Katie Tedrow

Katie Tedrow is a former Global Product Marketing Manager for AI at SAS. In her role, she led product marketing for Natural Language Processing with a specialization in text analytics, conversational AI, and chatbots, in addition to Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics. Katie is a strategic marketer with deep B2B and B2C experience within the professional services, tech, and financial services industries. Prior to joining SAS, Katie was a product marketing and digital brand strategy lead at a large financial services company, where she helped to launch the first natural language chatbot for a US bank. She holds a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the University of Maryland. 

Natural Language Processing with SAS®: Special Collection

Foreword by Katie Tedrow

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers understand, interpret, and emulate written or spoken human language. NLP draws from many disciplines including human-generated linguistic rules, machine learning, and deep learning to fill the gap between human communication and machine understanding. The papers included in this special collection demonstrate how NLP can be used to scale the human act of reading, organizing, and quantifying text data.