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Paper Sections
Applications Development Operations Research SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage
Applied Business Intelligence Pharma and Health Care Providers SAS® ®Futures
Coders' Corner Planning and Support SAS® ®IT Management
Customer Intelligence Posters SAS® Workshop Series
Data Management Programming: Beyond the Basics Social Media and Networking
Data Mining and Text Analytics Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals Statistics and Data Analysis
Financial Services Reporting and Information Visualization Systems Architecture and Administration
Hands-on Workshops Retail Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment

Applications Development   (Download entire section)

Paper 001-2012:

 Lal, Rajesh; Ranga, Raghavender


How Readable and Comprehensible Is a SAS® Program? A Programmatic Approach to Getting an Insight into a Program


Paper 002-2012:

 Henderson, Don; Carpenter, Art


Macro Programming Best Practices: Styles, Guidelines and Conventions Including the Rationale Behind Them


Paper 003-2012:

 Figallo-Monge, Manuel


Macro Design and Usage in A Multi-Tier Architecture for ETL and Google Visualization API Integration


Paper 004-2012:

 Rhoads, Michael


Use the Full Power of SAS® in Your Function-Style Macros


Paper 005-2012:

 Martell, Carol


A Picture Is Worth a Lot of PUTs


Paper 006-2012:

 Kurch, Benno F.


ODS PDF and RTF Application Development: Steps to Ensure Success and Examples of Useful Coding Techniques


Paper 008-2012:

 Snyder, Ryan; Hall, Johnston P.


A Guide for Connecting Java to SAS® Data Sets


Paper 009-2012:

 Curat, Guillaume


Integrating Your Java Web Application into the SAS® 9.2 or SAS® 9.3 Enterprise Business Intelligence Environment


Paper 010-2012:

 Aanderud, Patricia S.; Hall, Angela


Get Your "Fast Pass" to Building Business Intelligence with SAS® and Google Analytics


Paper 011-2012:

 Schulz, Falko


Mobilizing Your SAS® Business Analytic Reports


Paper 012-2012:

 Beaver, James L.; Scroggins, Tobin E.


Tracking and Reporting Account Referral Activity Using Hash Tables and SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 013-2012:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Yes! SAS® ExcelXP WILL NOT Create a Microsoft Excel Graph, but SAS Users Can Command Microsoft Excel to Automatically Create Graphs from SAS ExcelXP


Paper 015-2012:

 Schikore, Daniel


Custom Analysis and Reporting with the JMP® Application Builder


Paper 016-2012:

 Jiang, Songtao; Liao, Hsini T.


Automated Process for Routine Clinical and Safety Data Monitoring Reports: An Integration of EDC Database, Microsoft Outlook, and SAS®


Paper 017-2012:

 D®silets, Karine


SAS® IOM and Your .Net Application Made Easy


Paper 018-2012:

 Jagtap, Arvind


Integrating Enterprise Search with Various Clients


Paper 417-2012:

 Nelson, Gregory; Zhou, Jay


Good Programming Practices: Creating Robust Programs


Paper 434-2012:

 Eberhardt, Peter


SAS® in the Office - IT Works


Applied Business Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 019-2012:

 Schulz, Falko; Hatcher, Diane; Sparano, Steve


De Rigueur: Adding Process to Your Business Analytics Environment


Paper 020-2012:

 Overton, Stephen M.


Lost in Wonderland? Methodology for a Guided Drill-Through Analysis Out of the Rabbit Hole


Paper 021-2012:

 Garrett, Guy R.


How to Create a Business Intelligence Strategy


Paper 022-2012:

 McQuiggan, Scott W.; Coyle, David A.; Thorne, Gregory M.; Sabourin, Philippe P.


