Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh worked for 10 years as a SAS Technical Support Statistician supporting JMP. Prior to working in Technical Support, she worked at SAS as a Statistical Training Specialist, teaching both SAS and JMP to users, and as an Analytic Consultant, supporting the use of SAS in colleges and universities across the country. Susan has over 10 years of experience teaching mathematics and statistics at community colleges. She was the first woman commissioned from the Air Force ROTC program at Manhattan College. She retired with a total of 23 years of service in the US Air Force and Reserve. Susan holds a Master of Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York and a Master of Science in Applied Statistics from Wright State University in Dayton, OH.

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JMP® Essentials: An Illustrated  Guide for New Users, Third Edition

JMP® Essentials: An Illustrated Guide for New Users, Third Edition

By Curt Hinrichs, Chuck Boiler, and Susan Walsh

Updated to showcase the new features of JMP 15, JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Guide for New Users, Third Edition is designed for the new or occasional JMP user who needs to generate meaningful graphs or results quickly. Drawing on their own experience working with these customers, the authors provide essential steps for what new users typically need to carry out with JMP. This newest edition has all new instructions and screen shots reflecting the latest release of JMP software.