Josef Schmee
Professor of Management, Union College

Josef Schmee is the Kenneth B. Sharpe Professor of Management (emeritus) at Union College in Schenectady, New York. Previously he served as the Director of Union's Graduate Management Institute. In the late 1970s he was the founding Director of the Bureau of Health Management Standards, a New York State Department of Health management consulting group formed to develop statistical sampling and audit methods for hospitals and other health care institutions. Professor Schmee, who received his PhD in Administrative and Engineering Systems from Union College, has been widely published. His seventy-plus research papers have appeared in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, American Statistician, Technometrics, Journal of Quality Technology, Communications in Statistics, Auditing and CPA Journal, among others.

By This Author

JMP® Means Business: Statistical Models for Management

By Josef Schmee and Jane Oppenlander

Covers basic methods and models of classical statistics. Designed for business and MBA students, as well as industry professionals who need to use and interpret statistics, the book discusses data collection, descriptive statistics, distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests, analysis of variance, contingency tables, simple and multiple regression, and exponential smoothing of time series.

*This book is out of print.