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Paper Sections
Applications Development Healthcare Providers & Insurers Reporting and Information Visualization
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Management Retail
Business Intelligence and Analytics Operations Research SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage
Coders' Corner Pharma Social Media and Networking
Customer Intelligence Planning and Support Statistics and Data Analysis
Data Integration Posters Systems Architecture and Administration
Data Mining and Text Analytics Programming: Beyond the Basics Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment
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Applications Development   (Download entire section)

Paper 001-2011:

 Shapiro, Mira; Lafler, Kirk P.


Point-and-Click Programming Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 002-2011:

 Vezzu, Sailesh


Windows Application Using .NET and SAS® to Produce Custom Rater Reliability Reports


Paper 003-2011:

 Fu, Helen; Reiss, Elayne; Parikh, Meghal; Archer, Sandra


Automatically Generating Highly Customized Microsoft Excel Reports with SAS® Macro and Integration Technologies (DDE)


Paper 004-2011:

 Schulz, Falko


Building Enterprise Applications Using SAS® Real-Time Services


Paper 005-2011:

 Wainwright-Zimmerman, Andrea


While You Were Sleeping, SAS® Was Hard at Work


Paper 006-2011:

 Lagle, Brad; McGowan, Kevin


A Better Way to Search Text: Perl Regular Expressions in SAS®


Paper 007-2011:

 Bayn, Danni


SAS® & Circos: Creating Circular Visualizations of Tabular Data


Paper 008-2011:

 Ramirez, Jose G.; Weisz, Jon T.


Using a JMP® Add-In with SAS® to Evaluate the Measurement Process: Going Beyond the Traditional Gage R&R


Paper 009-2011:

 Miclaus, Kelci


JMP® as an Analytic Hub: Using JMP to Build Custom Applications via SAS® and R Integration


Paper 010-2011:

 Mendoza, George G.


Building a Self-Service SAS® Reporting Application: Soup to Nuts


Paper 011-2011:

 Murray, Maureen


Deconstructing Barriers for Dashboard on Demand Data


Paper 012-2011:

 Beese, Tim


Tips and Techniques for Automating the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office with Visual Basic for Applications


Paper 013-2011:

 Faulkner, Bruce L.; Sealy, Virgil Q.


Creating Custom Web Applications with SAS® 9.3 Stored Processes Using SAS® AppDev Studio®


Paper 014-2011:

 Schneck, Richard L.; Rodgers, Mindy


Macro Design Automation Tool (MDAT): A Methodology for Storing Macro Design Information, Generating Documentation and Code Templates, and Automating Parameter Validation


Paper 015-2011:

 Wilson, Steven A.


The Validator: A Macro to Validate Parameters


Paper 016-2011:

 Amaranayake, Ian


Unleashing the Power Behind Stored Processes


Paper 017-2011:

 Marshall, Zachary V.


Integrating an Apple iOS Application with SAS® Platform Services


Paper 018-2011:

 Lambe, Edward


Extending the Reach of SAS® Metadata


Paper 019-2011:

 Andrews, Rick; Miyani, Jignesh


Teradata for the SAS® Programmer: Ordered Analytical Functions, Hash Objects, ANSI SQL: 2003


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance   (Download entire section)

Paper 020-2011:

 Zhang, Sunny ; Hasmann, Jeff; Kimner, Thomas


Cash Flow Modeling for Fixed-Income Securities: A New Approach Using the SAS® Risk Management for Banking Solution


Paper 021-2011:

 Pruitt, Rex


SAS® Analytic Solutions Win in Response to the Credit CARD Act of 2009


Paper 022-2011:

 Starr, Landon; van Ispelen, Pieter


Marketing Investment Optimization Framework for AmEx Travelers Cheques, Clustering Consumer Behavior Leveraging SAS/ETS® to Uncover Investment Opportunities in an Environment Demanding Quick Decisions


Paper 023-2011:

 Hong, Jeff


Impact of Regulations on Risk and Trading Analytics in Capital Markets


Paper 024-2011:

 Kruger, Machiel F.


A Goal Programming Approach to Strategic Bank Balance Sheet Management


Paper 025-2011:

 Jiang, Victor; Qiu, Hao


Global Risk Management: How SAS® Enterprise GRC Manages Nonfinancial Risk in a Distributed Enterprise


Paper 026-2011:

 Galinson, Boaz


Using SAS® for Effective Credit Risk Management of the Commercial and Corporate Credit Portfolio after the Financial Crisis


Paper 027-2011:

 Heaven, Ruth


Why Did the Le Mans Risk Platform at Lloyds Banking Group Win the 2010 SAS Innovation Award? Hear the Story So Far.


Paper 028-2011:

 Mosley, Roosevelt


Predictive Analysis of Auto Insurance Purchasing Behavior on the Internet


Paper 029-2011:

 Joyner, Ellen


Detecting and Preventing Fraud in Financial Institutions


Paper 030-2011:

 Miller, Rick


Supercharged Analytics 2011: Leveraging SAS® and the Power of Database Appliances


Paper 032-2011:

 Schnurr, Stephan; B®lscher, Andreas; Aleker, Wolfgang


Unit Cost Accounting at Allianz Germany - Live Demo of SAS® Financial Management


Paper 033-2011:

 Kim, Young Chun


An Insurance company implementing Personal Loan marketing campaigns using SAS Marketing Automation


Paper 414-2011:

 Grevskott, Sverre


Quantitative requirements for non-life insurance under Solvency 2


Business Intelligence and Analytics   (Download entire section)

Paper 034-2011:

 Kincaid, Charles


Applied Revolutionary BI


Paper 036-2011:

 Helbig, Tuesdi; James, Chris; Huff, Gina


No Do-Overs: Tips for a Smooth SAS® Enterprise BI Server Implementation


Paper 037-2011:

 Myers, Keith


SAS® Business Intelligence: Using Enterprise-Level Solutions to Meet Department-Level Goals


Paper 038-2011:

 Penix, Jr. (D.J.), Donald L.


Seamless Dynamic Web Reporting with SAS®


Paper 039-2011:

 Bedford, Bruce; Zenick, Ben


So, That's What's in There? Customer Service through Unstructured Data


Paper 040-2011:

 Hill, Eric


JMP® 9 Add-Ins: Taking Visualization of SAS® Data to New Heights


Paper 041-2011:

 Patillo, Sherry; Styll, Rick


SAS® Web Report Studio: Exploring OLAP Data


Paper 042-2011:

 Venkataramani, Meera; Agrawal, Gaurav K.; Atassi, Sam


Surfacing Content from SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence in Third-Party Portals


Paper 043-2011:

 Petrova, Tatyana


How to Customize Your Data Analysis with SAS® OLAP Cube Calculations


Paper 044-2011:

 Nelson, Gregory


SAS® Business Analytics: War Stories from the Front Lines ®(Panel Discussion)


Paper 045-2011:

 Van Wyk, Jana; Weinberger, Ann


SAS® OLAP Cubes Go Green: Reusable Shared Dimensions in SAS® 9.3


Paper 047-2011:

 Renison, Keith


A Match Made in Heaven: Predictive Analytics and the SAS® BI Dashboard 4.3


Paper 048-2011:

 Craige, Rob


Enrich your SAS® Reporting with SAS® Predictive Analytics


Paper 049-2011:

 Chawla, Varsha; Whitman, Lisa


Finding the Best Display Type for Your Data


Paper 050-2011:

 Flynn, Joe M.


