Katherine Prairie
Partner and Senior Systems Consultant, Stone Country Solutions Ltd

Katherine Prairie, a partner and senior systems consultant at Stone Country Solutions Ltd., works with varied clients from software companies, educational institutions, retail companies and oil and gas clients throughout North America. She has a MSc in Chemical and Bio-Resource Engineering, and she is an Oracle Certified Professional DBA.

She has twenty-one years of experience with SAS, ranging from application development to complex scientific models and data mining projects. Her extensive knowledge of the SQL programming language and PROC SQL is the result of her database and data warehouse experience. She has worked in all major database systems and their associated SQL languages.

Katherine has published numerous courses, manuals and online help documents in a wide range of subjects, including SAS, SQL programming, GIS, data mining, data warehousing and database design, development and administration for colleges and private organizations. She designed the Database Administration FastTrack program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), writing and teaching many of the courses in the six-month program.

Her passion for writing and teaching led her to write a practical book designed for all SQL users.

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The Essential PROC SQL Handbook for SAS® Users