Matthew Windham
Deputy Services Director, SAS

Matthew Windham is a Deputy Services Director in the SAS Federal Professional Services division. Before joining SAS, Matthew led teams providing mission support across numerous federal agencies within the U.S. Departments of Defense, Treasury, and Homeland Security. Matthew is passionate about helping clients improve their daily operations through the application of mathematical and statistical modeling, data and text mining, and optimization. A longtime SAS user, Matthew enjoys leveraging the breadth of the SAS platform to create innovative analytics solutions that have operational impact. Matthew is a Certified Analytics Professional. He received his BS in Applied Mathematics from NC State University and his MS in Mathematics and Statistics from Georgetown University.

By This Author

Unstructured Data Analysis: Entity Resolution and Regular Expressions in SAS®

by K. Matthew Windham

In this new expanded edition, SAS programmers of virtually all skill levels will learn how to harness the power of Regular Expressions within the SAS programming language for a wide array of everyday applications of unstructured data analyses. This book uses a practical, examples-based approach to walk you through using Regular Expressions for unstructured data processing, and provides you with the foundational information and examples to perform advanced applications.

Introduction to Regular Expressions in SAS®

By Matthew Windham

Take a peek inside the black box of business analytics. Learn the methodology of regular expressions to improve your analytics projects.