A SAS® Programmer's Guide to Stored Processes


Paper 051-2011:

 Trelstad, Susan; Koenig, Kyle; Pehl, Alesia


Stacking the Deck: Dynamically Filtering Prompt Values for Stored Processes


Paper 052-2011:

 Davood, Fazal; Jumper, Susan M.


Tick-Tock, Watch the Clock: How Long Will This Take to Run? (or Making SAS® Information Maps and SAS® Web Report Studio Projects More Efficient)


Paper 053-2011:

 Chitale, Anand V.


Turbocharging Your Microsoft Office Environment with SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 4.3


Paper 410-2011:

 Watson, Angela


Implementing a Data Mining Solution with SAS® and Teradata


Paper 433-2011:

 Overton, Stephen M.; Stines, Bryan


Measures, Members, and Sets, Oh My! Advanced OLAP Techniques


Coders' Corner   (Download entire section)

Paper 054-2011:

 Singh, Subhashree; Singh, Sovraj


Learn SAS® in 50 Minutes


Paper 055-2011:

 Shipp, Charles E.; Lafler, Kirk P.


Top Ten SAS® Sites for Programmers: A Review


Paper 056-2011:

 Shipp, Charles E.; Lafler, Kirk P. Benefits to JMP® Coders


Paper 057-2011:

 Chen, Chienchung


Some Tricks to Get the Best Out of SAS® and UNIX


Paper 058-2011:

 Shu, Amos


Ten Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Clinical Statistical Programming


Paper 059-2011:

 Zhang, Sijian; Brown, Robert N.; Zhang, Yu


Run Your SAS® Job Faster: Parallel Processing with Desktops on LAN


Paper 060-2011:

 Mendez, Lisa A.; Alonzo, Lizette


SAS® WOW! How to Streamline Your SAS Programs by Shedding Lines and Adding Substance


Paper 061-2011:

 Mendoza, George G.


Impact Analysis ® The Smart Way


Paper 062-2011:

 Massa-McKinley, Ryan


Turn Web Source Code into SAS® Data in Two Easy Steps


Paper 063-2011:

 Cano, Gabe


Using ODS TAGSETS.HTMLPANELS to Create Quick Dashboards


Paper 064-2011:

 Langston, Rick


Recreating SAS® Data Sets via SAS Code Generation


Paper 065-2011:

 Gamishev, Teo


Hands Free Data Transfer Using SAS


Paper 067-2011:

 Xu, Wei


Automatically Identify Formatting Problems with Numeric Variables


Paper 068-2011:

 Palanca, Ronald


You've Got ERROR


Paper 069-2011:

 Brauksa, Ieva


Nobody Warned Me! Be Careful with SAS@: Invisible Errors


Paper 070-2011:

 Hennessey, John


Storage Space and Processing Time Comparisons between Horizontal and Vertical Longitudinal Data


Paper 072-2011:

 Ladds, John F.


Special Missing Values for Character Fields


Paper 073-2011:

 Hettinger, Patricia


A Better Characterization Routine


Paper 074-2011:

 Miralles, Romain


Creating a Microsoft Excel Report: A Comparison of the Different Techniques


Paper 075-2011:

 Zhang, Laiju


Writing SAS® Programs with SAS and Microsoft Excel: Generate Batch SAS Programs Based on SAP Specifications


Paper 076-2011:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


The Little Engine That Could: Using LIBNAME Engine Options to Enhance Data Transfers Between SAS® and Microsoft Excel Files


Paper 077-2011:

 Chung, Kevin


Create a Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Using DDE


Paper 079-2011:

 Wells, David P.


Detail Forms with SAS® Stored Procedures


Paper 080-2011:

 Polak, Leonard


SAS® Program Library: Benefits of Using the Confluence Wiki


Paper 081-2011:

 Li, David


Building Match Code Using SAS®


Paper 082-2011:

 Benz, Tyler


Efficient Merging: Creating Format Libraries to Save CPU Time


Paper 083-2011:

 Wang, Songfeng; Zhang, Jiajia


Developing User-Defined Functions in SAS®: A Summary and Comparison


Paper 084-2011:

 Olson, Diane


PROC COPY and PROC APPEND: A Developer's Secrets


Paper 085-2011:

 Tilanus, Erik


Custom Sequence of Rows and Columns in PROC TABULATE


Paper 086-2011:

 Morris, Christina


Using Multi-Label Formats to Create Subtotals in PROC TABULATE


Paper 087-2011:

 Cerussi, Peter


Force Missing Rows and Columns with CLASSDATA in PROC TABULATE


Paper 088-2011:

 Suresh, Priya


Taking PROC SUMMARY a Step Beyond


Paper 089-2011:

 Miller, Ethan


®Repo® Your Missing Data Using PROC REPORT


Paper 090-2011:

 Fine, Lisa




Paper 091-2011:

 Fine, Lisa


Ready, Set, Retain, and then Maybe Reset


Paper 093-2011:

 Bost, Christopher J.


To FREQ, Perchance to MEANS


Paper 095-2011:

 Meng, Xiangxiang


The Power to Plot: Three Ways to Enhance SG Graphical Output


Paper 096-2011:

 Karafa, Matthew T.


Building Better Macros: Basic Parameter Checking for Avoiding "ID10T" Errors


Paper 097-2011:

 Ladds, John F.


Conditional Processing without Macros


Paper 098-2011:

 Gamishev, Teo


How to Drive Your SAS® Programs on Cruise Control


Paper 099-2011:

 Neely, Nigel B.


COMMAND Your Session: SAS® Commands and Command-Style Macros


Paper 100-2011:

 Mendez, Lisa A.


Create a Main Program to Run Multiple SAS® Programs Utilizing the %INCLUDE Statement


Paper 101-2011:

 Gamishev, Teo


How to Manage E-mails from SAS®


Paper 102-2011:

 Bolen, Bob


E-Mailing from Your SAS® Program to Keep Everyone Informed


Paper 103-2011:

 Liming , Douglas B.


Five Ways to Speed Up Your Data Loading Using SAS/ACCESS® for Relational Databases


Paper 104-2011:

 Murphy, William C.


Who Do You Have? Where Are They?


Paper 105-2011:

 Capobianco, Frank


Explicit SQL Pass-Through: Is It Still Useful?


