Travis Murphy
Manager, Solutions Specialists

Travis Murphy has worked for more than 15 years in data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics. At SAS Institute, Travis has held presales, technical account management, business solution management, and marketing roles focused on data visualization tools. Travis is always working to better communicate the value and insight of data using software tools and to get business users and stakeholders more involved in the use of data. Travis has presented at SAS Global Forums, user conferences, and SAS marketing roadshows, where he continues to evangelize the benefits of approachable analytics and data visualization.

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Travis Murphy | SAS Support

Insightful Data Visualization with SAS® Viya®

By Falko Schulz and Travis Murphy
Anticipated publication date: Fourth quarter 2020

Insightful Data Visualization with SAS® Viya® shows the latest enhancements in SAS Visual Analytics which allow users to design and create rich dashboards and reports like never before. You will learn tips and techniques to get the most from your SAS Visual Analytics software which you can apply back at the office. This book will help provide the perfect balance of creative ideas and practical examples to better engage your entire organization with high impact data visualizations. 

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By This Author

Infographics Powered by SAS®: Data Visualization Techniques for Business Reporting

By Travis Murphy 

Design robust and repeatable business infographics with SAS. With this book, you'll learn to use SAS to produce infographics quickly and clearly, and you’ll step through practical examples that you can apply immediately. You will be able to take complex information and turn it into graphics that enterprise stakeholders and C-level executives will find user-friendly and easy to use.

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