Data Preparation for Analytics Using SAS Reviews

"This book was designed with businesses in mind, but the basic ideas apply easily to all sorts of research endeavors in which decision makers must gather and use data that were initially collected for some other purpose.

In my opinion, the book has two great strengths. First, the technical material in the book is wrapped in a sense of purpose and an awareness of the importance of context. "The second great strength is the book's organization and clarity. . . . The development of ideas and examples is clear and orderly, exactly as it should be in a work of this type."

Michael T. Brannick, PhD
Professor, Graduate Program Director
Psychology Department
University of South Florida
"Dr. Svolba does an excellent job of illustrating analytic examples in a business environment. He does not constrain himself to 'correct' statistical analysis. Instead, he puts a strong emphasis on matching the business goal with the actual data preparation. Most of the examples in this book are designed with a specific business goal in mind. Therefore, this book is also very useful for people with little business background, such as recent graduates, to add the business perspective into their data mining exercise."

Jin Li, Statistician
Capital One
Financial Services