Paper 106-2011:

 Momen, Saiful


Assembling Data Sets for Use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Use of PROC TRANSPOSE in Macros


Paper 108-2011:

 Davis, Scott


This SAS® Program Says to Google, ""What's Up Doc?""


Paper 109-2011:

 Kruger, Hillary


Creating Proportional Venn Diagrams Using Google and SAS®


Paper 110-2011:

 Ahmad, Mustaq


To Hash or Not To Hash! That Is the Question!! When it Comes to SQL!!!


Paper 111-2011:

 Reiss, Jeffrey; Reiss, Elayne


Using Hash Tables to Obtain Matched Post-Hoc Control Populations


Paper 112-2011:

 Rasul, Shan A.


A Side of Hash for You to Dig Into


Paper 113-2011:

 Tian, Yunchao (Susan)


%DO Loop: A Simple Dynamic Programming Technique


Paper 114-2011:

 Yang, Julia


Periodic Graphic Style Summary Report to Multi-sites in.pdf format


Paper 115-2011:

 Zhang, Laiju


SAS® Flirts with Java: PowerPoint Creation


Paper 116-2011:

 Khurshed, Fareeza


Creating a Table of Contents for Microsoft Word Using AutoFormat and Cascading Style Sheets


Paper 117-2011:

 King, Charlotte; Fleming, John


When ""Anydate"" Doesn't Mean Any Date: A Macro Solution


Paper 118-2011:

 Harvey, Brandon; Parker, Robert D.


Using SAS® to Enter Variables in a DOS Window


Paper 119-2011:

 Auyuen, W. Jodi


Using CALL SYMPUT to Simplify


Paper 120-2011:

 Mohammad, Sohail; Chakraborty, Goutam


A SAS® Macro to Consolidate Data from Multiple Cards with Varying Time Validity but Belonging to a Single Account


Paper 121-2011:

 Kadaru, Suresh B.


A Macro to Modify Attributes for All Character Variables in SAS® Data Sets


Paper 122-2011:

 Rabushka, Aaron J.


There's Nothing Odious about ODS


Paper 123-2011:

 Ramalingam, Sanjiv


Plotting an Error and Line Plot and a Bar Graph in a Single Plot with Dual Y-Axis Scales


Paper 124-2011:

 Ratcliffe, Andrew


SAS Software Development with the V-Model


Paper 408-2011:

 Vezzu, Sailesh


Using SAS/GRAPH® Annotate to Create Customized Control Charts


Paper 409-2011:

 Young, Taylor


A Macro for Safely Merging Many Data Sets


Paper 417-2011:

 Gilsen, Bruce




Paper 426-2011:

 Watts, Perry


Macros and Conventional Macro Variables: Effective Tools for Customizing Tabular Output in SAS® ODS


Paper 429-2011:

 Tilanus, Erik


The Trilogy on e-Mailing, Part 3: Handling e-Mail Attachments with SAS®


Paper 431-2011:

 Tabachneck, Arthur S.


Enough Really Good SAS® Tips to Fill a Book


Customer Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 125-2011:

 Toth, Christopher R.


Using Real-Time Analytics to Manage Next Best Offer


Paper 127-2011:

 Franks, Bill


Taking Your Analytics Up a Notch by Integrating Clickstream Data


Paper 128-2011:

 Neafsey, William; Lang, Ted


Consumer Data Analytics: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibly Deceptive


Paper 129-2011:

 Gundhus, Svein O.; Vatle, Terje


How TV 2 Improves Data Quality and Facilitates a Unified Customer View for Optimizing the Customer Experience


Paper 130-2011:

 Pinheiro, Carlos Andre R.


Highlighting Unusual Behavior in Insurance Based on Social Network Analysis


Paper 131-2011:

 Fulk, Matt


Lead Nurturing Using SAS® Customer Intelligence Solutions


Paper 428-2011:

 Reynolds, Robbie; Williams, Angela


Increasing Efficiency in Optimization


Data Integration   (Download entire section)

Paper 132-2011:

 Nelson, Gregory


SAS® Global Users Group Data Warehouse: A Look Behind the Scenes


Paper 133-2011:

 Jesse, Carole


Romancing Your Data: The Getting-to-Know-You Phase


Paper 134-2011:

 Rausch, Nancy; Ames, Michael; Barkaway, David; Stander, Jeff


What's New in SAS® Data Integration


Paper 135-2011:

 Liang, Qingfeng


Best Solutions for Tuning Performance of ETL Jobs in SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 136-2011:

 Jones, Adrian


Breaking Down the Silos: Data Management Across the Enterprise


Paper 137-2011:

 Rausch, Nancy; Ames, Michael; Barkaway, David; Stander, Jeff


Best Practices in Data Integration: Advanced Data Management


Paper 138-2011:

 Heinsius, Bart


Data Integration Monitor


Paper 139-2011:

 Milum, Jenine


Let®s Get Connected: How We Link to our Data


Paper 140-2011:

 Roehl, William G.


Using SAS® to Help Fight Crime: Scraping and Reporting Inmate Data


Paper 141-2011:

 Hazejager, Wilbram; Herbert, Pat


Innovations in Data Management - Introduction to Data Management Platform


Paper 142-2011:

 Bailey, Jeffrey


Teradata Parallel Transporter: Loading Your SAS Data Just Became Easier


Paper 143-2011:

 Bentley, John


Using SAS® to Move Data between Servers


Paper 144-2011:

 Collado, Evangeline


Using SAS® Software for Iterative Data Integration (DI)


Paper 145-2011:

 Schacherer, Christopher W.


Base SAS® Methods for Building Dimensional Data Models


Paper 146-2011:

 Herbert, Pat; Hazejager, Wilbram


Master Data Management, the Third Leg of the Data Management Stool: a.k.a. the DataFlux® qMDM Solution


Data Mining and Text Analytics   (Download entire section)

Paper 147-2011:

 Spooner, John


Creating a SAS® Model Factory Using In-Database Analytics


Paper 148-2011:

 Hanson, Scott


Conditional Classes and Pattern Recognition in SAS®


Paper 149-2011:

 Correa, Alejandro; Gonzalez, Andres F.; Ladino, Camilo


Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Selecting the Best Architecture of a Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network: A Credit Scoring Case


Paper 150-2011:

 Jetton, Martin B.


BASE SAS (R) Implementation of Information Theoretic Feature Selection for Neural Networks


Paper 151-2011:

 Choy, Murphy


Data Mining Using JMP®


Paper 152-2011:

 Dobson, David


Understanding Drivers of Achieving Academic Success in University Students


Paper 153-2011:

 Anderson, Billie


Ratemaking Using SAS® Enterprise Miner®: An Application Study


Paper 154-2011:

 Brown, Iain L.