BI at Your Fingertips: Creating Immersive Mobile Reports with SAS® Visual Designer


Paper 023-2012:

 Kincaid, Chuck; Vanderlinden, Mike


The Emergence of Patterns in SAS® Usage and Infrastructure


Paper 024-2012:

 Chitale, Anand V.; Barnhart, Mike


A New Outlook into Your Business


Paper 025-2012:

 Zhang, Tony; Jin, Ying


Managing Multiple Languages with a Single Cube Using SAS® 9.3


Paper 026-2012:

 Petrova, Tatyana


SAS® OLAP Cube Tuning and Query Performance Optimization


Paper 027-2012:

 Patel, Paresh M.


Custom Rollup: When the Cube®s Default Behavior Doesn®t Do the Right Job!


Paper 028-2012:

 Sivertson, Cheryl


At Your Self-Service: One Organization®s Journey from Mainframe Reporting to Enterprise Business Intelligence


Paper 029-2012:

 Varney, Brian


Preparing for a SAS® EBI Platform Deployment or Migration


Paper 030-2012:

 Hallquist, Richard R.; Coles, Dragos; Gallego, Lorrie


Making it Happen: Using SAS® to Implement Business Intelligence and Analytics in Small and Midsize Organizations


Paper 031-2012:

 Bogard, Matt T.; James, Chris; Helbig, Tuesdi; Huff, Gina


Using SAS® Enterprise BI and SAS® Enterprise Miner® to Reduce Student Attrition


Paper 032-2012:

 Vanderlinden, Mike


SAS® BI Content Syndication with the REST Framework


Paper 033-2012:

 Levine, Fred


Beyond Star Schema: Exploring the Next Query Generation with the SAS® Enterprise BI Server


Paper 034-2012:

 Choy, Justin


Visualizing Data Techniques, Including Autocharting and Big Data


Paper 035-2012:

 Parsons, Natalie; McQuiggan, Scott W.


Van Gogh Your Data: Data Visualization Methods with SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 036-2012:

 Beese, Tim; Granger, Greg


Excelling with Excel


Paper 038-2012:

 Chitale, Anand V.


Modernize with SAS® Dashboards: Go Beyond a Collection of Gauges


Coders' Corner   (Download entire section)

Paper 039-2012:

 Miller, Ethan


One Flip, Two Flip, Fat File Flat File


Paper 040-2012:

 Tabachneck, Arthur S.; Kastin, Matthew J.; Shan, Xia K.


Sometimes One Needs an Option with Unusual Dates


Paper 041-2012:

 Wainwright-Zimmerman, Andrea




Paper 042-2012:

 Pande, Yogesh


Log Checks Made Easy


Paper 043-2012:

 Polak, Leonard


It's Now Your Project®Clean It Up and Make It Shine


Paper 044-2012:

 Bost, Christopher J.


Magic Spells with SAS®


Paper 046-2012:

 Reece Harrington, Kristen


Beep, Beep, Beep, Back It Up! A Foolproof Approach to Archiving with No Copying


Paper 047-2012:

 Thornton, Patrick; Barbalau, Iuliana


Working the System: Our Best SAS® Options


Paper 048-2012:

 Ladds, John F.


Yes, We Can... Save SAS® Formats


Paper 049-2012:

 Rosenbloom, Mary F.; Lafler, Kirk Paul


Best Practices: Clean House to Avoid Hangovers


Paper 051-2012:

 Eckler, Lisa


Generation Why: How Generation Data Sets Can Help


Paper 052-2012:

 Foty, Fuad J.


The DOW Loop: A Smarter Approach to Your Existing Code


Paper 055-2012:

 Atienza, Philamer M.


Ethnicity and Race: When Your Output Isn't What You Expected


Paper 056-2012:

 Kezik, Julie M.; Hill, Melissa E.


