Christian FG Schendera
Senior SAS Data Scientist 

Dr. Christian FG Schendera is a Senior SAS Data Scientist and managing director at Method Consult in Switzerland. An avid SAS user for 30+ years, his experience ranges from scientific consulting, project management, and feature-engineering to statistical modeling using SAS. He studied at Heidelberg University and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. While still a student, he started consulting in statistics and research methods, lecturing on SAS, applied statistics, and the knowledge-shaping role of non-scientific methods. Christian views constructing knowledge as a two-way street: every step from data collection to applying methods will affect results. He has published several books about statistics, data quality, programming, and SAS. He is author of the most comprehensive double-volume about PROC SQL worldwide. Further information and downloads can be found at

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Christian FG Schendera | SAS Support

Advanced SQL with SAS® 

By  Christian FG Schendera

Learn how to write more versatile, faster, and more powerful SQL programs in SAS. This book is intended for intermediate or advanced programmers, and it discusses macro programming with SQL, data quality, performance and efficiency, SQL for dictionaries, and a list of SAS functions and routines.

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