Regression Model Development for Credit Card Exposure at Default (EAD) Using SAS/STAT® and SAS® Enterprise Miner® 5.3


Paper 155-2011:

 Cathie, Andrew S.


The Anti-Curse: Creating an Extension to SAS® Enterprise Miner® Using PROC ARBORETUM


Paper 156-2011:

 Sniadecki, Jennifer


Bump Hunting With SAS®: A Macro Approach to Employing PRIM


Paper 157-2011:

 Ma, Zhengping


Data Mining in SAS® with Open-Source Software


Paper 158-2011:

 Lange, Kathy; Sethi, Saratendu


What Are People Saying about Your Company, Your Products, or Your Brand?


Paper 159-2011:

 Zhang, Yanwei


Perl Regular Expression in SAS® Macro Programming


Paper 160-2011:

 Schubert, Sascha; Lee, Taiyeong


Time Series Data Mining with SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 161-2011:

 Cerrito, Patricia; Cerrito, John


Sentiment Mining Using SAS® Text Miner


Paper 162-2011:

 La Valley, Richard W.; Bedford, Denise A.


Improving Searchable Access to SAS® Global Forum Conference Papers Using Semantic Analysis Methods and Text Analytic Technologies


Paper 163-2011:

 Khalil, Yehia H.


A Detailed Examination of Workload Assigned and Faculty Productivity: Social Networks Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Text Miner


Paper 164-2011:

 Ben-Gal, Irad


Demand Sensing via C-B4 Pattern Analysis and SAS® Forecast Server


Paper 165-2011:

 Pagolu, Murali Krishna; Chakraborty, Goutam


Eliminating Response Style Segments in Survey Data via Double Standardization before Clustering


Hands-on Workshops   (Download entire section)

Paper 166-2011:

 Fecht, Marje; Dhillon, Rupinder


SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3: Finally a Programmer®s Tool


Paper 167-2011:

 Council, Kathy


At Your Service: Your Roadmap to Support from SAS®


Paper 168-2011:

 Eberhardt, Peter


The SAS® Hash Object: It®s Time to .find() Your Way Around


Paper 169-2011:

 Gupta, Sunil


Ready to Become Really Productive Using PROC SQL?


Paper 170-2011:

 DelGobbo, Vince


Creating Stylish Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®
Download the Example Program


Paper 171-2011:

 LeBouton, Kimberly


Getting Up to Speed with PROC REPORT


Paper 172-2011:

 Carpenter, Art


PROC TABULATE: Getting Started


Paper 173-2011:

 Carpenter, Art




Paper 174-2011:

 Slaughter, Susan; Delwiche, Lora


Graphing Made Easy with Output Delivery System (ODS) Graphics Procedures


Healthcare Providers & Insurers   (Download entire section)

Paper 175-2011:

 Ang, Siew Ching; Darden, Paul M.


HIPAA Compliance: Meeting Privacy Requirements in Combining Multiple Data Sets Using SAS® Functions


Paper 176-2011:

 Malida, Julie; Henderson, Greg


Fighting Fraud in a Pre-Payment Environment


Paper 177-2011:

 Wong, Rocket; Healy, Ian P.


BI Competency Center 2.0 ® Putting the Model into Practice


Paper 178-2011:

 Leveille, John


Healthcare Intelligence: The Challenge of OLAP for Healthcare Data


Paper 179-2011:

 Qin, Xiaoting; Bailey, Cathy


Using the SAS® Macro Language and SAS Pipe to Process State Health Care Survey Data


Paper 180-2011:

 Scott, Andrea


After SAS® Performs the Surgery, Excel® Applies the Make-Up: Making Healthcare Data Look Pretty


Paper 181-2011:

 Clay, Ted


Exact Confidence Intervals for Risk-Adjusted Rates Versus Trouble in River City


Paper 182-2011:

 Habek, George S.


Taking Disease and Health Management Analytics into the Next Generation


Paper 183-2011:

 Liang, Qingfeng


Develop Effective Disease Management Program for Managed Care Organization Using SAS®


Paper 184-2011:

 Prestanski, Amy E.; Nohre, Liva


Search Phrases with Arrays and Macros: Public Health Death Surveillance


Paper 185-2011:

 Preal, Ragna; Di Zinno, Tonio


From a Doctor®s Certificate to an International Health Service Database with SAS®


Paper 186-2011:

 Low, Ronald B.; Ito, Shunsuke; Jacobs, Caroline; Gregory, Raymond; Meehan, Susan; Raju, Ramanathan


Obesity in Children Treated in New York City Public Hospitals


Paper 187-2011:

 Mesiano, Michele; Parthasarathy, Meghna


Using SAS® to Identify and Stratify Members of Disease Management Programs at Community Care Behavioral Health Organization


Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 188-2011:

 Gorden, John


SAS® Programming: Current State and Implications for the Future


Paper 189-2011:

 Noga, Stephen


If You Can't Learn It from a Book, Why Are You Reading This?


Paper 190-2011:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Managing your SAS® Assets


Paper 191-2011:

 Lafler, Kirk P.; Shipp, Charles E.


What®s Hot, What®s Not: Skills for SAS® Professionals


Paper 192-2011:

 Barham, Terry


Focused Preparation for SAS® Certification Exams


Paper 193-2011:

 Dey, Dipanjan K.; Garla, Satish; Chakraborty, Goutam


Comparison of Probabilistic-D and k-Means Clustering in Segment Profiles for B2B Markets


Operations Research   (Download entire section)

Paper 194-2011:

 Hughes, Ed; Chari, Manoj


New Features in SAS/OR® 9.3


Paper 195-2011:

 Hatton, Robert N.; Potter, Ken


Optimization of Gas-Injected Oil Wells


Paper 196-2011:

 Belanger, Yves; Couture, Kristen; Neusy, Elisabeth


An Application of SAS® Simulation Studio: The Microsimulation of a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing System


Paper 197-2011:

 Wang, Hui


Flow Isolation in Power-Efficient Traffic-Grooming Problems in Optical Networks


Paper 198-2011:

 Sadiq, Sabah


The Final Frontier: A SAS® Approach to Data Envelopment Analysis


Paper 199-2011:

 Hardt Jr., Lorry; Renison, Keith


Using SAS® to Model and Forecast Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Curves


Paper 200-2011:

 Pratt, Rob; Hughes, Ed


Linear Optimization in SAS/OR® Software: Migrating to the OPTMODEL Procedure


Pharma   (Download entire section)

Paper 201-2011:

 Mann, Geoffrey A.


Driving Clinical Safety Reviews with Data Standards


Paper 202-2011:

 Molter, Michael; Decker, Chris


State of the Union: The Crossroads of CDISC Standards and SAS® Supporting Role


Paper 203-2011:

 Seah, Aik Hoe


Achieving Efficiencies Using SAS® Drug Development


Paper 204-2011:

 Handelsman, David


Optimizing Clinical Research Operations with Business Analytics


Paper 205-2011:

 Stuelpner, Janet; Shostak, Jack


Confessions of a Clinical Programmer: Dragging and Dropping Means Never Having to Say You®re Sorry When Creating SDTM Domains


Planning and Support   (Download entire section)

Paper 206-2011:

 Bost, Christopher J.