Increase your OUTPUT with PROC MEANS and PROC FREQ


Paper 057-2012:

 Koo, Kai


A SAS® Macro to Zip and Unzip Files in MS Windows without Additional External Data Archiving Software


Paper 058-2012:

 Varney, Brian


Inventory Your Files Using SAS®


Paper 059-2012:

 Yu, Hsiwei; Njuguna, Kamau


Locally Visible, Remote Data and Format


Paper 060-2012:

 Swenson, Chris


Standardized Macro Programs for Macro Variable Manipulation


Paper 061-2012:

 Hennessey, John


How to Use SAS/CONNECT® to Get Your Mainframe to Behave Like a Modern Computer in Your New Business Intelligence Platform


Paper 062-2012:

 Grandits, Greg; Thompson, Greg


A Macro to Summarize and Generate a Report of Variables on a SAS® Data Set


Paper 063-2012:

 Hinson, Joseph W.; Coughlin, Margaret M.


Deciphering PROC COMPARE Codes: The Use of the bAND Function


Paper 064-2012:

 Rosenbloom, Mary F.; Lafler, Kirk Paul


Assigning a User-Defined Macro to a Function Key


Paper 065-2012:

 Mendoza, George G.; Singh, Subhashree


Using Pre-Formatted Microsoft Excel Templates with SAS®


Paper 066-2012:

 Huang, Chao


Create Multi-Sheet Excel Workbook for Large Data Sets by SAS® and VBA


Paper 067-2012:

 Palanca, Ronald


Excel Tool for Coding


Paper 068-2012:

 Levy, Jason


PROC REPORT: Dynamic Column Headings


Paper 069-2012:

 Sempel, Hans


Splitting Data Sets on Unique Values: a Macro That Does It All


Paper 070-2012:

 Zhang, Jingxian


Techniques for Generating Dynamic Code from SAS® DICTIONARY Data


Paper 071-2012:

 Zhang, Sijian


ODS Report Writing Interface Makes Our Reporting Simple and Better


Paper 072-2012:

 Murphy, William C.


Finding Your Way Around a SAS® Generated Report


Paper 073-2012:

 Zhang, Sijian


Let the DATA Step Drive the Report Assembly Line


Paper 074-2012:

 Hume, James D.


Uploading Your IPEDS Data Electronically Using SAS®


Paper 075-2012:

 Busby, Philip James


A Simple Way of Importing from a REST Web Service into SAS® in Three Lines of Code


Paper 076-2012:

 Hummel, Andrew


Using SAS® and ZIP Codes to Create a Nationwide First Responders Directory


Paper 077-2012:

 Li, Mei; Zeng, Zemin


Using DDE and VBA Techniques to Import Data from Microsoft Word Tables in Programming Specification Files into SAS


Paper 078-2012:

 Hummel, Andrew


Sending E-mails in Your Sleep


Paper 079-2012:

 Erinjeri, Jinson


A Perfect Case of Capturing Data from Related Web Pages


Paper 081-2012:

 Xiao, Yang; Meng, Xiangxiang


Customizing ODS Graphical Output for SAS/STAT® Procedures


Paper 083-2012:

 Cano, Gabe


Convert Your Old Plots and Charts to New SG Plots and Charts: Here's How


Paper 084-2012:

 Conway, Ted


%SPARKY: A SAS® Macro for Creating Excel Sparklines


Paper 085-2012:

 Puttabasavaiah, Suneetha


Adding Count as a Data Label in a Scatter Plot


Paper 086-2012:

 Poppe, Frank; Van Antwerpen, Andres


Have Your Web Reports Remember the Filters of Your Users


Paper 087-2012:

 Perry, Isabel H.


Black Box PROCs: PROC LOGISTIC Discovered


Paper 088-2012:

 Wang, Zhiwei


Optimized 1:N Case-Control Match Using SAS


Paper 089-2012:

 Shu, Amos


Utilize Dummy Datasets in Clinical Statistical Programming


Paper 090-2012:

 Roehl, William G.


Using SAS® to Get a Date: Integrating Google Calendar®s API with SAS®


Paper 091-2012:

 Roy, Ash; Na, Yingbo


Batch Production of Driving Distances and Times Using SAS® and Web Map APIs


Paper 092-2012:

 Huang, Chao; Meng, Xiangxiang


Multidimensional Scaling on ZIP Codes


Paper 093-2012:

 Collins, Stacey D.


