Roger W. Hoerl
Assistant Professor of Statistics, Union College

Roger W. Hoerl, PhD, is the Brate-Peschel Assistant Professor of Statistics at Union College in Schenectady, NY. Previously he led the Applied Statistics Lab at GE Global Research. While at GE he led a team of statisticians, applied mathematicians, and computational financial analysts who worked on some of GE's most challenging research problems, such as developing personalized medicine protocols, enhancing the reliability of aircraft engines, and management of risk for a half a trillion dollar portfolio. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Society for Quality, and he has been elected to the International Statistical Institute and the International Academy for Quality.

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Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Third Edition 

by Roger Hoerl and Ron D. Snee

How statistical thinking and methodology can help you make crucial business decisions

Straightforward and insightful, Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Third Edition, will prepare you for business leadership by developing your capacity to apply statistical thinking to improve business processes. Unique and compelling, this book will show you how to derive actionable conclusions from data analysis, solve real problems, and improve real processes. Here, you'll discover how to implement statistical thinking and methodology in your work to improve business performance.

Strategies for Formulations Development: A Step-by-Step Guide Using JMP®

By Roger Hoerl and Ronald Snee

This book is based on the authors’ significant practical experience partnering with scientists to develop strategies to accelerate the formulation (mixtures) development process. The authors not only explain the most important methods used to design and analyze formulation experiments, but they also present overall strategies to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process.

Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Second Edition