Output Delivery System: The Basic and Beyond Reviews

"Output Delivery System: The Basics and Beyond is a must-read for SAS users at all levels of experience. The authors certainly know their stuff, and their enthusiasm about the power and flexibility of ODS is evident throughout the book."

Mike Rhoads

"Lauren Haworth, author of the previous pioneering book on ODS, has been joined by SAS’s own Cynthia Zender, expert on all aspects of SAS reporting, and Michele Burlew, the versatile and prolific author of several other SAS books. With a team like this, SAS users could expect an outstanding resource, and we got it."

LeRoy Bessler PhD
SAS User Since 1978

"Written for the user who wants to learn by following examples, the presentation style is much less a reference manual and much more a guide to ‘how to get the problem solved."

Art Carpenter

"This book is the Joy of Cooking for SAS ODS users. It gives good explanations for the ODS novice and is a complete resource for experienced users with questions. It is the book I’ve been waiting for."

Cecilia Mauldin

"I particularly like the authors' style, which is both informative and friendly, just like having a top-rate instructor giving you one-to-one training."

Peter Bennett
I.T. Training Services Limited, UK

"…the format of code and explanation on one page and the resulting output on the facing page makes following the examples quite simple. The examples build on one another and by the end of a chapter the reader has a very good understanding of the topic covered. ODS is very powerful and can be complicated – this book really does take the reader through ODS, from the basics and beyond."

Peter Lund
Looking Glass Analytics

"I haven't enjoyed a technical book as much as I enjoyed reading this one. I've been impressed with the writing styles of all 3 authors, and this book is another easy read. What impressed me was the detail incorporated into every example, and, just when I had a burning question about one example, there was an example there immediately to answer it."

Philip R. Holland
Consultant and Author
Holland Numerics Ltd.

"If you want to expand your reporting capabilities multi-fold and avoid hours of troubleshooting, this book is definitely worth a read!"

Christine Iodice
Statistical Programmer
Exelixis Inc.