Making SAS® Training Stick


Paper 207-2011:

 Aanderud, Patricia S.


Plate of Spaghetti Anyone? Techniques for Learning Existing SAS® Programs


Paper 208-2011:

 Raithel, Michael


So, You Want to Be a SAS® Press Author!


Paper 209-2011:

 Hobson, Stacy


Maximize your Investment: Building a Portal to Your SAS® Resources


Paper 210-2011:

 LeBouton, Kimberly


Help! My SAS® Program Isn't Working: Where to Turn When You Need Help


Paper 211-2011:

 Hu, Jiangtang


Work Smarter Rather than Harder- Tools for Growing up A SAS® Programmer


Posters   (Download entire section)

Paper 212-2011:

 Canonizado, Katrina E.; Danner, Bradford J.; Wiedel, Matthew J.


A Non-Invasive Macro to Track Submission Metadata in SAS® Drug Development


Paper 213-2011:

 Xiao, Ellen


A SAS® Macro to Validate Business Rule for Phasing Derivation in a Clinical Data Repository


Paper 214-2011:

 Musitano Jr., Neal


Annotated Plot of z/OS Auxiliary Storage Local Page Slot Allocation Using SAS/GRAPH® and MXG Software


Paper 215-2011:

 Tavakoli, Abbas S.; Scharer, Kathleen; Hussey, James


Comparison of Imputation Methods to Examine Mediator Effect for Social Support of Mothers of Mentally Ill Children


Paper 216-2011:

 Gossett, Jeff; Aitken, Mary ; Miller, Beverly K.; Swearingen, Christopher J.


Contrast Statements for Binary Responses: Comparing and Contrasting with PROC GLIMMIX


Paper 217-2011:

 Wright, Philip A.


Eliminating Redundant Custom Formats


Paper 218-2011:

 Fernandez, Ryan


Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Calcium Nutrition Educational Intervention for Middle School Students in Las Vegas, Nevada, Using SAS®


Paper 219-2011:

 Schneider, Kristan; Schneider, Barbara


Exploring Selective Sweeps with SAS®


Paper 220-2011:

 Conway, Ted


Fit-to-a-T: Using SAS® to Create a SAS® Global Forum 2011 T-Shirt


Paper 221-2011:

 Jones, Sharon T.


Giving High School Students the Power to Know: SAS Programming and 21st Century Skills


Paper 222-2011:

 Lee, Kevin


How to Build ADaM Basic Data Structure from Mock Up Table


Paper 223-2011:

 Nareddy, Maheshwar R.; Chakraborty, Goutam


Improving Customer Loyalty Program through Text Mining of Customers® Comments


Paper 224-2011:

 Huffer, Hillary B.


Integrating SAS® and ArcMap: A Case Study of European Internet Use and Population


Paper 225-2011:

 Row, Barry W.


Investigating Web Search Engine Retrieval of Medical Information on Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome Using SAS® Text Miner


Paper 226-2011:

 Hummel, Andrew


LAG Function Combined with Conditional Functions: Useful for Identifying Differences in Like Data


Paper 227-2011:

 Wood, Jefferson L.; Fisher, Dennis G.; Napper, Lucy; Reynolds, Grace


Macros for Managing Messy Data: Handling Duplicate Study Participants and Making Fuzzy Matches across Multiple Data Sets


Paper 228-2011:

 Malangone, Elisabetta; Sherman, Steven


Matching-Adjusted Indirect Comparison Analysis Using Common SAS® 9.2 Procedures


Paper 229-2011:

 Cheng, Edmond


Performance Benchmark with SAS® 8.2, SAS® 9.1.3, and SAS® 9.2 on UNIX SPARC Architectures


Paper 231-2011:

 Jeyabslasingham, Anbuchelvi; Ragavan, Anpalaki J.


Repeated Measures Analysis of Correlated Data with Multiple Responses Using SAS®


Paper 232-2011:

 Perry, Isabel H.; Dilworth, Samantha E.; Riley, Elise D.


SAS® Data Management: How Raw Variables with Complex Skip Patterns and Missing Values Are Interpreted with Derived Variables


Paper 233-2011:

 Ragavan, Anpalaki J.


Statistical Modeling of Surface Complexation of Selenium onto Iron and Aluminum Oxides using SAS®


Paper 234-2011:

 Gruzdev, Mikhail; Blackburn, Allen


Subsetting Large Data Sets Created via the Complex WHERE Clause


Paper 235-2011:

 Fernandez, George


User-Friendly Childhood Obesity Screening Charts Using SAS/STAT® Graphics


Paper 236-2011:

 Melguizo, Maria S.; Stalnaker, Jerry; Swearingen, Christopher J.


Using Microsoft Access 2007 Description of Field Names in Tables as Variable Labels in SAS® Data Sets


Paper 237-2011:

 Su, Fenghsiu; Jackson, Bradford ; Lo, Kaming; Suzuki, Sumihiro; Singh, Karan; Coultas, David


Using SAS® to Incorporate the SDTM for a Study Funded by the NIH


Paper 238-2011:

 Okerson, Barbara


Using SAS® to Create Custom Graphics


Paper 239-2011:

 Li, Suwen; Hua, Yi; Li, Daniel; Lan, Bob


Using the PRELOADFMT Option with User-Defined Formats to Create Summary Tables


Paper 284-2011:

 Yang, Dongsheng


Creating a Half Error Bar Using Graph Template Language


Paper 382-2011:

 Lafler, Kirk P.; Shipp, Charles E.


Consulting: Career Path Considerations


Paper 383-2011:

 Gu, Fei; Wu, Wei


PATH and LISMOD Languages in SAS PROC TCALIS for Multigroup Comparisons


Paper 385-2011:

 Lee, Kevin


What CDISC Means to SAS® Programmers


Programming: Beyond the Basics   (Download entire section)

Paper 240-2011:

 Poll, Denise M.


SAS® Options: Versatile Players in the Game of SAS


Paper 241-2011:

 Gorrell, Paul


Numeric Length in SAS®: A Case Study in Decision Making


Paper 242-2011:

 Theuwissen, Henri


Don't Waste Too Many Resources to Get Your Data in a Specific Sequence


Paper 243-2011:

 Gilsen, Bruce


SAS® Code and Macros: How They Interact


Paper 244-2011:

 Li, Arthur


The Many Ways to Effectively Utilize Array Processing


Paper 245-2011:

 Dunn, Toby


Grouping, Atomic Groups, and Conditions: Creating If-Then Statements in Perl RegEx


Paper 246-2011:

 Booth, Allison M.


