Ruth M. Hummel
Senior Manager of Analytical Education, SAS

Ruth M. Hummel, PhD, is a Senior Manager of Analytical Education at SAS. Dr. Hummel develops curricula, teaches, and consults to help researchers and practitioners apply statistical methods and analytics to solving problems, predominantly in the health and life sciences. Prior to joining SAS in 2016, she worked at the Environmental Protection Agency as the statistical expert for the Risk Assessment Division of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, and she taught and consulted at the Pennsylvania State University and at the University of Florida. Dr. Hummel is a co-author of Business Statistics and Analytics in Practice, 9th edition, a business statistics textbook emphasizing simple data mining techniques earlier in the standard curriculum. She has a PhD in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University.

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Ruth M. Hummel | SAS Support

JMP® for Mixed Models

By Ruth M. Hummel, Elizabeth A. Claassen, and Russell D. Wolfinger

JMP® for Mixed Models is a comprehensive introduction to and reference manual on the use of mixed models with JMP software. The topics covered are analysis of simple, intermediate and complex experiments using mixed model methods in JMP, specifically DOE, single and multiple random effect models, repeated measures and spatial models, random coefficient models, and power analysis. Mixed models are essential for researchers and data analysts, and JMP is the ideal visual and intuitive tool, with a unique approach to graphical statistics. 

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