Robert Allison

Robert Allison

Robert has worked at SAS for over 20 years, and is perhaps the foremost expert in creating custom graphs using SAS/GRAPH. His educational background is in Computer Science, and he holds a BS, MS, and PhD from NC State University. He is the author of several conference papers, has won a few graphic competitions, and has written a book (SAS/GRAPH: Beyond the Basics).

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Visualizing Data with SAS

Visualizing Data with SAS®:  Selected Topics

Foreword by Robert Allison

Create data exploration and creative problem solving begin with visualizing your data. Data visualization is critical in helping consumers grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns that emerge from their data. Our data keeps getting bigger, and we need quicker, easier ways to convey it!

Topics covered in this free e-book illustrate the power of SAS solutions that are available as tools for data visualization, highlighting a variety of domains, including infographics, geomapping, and clinical graphs for the health and life sciences.

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