Three Simple Steps to Recovering and Inserting Data Using Do Loops, Indexed Macro Variables, and PROC SQL Update Statements


Paper 094-2012:

 Huang, Zhongwen; Hou, John


Managing Analytic Processes with Paired SAS® Utility Macros


Paper 095-2012:

 Asrani, Deepak G.


SAS® Output Delivery System ExcelXP Tagset: Customizing Cell Patterns, Borders, and Indention


Paper 096-2012:

 Choy, Murphy


Translating Foreign Language in SAS® with Google Translate


Paper 097-2012:

 Jokinen, Riku E.


How to Dynamically Conditionalize a SAS® Data Integration Studio Job


Paper 098-2012:

 Swenson, Chris


An Advanced, Multi-Featured Macro Program for Reviewing Logs


Paper 099-2012:

 Palan, Urvir


Using SAS® to Manage SAS® Work Area Usage


Paper 100-2012:

 Sukhwani, Sumit; Chakraborty, Goutam; Garla, Satish


Analysis of Clickstream Data Using SAS®


Paper 101-2012:

 Faria, Plinio


How to Measure the SAS® BI Audience and Discover Information Needs


Paper 102-2012:

 Yaraghi, Niam; Kishore, Rajiv; Chen, Rui


Mining and Merging DATAMONITOR and WRDS Databases with SAS®


Paper 428-2012:

 Milum, Jenine


PROC FORMAT, a Speedy Alternative to Sort/Sort/Merge


Paper 429-2012:

 Tabachneck, Arthur S.; Klein, William J.


Using SAS® to Build Web Pages Linking Photographs with Google Maps


Paper 436-2012:

 Brucken, Nancy


Your Place or Mine: Data-Driven Summary Statistic Precision


Customer Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 103-2012:

 Baer, Darius


CSI: Customer Segmentation Intelligence for Increasing Profits


Paper 104-2012:

 Pantangi, Anil K.; Chakraborty, Goutam


Classification of Customers® Textual Responses via Application of Topic Mining


Paper 105-2012:

 Schultz, Stephen K.


Using SAS® and Vertica to Increase Online Effectiveness and Revenues


Paper 106-2012:

 Pinheiro, Carlos Andre R.


Community Detection to Identify Fraud Events in Telecommunications Networks


Paper 107-2012:

 Marianne, Estelle; Merry, Nick; Au, Wendy


Customer Experience Modeling


Paper 108-2012:

 Kubiak, Roman


Net Lift Model for Effective Direct Marketing Campaigns at


Paper 109-2012:

 Tsuboi, Toshi


Better, Consistent Customer Experience from Analytically Based Real-Time Decisions


Data Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 110-2012:

 Rausch, Nancy; Ames, Michael; Hazejager, Wilbram


What's New in SAS® Data Management


Paper 112-2012:

 Overton, Stephen M.


Developing a Flexible ETL Process to Let SAS® Capture Data Changes Efficiently in a Data Warehouse and Clean Up the Mess


Paper 113-2012:

 Nelson, Gregory


Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring SAS® Data Management Solutions


Paper 114-2012:

 Jones, Adrian


How Does SAS® In-Database Analytics Impact Data Management?


Paper 115-2012:

 Plemmons, Howard; Ames, Michael


What's New in SAS/ACCESS® and Process Improvements That You Apply to Your DBMS


Paper 116-2012:

 Bentley, John


Using SAS® to Move Data between Servers


Paper 117-2012:

 Jain, Adish; Bachtell, Kate


Reordering Values within Observations: Beyond CALL SORTC(N)


Paper 118-2012:

 Havens-McColgan, John


Applications of PROC GEOCODE and Incorporation of Census Block-Level Data


Paper 119-2012:

 Schacherer, Christopher W.


