Barry K. Goodwin

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, North Carolina State University

Barry K. Goodwin, PhD, is the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, as well as a Graduate Alumni Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics, at North Carolina State University, where he teaches and conducts research on policy, risk, trade, and applied econometrics. He is a fellow and past president of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. He has coauthored three books and more than 150 peer-reviewed journal articles, receiving numerous research awards, including best article awards from the American Journal of Agricultural Economics , the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Professor Goodwin completed his PhD in economics at North Carolina State University in 1988.

By This Author

Applied Econometrics with SAS®: Modeling Demand, Supply, and Risk

By Barry K. Goodwin, A. Ford Ramsey, and Jan Chvosta

Using Applied Econometrics with SAS: Modeling Demand, Supply, and Risk, you will quickly master SAS applications for implementing and estimating standard models in the field of econometrics. This guide introduces you to the major theories underpinning applied demand and production economics. For each of its three main topics—demand, supply, and risk—a concise theoretical orientation leads directly into consideration of specific economic models and econometric techniques.


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