Beyond the Basics: Advanced REPORT Procedure Tips and Tricks Updated for SAS® 9.2


Paper 247-2011:

 Lund, Pete


You Did That Report in SAS®!? - The Power of the ODS.pdf Destination


Paper 248-2011:

 Molter, Michael


ExcelXP on Steroids: Adding Custom Options to the ExcelXP Tagset


Paper 249-2011:

 Long, Stuart; Heaton, Edward; Scharf, Daniel R.


ODS Output Data Sets That Work for You


Paper 250-2011:

 Parker, Chevell


The Perfect Marriage: The SAS® Output Delivery System (ODS) and Microsoft Office


Paper 251-2011:

 Watts, Perry


Add Style to ODS Output by Stretching Your Inheritance in SAS® 9.2


Paper 252-2011:

 Lawhorn, Bari


Let®s Give ®Em Something to TOC About: Transforming Your.pdf File®s Table of Contents


Paper 253-2011:

 Chung, Chang Y.; King, John


What Were We Talking about at Those SAS® Conferences, or Let's Make Some Tag Clouds


Paper 254-2011:

 Truong, Sy


SAS® Data and Stored Processes on a BlackBerry®


Paper 255-2011:

 Loren, Judy; DeVenezia, Richard


Building Provider Panels: An Application for the Hash of Hashes


Paper 256-2011:

 Mullin, Charles E.


Finding Your Way through the Wilderness: Moving Data from Text Files to SAS® Data Files


Paper 257-2011:

 Mason, Philip


Using SAS® Stored Processes with JavaScript and Flash to Build Web-Based Applications


Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals   (Download entire section)

Paper 258-2011:

 Slaughter, Susan; Delwiche, Lora


SAS® Macro Programming for Beginners


Paper 259-2011:

 McLawhorn, Kathryn


Choosing the Road Less Traveled: Performing Similar Tasks with Either SAS® DATA Step Processing or with Base SAS Procedures


Paper 260-2011:

 Carpenter, Art


PROC TABULATE: A Getting Started Tutorial


Paper 261-2011:

 Eberhardt, Peter


If It®s 18722 Then This Must Be SAS® Global Forum: An Introduction to SAS Dates


Paper 262-2011:

 Wilson, Kim


The Top 10 Head Scratchers: SAS® Log Messages That Prompt a Call to SAS Technical Support


Paper 263-2011:

 Haworth, Lauren


ODS RTF: The Basics and Beyond


Paper 264-2011:

 Thornton, Patrick




Paper 265-2011:

 Cody, Ronald


Longitudinal Data Techniques: Looking Across Observations


Paper 266-2011:

 Zender, Cynthia


Don't Gamble with Your Output: How to Use Microsoft Formats with ODS
Download ZIP file


Paper 267-2011:

 Pass, Ray; Ewing, Daphne


So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?


Paper 268-2011:

 Cassidy, Deb


Building a Good Foundation with Functions


Paper 269-2011:

 Li, Arthur


The Essence of DATA Step Programming


Paper 270-2011:

 Hecht, Darylene


PROC PRINT and ODS: Teaching an Old PROC New Tricks


Paper 271-2011:

 Lund, Pete


Using SAS® Formats: So Much More than ®M® = ®Male®


Paper 272-2011:

 Carey, Helen; Carey, Ginger


Tips and Techniques for SAS® Programmers


Paper 273-2011:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Output Delivery System (ODS) ® Simply the Basics


Paper 274-2011:

 Raithel, Michael


PROC DATASETS: the Swiss Army Knife of SAS® Procedures


Paper 275-2011:

 Thacher, Clarke


Why .1 + .1 Might Not Equal .2 and Other Pitfalls of Floating-Point Arithmetic


Reporting and Information Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 276-2011:

 Schulz, Falko


Interactive Geospatial Analysis with SAS Portal: How to Use SAS® Real-Time Processes to Dynamically Integrate with Google Maps, ESRI Maps, and Open Street Maps


Paper 277-2011:

 Heath, Dan


Now You Can Annotate Your Statistical Graphics Procedure Graphs


Paper 278-2011:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Time-Critical Concise Reporting in the Age of Twitter and Wireless Mobility: Continuous Real-Time Monitoring, Sparse Line Charts, and Compact Tables


Paper 279-2011:

 Choy, Murphy


Creating Word Clouds in SAS®: A DSGI Approach


Paper 280-2011:

 Shannon, David G.


New Light through Old Windows: Delivering Real-Time Information with Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets


Paper 281-2011:

 Matange, Sanjay


Tips and Tricks for Clinical Graphs using ODS Graphics


Paper 282-2011:

 van Stein, Edwin J.


Can SAS® Do Canvas? Creating Graphs Using HTML 5 Canvas Elements


Paper 283-2011:

 Moore, Robert G.


Multivariate Data Displays for Evaluating Clusters


Paper 285-2011:

 Raghupathi, Krishnan


Visualize Your Cloud Data Using the Graph Template Language


Paper 286-2011:

 Faley, Gloria M.


Making Cube Drill-Through-to-Detail More Detailed


Paper 287-2011:

 Wei, Xin


Visualizing Count Data with 3D Flash Animation in a SAS® Environment


Paper 288-2011:

 Hunt, Sean


Parlay Standard ODS HTML Pop-Up Boxes into Pop-Up Jackpots


Paper 289-2011:

 Perkinson, Jeff


Create compelling visualizations with geographic data and JMP 9


Paper 290-2011:

 Karp, Andrew


Traffic Lighting Your Reports the Easy Way with the SAS® Output Delivery System and PROC REPORT


Paper 291-2011:

 Lynch, Erin; O'Connor, Daniel; Patel, Himesh


My Reporting Requires a Full Staff®Help!


Paper 293-2011:

 Huff, Gina; Helbig, Tuesdi; James, Chris


Absolutely Fabulous: Tips on Creating a Publication-Ready Report Using ODS Absolute Layout Functionality


Paper 294-2011:

 Kalt, Mike; Zender, Cynthia


Introduction to ODS Graphics for the Non-Statistician
Download ZIP file


Paper 295-2011:

 Xu, Zhuoye


Present Graph Text-Based Components Using SAS 9.2 Graph Template Language (GTL)


Paper 297-2011:

 Smith, Kevin


Unveiling the Power of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in ODS


Paper 298-2011:

 Hurley, George


Using JMP® Visualizations to Build a Statistical Model


Paper 299-2011:

 Okerson, Barbara


Distance Mapping in Health and Healthcare: SAS® as a Tool for Health Geomatics


Paper 300-2011:

 Zender, Cynthia


The Greatest Hits: ODS Essentials Every User Should Know
Download ZIP file


Paper 427-2011:

 Holland, Philip R.


Why Should You Be Using the New SG (Statistical Graphics) Procedures in SAS® 9.2?