The FILENAME Statement: Interacting with the World Outside of SAS®


Paper 120-2012:

 Kilhullen, Michael


Developing Custom Metadata Reports for SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 121-2012:

 Zhu, Qiaohao; Ghosh, Sunita


Accessing and Extracting Data from the Internet Using SAS®


Paper 122-2012:

 Roesch, Amanda


Matching Data Using Sounds-Like Operators and SAS® Compare Functions


Paper 123-2012:

 Azimaee, Mahmoud


Trend Analysis: An Automated Data Quality Approach for Large Health Administrative Databases


Paper 124-2012:

 Le, Binh C.; Pham, Huong T.


A Simple Yet Effective Way to Perform a Variable Cross Walk Between Multiple Data Sets


Paper 125-2012:

 Hazejager, Wilbram


Evolving from Data Management to Master Data Management


Paper 431-2012:

 Overton, Stephen M.


10,000 Leagues of Data... Divide and Conquer OLAP Cubes: Best Practices for High Volumes of Data


Data Mining and Text Analytics   (Download entire section)

Paper 126-2012:

 Levine, Jonathan


Developing a Predictive Model for Customer Trip Purpose to Be Integrated into Enterprise Strategy and Analytics


Paper 127-2012:

 Shah, Yogen


Use of Cutoff and SAS Code Nodes in SAS® Enterprise Miner® to Determine Appropriate Probability Cutoff Point for Decision Making with Binary Target Models


Paper 128-2012:

 Gonzalez, Andres F.; Correa Bahnsen, Alejandro; Nieto, Ana C.; Amezquita, Darwin A.


Constructing a Credit Risk Scorecard Using Predictive Clusters


Paper 129-2012:

 Brown, Iain L.


An Experimental Comparison of Classification Techniques for Imbalanced Credit Scoring Data Sets Using SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 130-2012:

 Garla, Satish; Gaeth, Gary; Chakraborty, Goutam


Comparison of K-Means, Normal Mixtures and Probabilistic-D Clustering for B2B Segmentation Using Customers® Perceptions


Paper 131-2012:

 Sykes, Jenn


Predicting Electoral Outcomes with SAS® Sentiment Analysis and SAS® Forecast Studio


Paper 132-2012:

 Schubert, Sascha; Haller, Susan ; Lee, Taiyeong


It®s About Time: Discrete Time Survival Analysis using SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 133-2012:

 Hampton, Jessica


Dickens vs. Hemingway: Text Analysis and Readability Statistics in Base SAS®


Paper 134-2012:

 Rai, Kulwant


Combine Data Sets Using Inexact Character Variables in SAS®


Paper 135-2012:

 Shaik, Zubair; Garla, Satish; Chakraborty, Goutam


SAS® Since 1976: An Application of Text Mining to Reveal Trends


Paper 136-2012:

 Lakkaraju, Praveen; Sethi, Saratendu


Correlating the Analysis of Opinionated Texts Using SAS® Text Analytics with Application of Sabermetrics to Cricket Statistics


Paper 137-2012:

 Duling, David; Thompson, Wayne; Dean, Jared


A New Age of Data Mining in the High-Performance World


Financial Services   (Download entire section)

Paper 138-2012:

 Adkins, Tony; Cokins, Gary


Applying Analytics to High-Performance Customer Profitability Models in Financial Services


Paper 140-2012:

 Chen, Wei; Cai, Liping; Skoglund, Jimmy


Building an Optimal Execution Plan for Liquidity Management Using SAS®


Paper 141-2012:

 van Berkel, Anthony J.; Siddiqi, Naeem


Building WOE Binned LGD Scorecards using SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 142-2012:

 Huang, Ling


Using PROC GAM to Forecast Claims Reserves in the Runoff Triangles


Paper 143-2012:

 Xu, Ting; Qiu, Hao; Liu, Shibin


Global Risk Management: How SAS® Manages Financial Risk According to Diverse Financial Regulations


Paper 144-2012:

