Neil Constable

Neil Constable was a Principal Education Consultant at SAS Institute in the United Kingdom for 13 years. He applied his extensive knowledge of Base SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, and the SAS business intelligence tools as an instructor for the programming curriculum and the business intelligence curriculum, which included SAS Enterprise Guide courses. A frequent presenter at customer user group workshops and the UK user conferences, Neil is an Associate Member of the Institute of IT Trainers.

By This Author

SAS® Programming for Enterprise Guide® Users, Second Edition

By Neil Constable

In this pragmatic, example-driven book, author Neil Constable demonstrates how you can use SAS code to enhance the capabilities of SAS Enterprise Guide. Designed to help you gain extra value from the products you already have, this book contains tips and techniques that show you a variety of features that cannot be accessed directly through the task interfaces.

SAS® Programming for Enterprise Guide® Users

By Neil Constable