Paper 432-2011:

 Patel, Paresh M.


Integrating SAS® Information Delivery Portal with your Organization's Brand


Retail   (Download entire section)

Paper 301-2011:

 Marathe, Pushkraj V.


Use Customer Analytics in Your Processes. Yes, But How?


Paper 302-2011:

 Bickford, Tad; Mazzone, Donna


Improving Performance: Using SAS® Merchandise Planning Release 6.1.3 to Get the Most! Gain the Value!


Paper 303-2011:

 Bequet, Henry


SAS® High-Performance Markdown Optimization


Paper 395-2011:

 Volpe, Anthony


Characterizing Successful Opportunities for Retail Analytics: How to Recognize Areas Best Suited for Quantitative Approaches and Succeed with the Right Approach


Paper 396-2011:

 Eddy, Dave


Retail Price Optimization Case Study


Paper 397-2011:

 Plaskas, Carrie


SAS® Markdown Optimization for Retail Round Table


Paper 398-2011:

 Clouse, Amy; Ferguson, Ann


Assortment and Financial Planning Round Table


Paper 399-2011:

 Smyth, Terri; Bavaro, Liz


SAS® Revenue Optimization for Retail - Benefit Attainment Round Table


Paper 421-2011:

 Strobelt, David


Right Size, Right Store, Right Time. Sounds Great, But How Do You Do It?


Paper 422-2011:

 Brodbine, MaryBeth; Kobylarz, Lisa


Intelligent Clustering: Who Buys What Where


Paper 423-2011:

 Whited, Apollo


The Link Within Demand Forecasting: Building a Foundation to Support the Vision of Enterprise Demand Forecasting


Paper 424-2011:

 Gupta, Saurabh


Annual SAS® Update to Retail Merchandise Intelligence Users


Paper 425-2011:

 Pegler, Rich; Eddy, Dave


Retail Reporting Round Table


SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage   (Download entire section)

Paper 304-2011:

 Adair, Cecelia A.


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® to Provide Water and Conserve Electricity for SAS Global Forum Attendees!


Paper 305-2011:

 First, Steven; First, Jennifer F.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® for All!


Paper 306-2011:

 Plemmons, Howard; Ames, Michael


Working with a DBMS Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 307-2011:

 Ravenna, Andy


Becoming a Better Programmer with SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3


Paper 308-2011:

 Kari, Tom


Making SAS® Enterprise Guide® Easier to Use


Paper 309-2011:

 Hall, Angela


Creating Reusable Programs by Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® Prompt Manager


Paper 310-2011:

 Bee, Brian J.


Enhancing Your Output from SAS®Enterprise Guide® ® Creating Something a Little Different


Paper 311-2011:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Easier than You Think: Creating Maps with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 312-2011:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Easy Ways to get SAS® Enterprise Guide® to Send Tables and Graphs to Microsoft Office Suite, Without Writing Code!


Paper 313-2011:

 Gibson, Shane


Migrating SAS® Enterprise Guide® Projects from SAS® 9.1 to SAS® 9.2


Paper 314-2011:

 Kotian, Harsha M.; Jumper, Susan M.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® Options: Let the Tools Work for You


Social Media and Networking   (Download entire section)

Paper 315-2011:

 Slaughter, Susan; Hemedinger, Chris


Social Networking and SAS: Running PROCs on Your Facebook Friends


Paper 316-2011:

 Truong, Sy


SAS® Global Forum Conference iPhone App


Paper 317-2011:

 Viergever, William W.; Kuiper, Daniel; Vyverman, Koen


The Day the Server Said Tweet!


Paper 318-2011:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Getting Personal but Not Too Personal


Paper 319-2011:

 de Ville, Barry; Hatcher, Don; Bawa, Gurpreet S.


How You Can Identify Influencers in SAS® Social Media Analysis (And Why It Matters)


Paper 320-2011:

 Thomas, David B.


Social Media: What SAS® Pros Need to Know


Paper 321-2011:

 Bastone, John J.


Taxonomies, Tone, and Tweets: Where Text Analytics and Social Marketing Collide


Paper 322-2011:

 Hammersburg, Carl


Why Government Can Take the Lead in Fighting Fraud, and Use the SAS® Fraud Framework to Get There


Paper 323-2011:

 Carpenter, Art; Raithel, Michael; Choy, Murphy Future Directions - A Panel Discussion


Paper 324-2011:

 Garla, Satish; Chakraborty, Goutam


%GetTweet: A New SAS® Macro to Fetch and Summarize Tweets


Statistics and Data Analysis   (Download entire section)

Paper 325-2011:

 Littell, Ramon


Evolution of Linear Models in SAS®: A Personal Perspective


Paper 326-2011:

 Trovero, Michele; Blair, Ed; Leonard, Michael J.


Multifrequency Forecasting with SAS® High-Performance Forecasting Software


Paper 327-2011:

 Fisher, Thomas J.


Testing the Adequacy of ARMA Models using a Weighted Portmanteau Test on the Residual Autocorrelations


Paper 328-2011:

 Dickey, David


SAS/ETS® and the Nobel Prize


Paper 329-2011:

 Sglavo, Udo


Extending SAS® High-Performance Forecasting Using User-Defined Models and External Forecasts


Paper 331-2011:

 Stokes, Maura; Rodriguez, Robert N.; Gunes, Funda


On Deck: SAS/STAT® 9.3


Paper 332-2011:

 Gu, Fei; Wu, Wei


Using SAS® PROC TCALIS for Multigroup Structural Equation Modeling with Mean Structures


Paper 333-2011:

 Yung, Yiu-Fai; Zhang, Wei


Making Use of Incomplete Observations in the Analysis of Structural Equation Models: The CALIS Procedure®s Full Information Maximum Likelihood Method in SAS/STAT® 9.3


Paper 334-2011:

 Chen, Fang


The RANDOM Statement and More: Moving On with PROC MCMC


Paper 335-2011:

 Swearingen, Christopher J.; Melguizo, Maria S.; Bursac, Zoran


Modeling Percentage Outcomes: The %Beta_Regression Macro


Paper 336-2011:

 Mukhopadhyay, Pushpal K.; McDowell, Allen


Small Area Estimation for Survey Data Analysis Using SAS® Software


Paper 337-2011:

 Oginz, Gregg M.


