Saratendu Sethi

Saratendu Sethi is the former Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning R&D at SAS. He led SAS’ software development and research teams for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, and Text Analytics. Saratendu has extensive experience in building global R&D teams, launching new products and business strategies. Perennially fascinated by how technology enables a creative life, he is a staunch believer in transforming powerful algorithms into innovative technologies. At SAS, his teams developed machine learning, cognitive- and semantic-enriched capabilities for unstructured data and multimedia analytics.

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Machine Learning with SAS®: Special Collection 

Foreword by Saratendu Sethi

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that develops algorithms that allow computers to learn from examples without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning identifies patterns in the data and models the results. These descriptive models enable a better understanding of the underlying insights the data offers. Machine learning is a powerful tool with many applications, from real-time fraud detection, the Internet of Things (IoT), recommender systems, and smart cars. It will not be long before some form of machine learning is integrated into all machines, augmenting the user experience and automatically running many processes intelligently.

SAS offers many different solutions to use machine learning to model and predict your data. The papers included in this special collection demonstrate how cutting-edge machine learning techniques can benefit your data analysis.


Text Analytics with SAS®: Special Collection 

Foreword by Saratendu Sethi

SAS provides many different solutions to investigate and analyze text and operationalize decisioning. Several impressive papers have been written to demonstrate how to use these techniques. We have carefully selected a handful of these from recent Global Forum contributions to introduce you to the topic and let you sample what each has to offer.  

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