Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning Reviews

"If you are the one working with large databases and want to make the most out of your data, Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning is a great book for you. . . . This book is a complete resource for technology and marketing executives who want to break through the boundaries of Big Data to attain real results to drive efficiency and data analytics."

"Jared's book is a great introduction to the area of High Powered Analytics. It will be useful for those who have experience in predictive analytics but who need to become more versed in how technology is changing the capabilities of existing methods and creating new possibilities. It will also be helpful for business executives and IT professionals who'll need to make the case for building the environments for, and reaping the benefits of, the next generation of advanced analytics."

Jonathan Levine
Senior Director
Consumer Insight Analysis at Marriott International

"Jared Dean provides an interesting and approachable perspective on one of today's most discussed topics; using big data and analytics to create value for organizations. The combination of simple examples and deep insights make this a vital read for managers who need to have a complete picture of the analytical process and the great potential it unlocks."

Chris Bingham
Philip Hettleman Scholar and Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"A wonderful treatise that cuts through the noise about big data and lays out clearly what it is, how it can be integrated with data analytic models and how companies can leverage it to add value to their business. I am confident this book will be a must read for anyone trying to make sense of how to convert big data into actionable insights for their organization."

Goutam Chakraborty
Professor of Marketing
Oklahoma State University

"The concepts that Jared presents in this book are extremely valuable for the students that I teach and will help them to more fully understand the power that can be unlocked when an organization begins to take advantage of its data. The examples and case studies are particularly useful for helping students to get a vision for what is possible. Jared's passion for analytics comes through in his writing, and he has done a great job of making complicated ideas approachable to multiple audiences."

Tonya Etchison Balan, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice, Statistics
Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

"We needed this book, an efficient tour guide through the methods and tools of predictive modeling by an expert in the field. There are lots of books that are collections of journalistic success stories in business analytics. There are lots of books that go into the methods of predictive analytics in math-speak. Here we have the high-level tour, but with enough description to understand the guts of each method."

John Sall
Executive Vice President
SAS Institute





"Jared Dean's Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning promises to help business leaders understand the potential and provide guidance for those faced with putting the techniques into practice. . . . The opening chapter does an excellent job of explaining what big data really is (including the sensible comment that big data goes back to just being data when work with it becomes routine), as well as why working with the full data set can be so much more effective than using a sample. . . . Throughout the book, well-chosen real world explanations — from working out what to wear to how much time a short delay leaving a crowded event can add to your journey — help to clarify the complex statistical concepts that make up the majority of the content."