Randomizing Small Strata Groups: Balancing Baseline Population Measures While Staying True to a Chosen Allocation Strategy, an Alternative to PROC SURVEYSELECT


Paper 338-2011:

 Berglund, Pat


An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Complex Sample Survey Data


Paper 339-2011:

 Schwartz, Theresa; Chen, Qixuan; Duan, Naihua


Studying Missing Data Patterns Using a SAS® Macro


Paper 340-2011:

 Chvosta, Jan; Erdman, Donald; Little, Mark


Modeling Financial Risk Factor Correlation with the COPULA Procedure


Paper 341-2011:

 Gardiner, Joseph C.; Luo, Zhehui


Logit Models in Practice: B, C, E, G, M, N, O, ®


Paper 342-2011:

 Pan, Tianshu; Chen, Yumin


Using PROC LOGISTIC to Estimate the Rasch Model


Paper 343-2011:

 Fang, Jimmy


Compare the Effectiveness of Different Methodologies in Prediction of Dichotomous Outcome


Paper 345-2011:

 Fang, Jiming


Using SAS® Procedures FREQ, GENMOD, LOGISTIC, and PHREG to Estimate Adjusted Relative Risks: A Case Study


Paper 346-2011:

 Koch, Gary; Stokes, Maura


Up to Speed with Categorical Data Analysis


Paper 347-2011:

 Pasta, David


Those Confounded Interactions: Building and Interpreting a Model with Many Potential Confounders and Interactions


Paper 348-2011:

 Tan, Teck Kiang; Luo, Wenshu; Hogan, David


Rasch Model and Beyond with PROC GLIMMIX: A Better Choice


Paper 349-2011:

 Stroup, Walter W.


Living with Generalized Linear Mixed Models


Paper 350-2011:

 Chen, Xiao; Wilson, Brigid


Visualizing Marginal Effects from Interactions in Generalized Linear Models


Paper 351-2011:

 Kiernan, Kathleen; Tobias, Randy; Gibbs, Phil; Tao, Jill


CONTRAST and ESTIMATE Statements Made Easy: The LSMESTIMATE Statement


Paper 352-2011:

 Liau, Albert; Tan, Teck Kiang; Khoo, Angeline


Scale Measurement: Comparing Factor Analysis and Variable Clustering


Paper 353-2011:

 Korol, Dmytro; Donin, Dmitry; Tkachenko, Mykola


Scenario and Stress Testing Using SAS/IML®


Paper 354-2011:

 Silva, Alan R.; Teixeira, Mariana F.; Teixeira, Tha®s H.




Paper 355-2011:

 Chou, Nan-Ting; Steenhard, David


Bivariate Count Data Regression Models: A SAS® Macro Program


Paper 356-2011:

 Watson, Wayne E.


Introducing SAS® Structural Equation Modeling: A New User Interface That Brings the Power of SAS/STAT® Software to JMP® Software


Paper 357-2011:

 Sall, John


JMP® 9 and Interactive Statistical Discovery


Paper 384-2011:

 Markert, Matthew S.


Race/Ethnic Differences in Carotid Stiffness and Diameter Using PROC GLM


Paper 430-2011:

 Kleinman, Ken


MCPOWER: a Flexible Macro Suite for Generating Monte Carlo Power Estimates for Linear, Logistic, and Poisson Regression Models


Systems Architecture and Administration   (Download entire section)

Paper 358-2011:

 Hatcher, Diane; Kirsten, Jochen


Considerations for Implementing a Highly Available or Disaster Recovery Environment


Paper 359-2011:

 McLean, Greg


Tunneling Your Way to a More Secure SAS/CONNECT®


Paper 360-2011:

 Nicola, Matthias; Sherrill, Kim


Best Practices for the SAS® Scoring Accelerator for DB2


Paper 362-2011:

 Fisher, Elliott; Leveille, John


The Keys to the Kingdom: From Simple to Advanced Metadata Queries


Paper 363-2011:

 Schneider, Mark; Bennett, Donna; Robison, Connie


Understanding the Anatomy of a SAS® Deployment: What's in My Server Soup?


Paper 364-2011:

 Kincheloe, Faron


What Happens When You Push the Easy Button? Migrating to SAS® 9.2


Paper 365-2011:

 Rogers, Stuart J.; Park, Heesun


Single Sign-On Configuration and Troubleshooting for SAS® 9.2 Enterprise BI Web Applications


Paper 366-2011:

 Nanath, Krishnadas


Designing a Grid Computing Architecture: A Case Study of Green Computing Implementation Using SAS®


Paper 367-2011:

 Nasuti, Bill


Effectively Implementing SAS® Grid Architectures in Conjunction with Non-Grid-Aware Processes


Paper 369-2011:

 Bigalke, Jan


Using SAS® on UNIX with Multiple Active Directories as Authentication Providers


Paper 370-2011:

 Crevar, Margaret; Brown, Tony


Configuration and Tuning Guidelines for SAS®9 in Microsoft Windows Server 2008


Paper 371-2011:

 Busby, Phil


Regression Testing: The SAS Programmer®s Friend


Paper 372-2011:

 Wright, Philip A.; Churchill, Alan


Setting Up a Different Windows Environment for Each SAS® Project


Paper 373-2011:

 Talley, Bubba; Kalich, Tanya


Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques for a SAS® 9.2 Business Intelligence Environment


Paper 374-2011:

 Fenton, Jim; Ladd, Robert; Spakes, Gary


A Practical Approach to Re-Architecting a SAS® Deployment


Paper 375-2011:

 Vaessen, Ralf; Pannemans, Danny; Quesada, Juan M.; Vyverman, Koen


In Control of Your Data Warehouse Processes With the Help of SAS® Stored Processes and the SAS® Information Delivery Portal


Paper 376-2011:

 Hoffritz, Cecily


Best Practice Implementation of SAS® Metadata Security at Customer Sites in Denmark


Paper 377-2011:

 Bitla, Shivashanker; Kerwin, Richard


Implementing SAS® Grid Computing in an Analytical Environment


Paper 411-2011:

 Garry, Charlie; Chew, Maureen


SAS®, Sun, and Oracle: On Mashups, Enterprise 2.0, and Ideation


Paper 412-2011:

 Marson, Barry; Shakshober, Douglas


Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Optimizing SAS® Deployments


Paper 413-2011:

 Lawrence, Laura


Using SAS to Automatically Back Up Files across Multiple Directories


Paper 415-2011:

 Liotus, Laura


Maintenance for the Minimalist A SAS Administrator®s Guide to Supporting a Windows SAS Metadata Environment


Paper 416-2011:

 Nolan, Tim


Travelers Insurance: Streamlining SAS® Deployments with HP and Red Hat


Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment   (Download entire section)

Paper 378-2011:

 Girard, Michel


Hear the Competition Running, See the Opportunities Ahead, and Run Faster: How Aeroplan Canada Turned a Threat into a Winning Proposition


Paper 379-2011:

 Sutton, Scott W.


Patron Analytics in the Casino and Gaming Industry: How the House Always Wins


Paper 380-2011:

 Benvenuti, Marco


Using SAS® Enterprise Miner® for Resort Profit Optimization: How to Systematically Provide Individual Consumers with Personalized Rates and Offers to Unleash Total Profit Optimization


Paper 381-2011:

 McGuire, Kelly A.


Do Guest Reviews Really Matter? Linking Social Media and Operations Data