Sam Gardner
Research Scientist, Eli Lilly and Company

Sam Gardner is a Senior Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company where he is focusing on business analytics and using statistical modeling to help solve business problems related to sales and marketing effectiveness. Gardner is recognized by the American Statistical Association as an Accredited Professional Statistician. He has an MS in mathematics from Creighton University and an MS in statistics from the University of Kentucky. He graduated from Purdue University with BS degrees in mathematics and chemistry.

Gardner started his professional career as a military officer in the US Air Force, where he had roles that focused on modeling and simulation, operational flight test planning and analysis, and research and development. He also taught statistics at the Air Force Institute of Technology. After leaving the military, Gardner worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a statistician supporting the development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. He also worked as a process chemist with scientific oversight responsibility for antibiotic production processes. An avid user of statistical software, Gardner spent several years working for JMP®, a division of SAS®. He worked internationally as a product expert and seminar speaker, with a focus on data visualization, applied statistics, and modern statistical modeling.

By This Author

Building Better Models with JMP® Pro

By Jim Grayson, Sam Gardner, and Mia Stephens

This book provides an example-based introduction to business analytics, with a proven process that guides you in the application of modeling tools and concepts. It gives you the "what, why, and how" of using JMP® Pro for building and applying analytic models. This book is designed for business analysts, managers, and practitioners who may not have a solid statistical background, but need to be able to readily apply analytic methods to solve business problems.