Sandra Schlotzhauer
Consultant, Schlotzhauer Consulting LLC

Sandra Schlotzhauer provides consulting and training services, focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. She started Schlotzhauer Consulting LLC in 1996 after 15 years of experience in the software, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries. Sandra received her BS and MS in statistics from the University of Florida, where she learned the value of combining statistics and software. Her consulting projects share a common theme of translating technical concepts to business deliverables. She draws on her extensive experience in teaching basic statistics to non-statisticians, with a focus on using statistical methods and software as tools to make practical decisions based on data. Sandra is also the author of Elementary Statistics Using JMP. Sandra has used SAS software since 1979, and currently uses it in projects to validate clinical trial analyses.

By This Author

Elementary Statistics Using SAS®

By Sandra Schlotzhauer

Bridging the gap between statistics texts and SAS documentation, Elementary Statistics Using SAS® is written for those who want to perform analyses to solve problems. The first section of the book explains the basics of SAS data sets and shows how to use SAS for descriptive statistics and graphs. The second section discusses fundamental statistical concepts, including normality and hypothesis testing. The remaining sections of the book show analyses for comparing two groups, comparing multiple groups, fitting regression equations, and exploring contingency tables. For each analysis, author Sandra Schlotzhauer explains assumptions, statistical approach, and SAS methods and syntax, and makes conclusions from the results. Statistical methods covered include two-sample t-tests, paired-difference t-tests, analysis of variance, multiple comparison techniques, regression, regression diagnostics, and chi-square tests.

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Elementary Statistics Using JMP®

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SAS® System for Elementary Statistical Analysis, Second Edition

By Sandra Schlotzhauer and Ramon C. Littell

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2007-2008 Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter: Technical Publications Competition:  Distinguished Award - Software Guides
Elementary Statistics Using JMP

2007-2008 Society for Technical Communication, International: Technical Publications Competition:  Award of Merit-Software Guides, Elementary Statistics Using JMP