Statistical Graphics Procedures by Example: Effective Graphs Using SAS® Reviews

"At first glance, it seems odd to find a text of over 330 pages devoted to three SAS procedures that are focused not on analytics but on creating visualizations. However a careful reading shows just how many details there are in the SAS graphic procedures that need to be discussed. Sanjay Matange and Dan Heath of SAS provide an in depth look at the PROC SPLOT, PROC SGPANEL and PROC SGSCATTER procedures in this text that could equally serve as a teaching instrument or a quick tutorial for producing high quality visuals within the SAS system. The text is easy to read and serves as a useful resource for individuals who need to add analytics to their data visuals or those who wish to use options to create the most professional visualization possible in SAS.

. . . Early on, the authors provide a nice resource in the form of a table that illustrates exactly which graph types can be combined within each of the procedures. This visual serves as an early indication of the complexity and possibility of layered visuals that the SG procedures can produce. . . . This text would make an excellent supplement to an introductory course on SAS coding. . . . The examples in this text are clear enough and the content focused enough that it might be possible to use many of these examples to illustrate the nuances of SAS coding without spending much time on discussing analytics."

The American Statistician

"Authors Sanjay Matange and Dan Heath have written a book that is sure to be popular. They are more than qualified to write about the SG procedures since both work as software developers at SAS Institute and helped to create the SG procedures. The way this book works is both simple and practical: When you need to make a graph, you find a similar graph in the book, and then modify the accompanying code to suit your needs. With 361 examples (yes, I counted them), odds are good that you will find at least one example relevant to your needs. . . .

Matange and Heath have written a book that is comprehensive, practical, and easy to use. The code is not buried in a lot of text. . . . I think every SAS programmer who creates graphs will want a copy. "

Susan J. Slaughter
Avocet Solutions