Dan Heath
Principal Systems Developer, SAS

Dan Heath is a principal systems developer at SAS Institute. A SAS user for more than 17 years, Dan specializes in SAS/GRAPH software, ODS Graphics, and related graphing technologies. Dan has been a speaker at a number of regional and local users' group meetings, including SAS Global Forum, PharmaSUG, and Pacific Northwest SUG. He received a BS degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.

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Statistical Graphics Procedures by Example: Effective Graphs Using SAS®

By Sanjay Matange and Dan Heath

This book shows the innumerable capabilities of SAS Statistical Graphics (SG) procedures. The authors begin with a general discussion of the principles of effective graphics, ODS Graphics, and the SG procedures. They then move on to show examples of the procedures' many features. This book is designed so that you can easily flip through it, find the graph you need, and view the code right next to the example.