Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro currently works in the area of econometric model management and development in the retail credit risk industry. He has worked previously as a stress test methodology manager at Yorkshire Bank, head of modeling at Direct Line Group Insurance, Vice President of Barclays Bank in the internal validation unit, head of modeling at HML Mortgages (IFRS 9), and principal data mining and modeler consultant at JD Williams & Co. in the United Kingdom. As a former professor of mathematics, he has more than 20 years of academic experience in advanced econometric techniques, such as vector autoregressive and Bayesian analyses, as well as rational expectations and brand awareness with latent variables using factor analysis and constraint optimization for call center management. He has used SAS since 1986 and has attended more than 50 SAS training courses and has presented at conferences worldwide over the past 25 years. Jorge holds a master's degree in economics from the Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro. He completed postgraduate work in financial modeling using SAS, and he attended the doctoral program in financial econometrics at the Université de Nantes.

By This Author

Business Survival Analysis Using SAS®: An Introduction to Lifetime Probabilities

By Jorge Ribeiro

Written for analysts, forecasters, econometricians, and modelers who work in marketing or credit risk and have little SAS modeling experience, this book builds on a foundation of SAS code that works in any survival model and features numerous annotated graphs, coefficients, and statistics linked to real business situations and data sets. This guide also helps recent graduates who know the statistics but do not necessarily know how to apply them get up and running in their jobs. 

*This book is out of print.