Lauren Haworth Lake
Applications Developer

Lauren Haworth Lake, an applications developer based in San Francisco, has over a decade of experience with the SAS System. She has been using the Output Delivery System since the first beta version was released in 1998. As the author of the popular SAS programming book, PROC TABULATE by Example, Lauren brings expert writing and programming skills to her newest SAS book.

By This Author

PROC TABULATE by Example, Second Edition

*This book is out of print.


By Lauren Haworth Lake

With this book, you will quickly learn how to generate tables using macros, create tables using SAS/ASSIST software, present output on the Internet, handle percentages and missing data, modify row and column headings, and produce one-, two-, and three-dimensional tables using PROC TABULATE.

*This book is out of print.

Output Delivery System: The Basics

By Lauren Haworth Lake

Example-driven book starts with basic syntax and progresses to more complex techniques and custom styles. Learn how to take basic SAS output and transform it into a beautiful integrated Web page, a word-processor-friendly RTF file, high-resolution printed output, and a bookmarked PDF file.

*This book is out of print.