Insightful Data Visualization with SAS® Viya® Book Reviews


Creating modern dashboards and reports that can be shared and remembered in an instantaneous world is important. Falko and Travis' Insightful Data Visualization with SAS Viya book helps SAS users and management to know and learn what is possible in building successful dashboards and reports. Their years of collaborative work, ideas and experience have been condensed into a well- written, inspiring exemplar data visualization book for informavores to consume and digest.

With the introduced model of the 'Three "I"s of Visualization Value', the reader is taught how to create impactful data journeys from the analyst and audience perspective through step-by-step relatable examples.

I've been impressed with Falko and Travis' papers, blogs, presentations and videos over the years and am left feeling this is a must-have superbly-succinct and resourcefully-rich book for all data visualization enthusiasts. You will enjoy it too!

Michelle Homes

This book serves as proof that data visualization can take any project to the next level. Packed with eye-catching visuals, carefully thought-out editing, interesting examples, and loads of insight into best practices, the authors do an amazing job at making dashboard development easy and engaging. Written for today's data driven decision-maker, this book has a little something for everyone, from newly minted SAS programmer to veteran Project Manager. No matter who you are, if you want to make sense of your volumes of big data and utilize it in a meaningful way, this book is for you!

Deanna (DeDe) Naomi Schreiber-Gregory
Co-owner, Operations and Finance
Independent Consultant - Statistics & Data Management
Juxdapoze, LLC


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