Applying Data Science: Business Case Studies Using SAS Reviews

"The book perfectly combines data science methods with relevant business case studies. It provides insights how applications of data science can build the basis for better business decisions. The book shows business examples that can directly be transferred to many practical situations Thus it can be read by different persona groups: business experts who look for analysis ideas, data scientist who look for insight how to apply different methods, and SAS programmers that find a lot of SAS code."

Wolfgang Hauner
Chief Data Officer
Munich Re

"Another great book from Gerhard Svolba that combines analytics, business applications and necessary data. The eight examples show highly relevant applications of data science that allow businesses to identify use cases to better understand their data and their processes.
The book can perfectly be used in the academics area to train and education data scientists. They receive real life case studies with a strong business background, and learn how to apply data science methods in a practical environment. The book together with the available data and full SAS programs can be run directly in SAS Studio to obtain and interpret the results shown in the book."

Bart Baesens
Associate Professor
University of Southampton (United Kingdom)