Phil Gibbs
SAS® Technical Support Manager, Advanced Analytics

Phil Gibbs is the manager of the Advanced Analytics group in SAS Technical Support. His team of statisticians, operations research analysts, econometricians, and data scientists help customers use SAS software to solve their business problems. Phil has been a SAS user for 38 years, 27 of which have been at SAS Institute. He has authored numerous SAS Global Forum papers, with special research interests in mixed models, simulation, and optimization. Phil earned his master of science degree in mathematics and statistics at Clemson University

By This Author

Exploring Modern Regression Methods Using SAS®: Special Collection

Foreword by Phil Gibbs

This special collection of SAS Global Forum papers demonstrates new and enhanced capabilities and applications of lesser-known SAS/STAT and SAS Viya procedures for regression models.

The goal here is to raise awareness of current valuable SAS/STAT content of which the user may not be aware.