JMP Means Business: Statistical Models for Management Reviews

Schmee and Oppenlander strive successfully to change the perception of statistics as a dull topic. They emphasize applications and focus on the problem to be solved, rather than the tools. The book makes an exceptional textbook for business majors and MBA students but can also be used for self-study by practitioners wishing to learn how statistics applies to real problems in business and industry.

Necip Doganaksoy, Ph.D.
Principal Technologist
GE Global Research


Explains important statistical concepts clearly enough for anyone to grasp. It is a must-read for anyone interested in statistics applied to management.

Issa Bass
Senior Consultant
Manor House and Associates

I am very enthusiastic about the use of this book, either in the context of an MBA statistics course or as a key supplement to Six Sigma training courses. The software package JMP is fully integrated into the text, eliminating the numerical drudgery and thus focusing attention on the application at hand.

--The American Statistician

Useful for business practitioners who want to start using JMP or as a text for a quantitative methods course at either the undergraduate or MBA level…. The authors do a nice job of showing how to use JMP to handle the data analysis side of standard management/business problems. The JMP presentation is at an easy to understand level that will be useful to practitioners as well as students.