 York, John; Wong, Doris; Zaratsian, Dan


Becoming the Smartest Guys in the Room: An Analysis of the Enron Emails Using an Integration of Text Analytics and Case Management


Paper 435-2012:

 Ruotolo, James


Combating Insurance Claims Fraud


Hands-on Workshops   (Download entire section)

Paper 145-2012:

 Fecht, Marje; Dhillon, Rupinder


SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3: Finally a Programmer®s Tool


Paper 146-2012:

 Eberhardt, Peter; Kong, Louanna


The Armchair Quarterback: Writing SAS® Code for the Perfect Pivot (Table, That Is)


Paper 147-2012:

 Eberhardt, Peter


The SAS® Hash Object: It®s Time to .find() Your Way Around


Paper 148-2012:

 Villacorte, Renato


Go Beyond the Wizard with Data-Driven Programming


Paper 149-2012:

 Williams, Christianna


Queries, Joins, and WHERE Clauses, Oh My!! Demystifying PROC SQL


Paper 150-2012:

 DelGobbo, Vince


An Introduction to Creating Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®
Download ZIP file


Paper 151-2012:

 Carpenter, Art


Doing More with the SAS® Display Manager: From Editor to ViewTable - Options and Tools You Should Know


Paper 152-2012:

 De Mars, AnnMaria


SAS® Enterprise Guide® with SAS® On-Demand for Academics: Everything You Need to Know After ""It's Free""


Paper 153-2012:

 Matange, Sanjay


Quick Results with ODS Graphics Designer


Paper 154-2012:

 Kincaid, Chuck


Using SAS® ODS Graphics


Paper 155-2012:

 Waller, Jennifer


How to Perform and Interpret Chi-Square and T-Tests


Paper 156-2012:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Shajenko, Lessia S.




Paper 157-2012:

 Henderson, Don; Carpenter, Art


Taking Full Advantage of Your SAS® Site


Paper 158-2012:

 LeBouton, Kimberly


Getting Up to Speed with PROC REPORT


Operations Research   (Download entire section)

Paper 159-2012:

 Hughes, Ed; Chari, Manoj


New Features in SAS/OR® 12.1


Paper 160-2012:

 Miclaus, Kelci; Pratt, Rob; Galati, Matthew V.


The Traveling Salesman Traverses the Genome: Using SAS® Optimization in JMP® Genomics to build Genetic Maps


Paper 161-2012:

 Sadiq, Sabah


The Traveling Salesman Problem: Optimizing Delivery Routes Using Genetic Algorithms


Paper 162-2012:

 Rodriguez-Deniz, Hector


Using SAS® to Measure Airport Connectivity: An Application of Weighted Betweenness Centrality for the FAA National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)


Paper 163-2012:

 Wang, Wei; Li, Arthur


Comparing Stock Returns Forecasting Methods Using SAS®


Paper 164-2012:

 Dehnad, Khasha


Formation of Optimum Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Leveraging SAS/OR®


Paper 165-2012:

 Pease, Andrew S.


Bringing Optimization to the Business: Interfacing SAS/OR® with SAS® Stored Processes, Microsoft Excel, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Forecast Studio, and Microsoft Project


Pharma and Health Care Providers   (Download entire section)

Paper 167-2012:

 Kilhullen, Michael


Using Custom Data Standards in SAS® Clinical Data Integration


Paper 168-2012:

 Bagnell, Melissa E.; Powell, Teresa M.


