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Steve Figard

Research Director, Bob Jones University

Dr. Steve Figard earned a BS in Neurobiology from Cornell University, an MS in Chemistry from Northern Illinois University, and was finally ejected with a PhD in Biochemistry from Florida State University in 1984. After a two-year post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he escaped to Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, where he hid for nearly 26 years, developing automated in vitro diagnostic immunoassays. Most recently he deserted to the warmer climes of South Carolina, where he heads up Bob Jones University’s Cancer Research lab mentoring undergraduate biology majors through a true research experience using cancer biology.

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Introduction to Biostatistics with JMP

Introduction to Biostatistics with JMP®

By Steve Figard
Anticipated publication date: Fourth quarter 2019

The topics will introduce them to how to think like a biostatistician with real life problems to make it relevant. This includes how to determine what tests are the most appropriate to answer the question being studied. Many of the methods are common to other disciplines, such as comparing treatment groups with t tests and ANOVA, but some topics will cover material that finds greater use in the biological sciences. These will include topics such as odds ratios and relative risk, and survival analysis. This basic knowledge of biostatistics will help the readers to both understand and evaluate what they read in the biological and medical literature as well as enable them to correctly generate and interpret such statistics from their own data.

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