling.

“Rosetta Stone” — The most important text sample in history and the role of labeled data in machine learning

By This Author

Applying Data Science: Business Case Studies Using SAS®

By Gerhard Svolba

In eight entertaining and real-world case studies, Svolba combines data science and advanced analytics with business questions, illustrating them with data and SAS code.

Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS®

By Gerhard Svolba

This book focuses on selecting the right data sources and ensuring data quantity, relevancy, and completeness. Readers will learn how to use SAS to perform advanced profiling of data quality status and how SAS can help improve data quality.

Data Preparation for Analytics Using SAS®

By Gerhard Svolba

Text addresses such tasks as: viewing analytic data preparation in the context of its business environment, identifying the specifics of predictive modeling for data mart creation, understanding the concepts and considerations of data preparation for time series analysis, and using SAS procedures for scoring.