Your ®Survival® Guide to Using Time-Dependent Covariates


Paper 169-2012:

 Duan, Rui


Using the SAS® ODS Report Writing Interface to Create Clinical Study Reports


Paper 170-2012:

 Purushothaman, Ramya


Practical Application of SAS® Capabilities for Pharma Goaling and Performance Review


Paper 171-2012:

 Handelsman, David


Applying Business Analytics to Optimize Clinical Research Operations


Paper 172-2012:

 Decker, Chris


Defining the Development Process and Governance of Implementing ADaM within an Organization


Paper 173-2012:

 Cui, Xiangchen ; Chen, Min


Automatic Consistency Checking of Controlled Terminology and Value Level Metadata between ADaM Datasets and Define.xml for FDA Submission


Paper 174-2012:

 Wang, Chunmao


SAS® Macros to Transpose SDTM Data Sets Automatically


Paper 175-2012:

 Han, Yanwei


Using SAS® Macros to Remediate Existing SDTM Data Sets for New Drug Application (NDA) Submission


Paper 176-2012:

 Gerlach, John R.; Thangavel, Ganesh Sankaran


A Standard SAS® Program for Corroborating OpenCDISC Error Messages


Paper 177-2012:

 VanPelt Nguyen, Sandra


SUPPQUAL®Where's My Mommy?


Paper 178-2012:

 Mengelbier, Magnus


Sharing SAS programs between PC, Server and SAS Drug Development


Paper 179-2012:

 Healy, Ian; Wong, Rocket


Automation of Paper-Based Medical Surveys Using the SAS® BI Platform ® Custom Web Forms for Real-Time Analysis


Paper 180-2012:

 deVille, Barry; Wolff, Mark


Error Reduction and Report Automation Approaches for Textually Dense Pharmaceutical Regulatory Conformance Incident Data


Paper 181-2012:

 Jones, Keith A.


Cluster Mapping of Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Groups for ICD-10 Conversions


Paper 182-2012:

 Liang, Qingfeng


SAS® Solutions Make HEDIS Measures Programming Easier


Paper 183-2012:

 Ogden, David C.


Physician Practice Pattern Variation: Using Data Mining and Predictive Modeling to Identify and Control Costly Treatment Patterns


Paper 184-2012:

 Yaraghi, Niam; Ye du, Anna; Sharman, Raj; Gopal, Ram; Ramesh, Ramaswamy ; Singh, Ranjit


Clustering Physicians Based on Professional Proximity Using SAS®


Planning and Support   (Download entire section)

Paper 185-2012:

 Raithel, Michael


Managing SAS® Technical Support in a Research Organization


Paper 186-2012:

 Koo, Ping Shung; Choy, Murphy


After Analytics, What®s Next?


Paper 187-2012:

 Augustine, Aaron J.


Successfully On-Boarding SAS® Analysts


Paper 188-2012:

 Fogleman, Stanley E.


What Is a SAS® Mentor and Why Do I Need One?


Paper 189-2012:

 Harper, Renee; Zender, Cynthia


Community Discovery: Best Tips and Features from Communities on SAS®


Paper 190-2012:

 Gilsen, Bruce


Tales from the Help Desk 5: Yet More Solutions for Common SAS® Mistakes


Paper 191-2012:

 Council, Kathy; Stewart, Larry; Harris, Annette


Services R Us


Paper 192-2012:

 Lafler, Kirk Paul; Shipp, Charles E.


Consulting: Critical Success Factors


Paper 193-2012:

 Reynolds, Robbie; Alt-Simmons, Rachel


Lean and Mean: Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve Your Analytic Processes


Paper 194-2012:

 Rhodes, Dianne Louise


The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as a Standard: Beyond the Documentation


Paper 195-2012:

 Line, Stetson


SAS® and Microsoft SharePoint: Project and Resource Management Tools and Techniques for Large, Globally Distributed Programming Teams


Paper 196-2012:

 Pruitt, Rex


SAS® User Groups: Why? How?


