Jared Dean
Principal Data Scientist, SAS

Jared Dean is a Principal Data Scientist and Business Knowledge Series instructor at SAS. He has developed leading-edge analytics for banking, entertainment, and mobile data. He has developed and maintains projects in Python and R including the SAS kernel for Jupyter and SASPy. Outside SAS, he is an adjunct professor in the MBA program for North Carolina State University as well as a frequent speaker and presenter. Jared has several patents in data mining. Previously, Jared was a Mathematical Statistician for the US Census Bureau and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Reveal Mobile, a mobile marketing analytics startup. He was also a Senior Director of Research and Development for SAS Enterprise Miner. He holds an MS degree in computational statistics from George Mason University and is an advisory board member to their statistics department. Jared is the author of Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners. Recently, he was named to a list of leading analytics bloggers.

When not working, he spends time with his wife and four children. Their favorite family activities include travel, sports, enjoying good food, cheering for the Broncos, and playing games at home. 

By This Author

Exploring SAS® Enterprise Miner: Special Collection

Foreword by Jared Dean

SAS Enterprise Miner was first released in 1999. The interface has changed, and the capabilities have increased, but what remains the same is the potential Enterprise Miner gives its users to answer some of their most difficult predictive modeling challenges.

The papers included in this special collection have been selected to broaden your knowledge of Enterprise Miner; its utility and productivity.

Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners

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Jared Dean talks big data on the Smart People Podcast

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