Posters   (Download entire section)

Paper 197-2012:

 King, Simon J.; Daniels, Aaron; Warwick, Jacob


®A Week in the Life®: A Visual Analysis of Internet Use by School-Age Students


Paper 198-2012:

 Okerson, Barbara


A Corporate SAS® Community of Support


Paper 199-2012:

 Gilsen, Bruce


A SAS® Tip-of-the-Day Web Page on an Intranet


Paper 200-2012:

 Nakkeeran, Karthik; Garla, Satish; Chakraborty, Goutam


Application of Time Series Clustering Using SAS® Enterprise Miner® for a Retail Chain


Paper 201-2012:

 Tavakoli, Abbas S.; Cai, Bo; Snyder, Rita; Huynh, Nathan


Calculating Multi-Rater Observation Agreement in Health Care Research Using the SAS® Kappa Statistic


Paper 202-2012:

 Milum, Jenine


Creating a Report in the SAS® Information Delivery Portal Using SAS® Information Maps


Paper 203-2012:

 Canonizado, Katrina E.; Murphy, Matthew


Creating Pharmacokinetic Graphs Using SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 204-2012:

 Faron, Michael; Chakraborty, Goutam


Easily Add Significance Testing to your Market Basket Analysis in SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 205-2012:

 Cui, Xiangchen ; Liu, Hongyu; Pakalapati, Tathabbai


Examples of Building Traceability in CDISC ADaM Datasets for FDA Submission


Paper 206-2012:

 Krutsick, Robert


Finding the Winning Combination: An Application of Multivariate Testing from Digital Marketing


Paper 207-2012:

 Del Rosario, Allan; Mefford, Jennifer


Getting Started with ODS: Generating Formatted Reports Using the ExcelXP Tagset


Paper 208-2012:

 Wu, Yi-Fang


How Test Length and Sample Size Have an Impact on the Standard Errors for IRT True Score Equating: Integrating SAS® and Other Software


Paper 209-2012:

 Song, Ning; Liu, Jiawen; Chakraborty, Goutam; Anstead, James A.


Investigating Host Plant Resistance to Aphid Feeding through SAS® Text Miner


Paper 210-2012:

 Gloudemans, Julie A.; Owens, Corina M.; Kromrey, Jeffrey


MV_META: A SAS® Macro for Multivariate Meta-Analysis


Paper 211-2012:

 Hantsch, Joseph J.; Stuelpner, Janet


One at a Time; Producing Patient Profiles and Narratives


Paper 212-2012:

 Koo, Ping Shung


Perils of Ignoring Social Media


Paper 213-2012:

 Williams, Christianna; Hadden, Louise S.


Programming the Provider Previews: Extreme Reporting in SAS®


Paper 214-2012:

 Hadden, Louise S.; Williams, Christianna


Put a Little Zip in Your SAS® Program


Paper 215-2012:

 Boase, Jonathan; Kros, Donald E.


The Path to Developing Your Organization's SAS® Skills


Paper 216-2012:

 Wong, JuYin Helen


Using PHREG for Model Selection to Explore the Time Taking Immigrants in the GB to Find First Employment and Cross Validating Frailty Terms


Paper 217-2012:

 Battiston, Christopher


Wake Up Your Data with Graph'n'Go


Programming: Beyond the Basics   (Download entire section)

Paper 218-2012:

 Shamlin, David


Tales of SAS® 9.3: A Collection of Uses


Paper 219-2012:

 Davis, Scott


What to Do with a Regular Expression


Paper 220-2012:

 Cox, Thomas W.


Advanced XML Processing with SAS® 9.3


Paper 222-2012:

 Manickam, Airaha Chelvakkanthan


Interesting Technical Mini-Bytes of Base SAS®®From DATA Steps to Macros


Paper 223-2012:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Viergever, William W.


Straight from Memory: ADDR, PEEK, POKE as SAS Programming Tools


Paper 224-2012:

 Correa Bahnsen, Alejandro; Amezquita, Darwin A.; Gonzalez, Andres F.


Parallel Computing in SAS®: Genetic Algorithms Application


Paper 225-2012:

 Suoh, Setsuo C.


Sudoku-Solving System by SAS®


Paper 226-2012:

 Dunn, Toby; Lafler, Kirk Paul


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Paper 227-2012:

 Secosky, Jason


Executing a PROC from a DATA Step


Paper 228-2012:

 Li, Arthur


Is Your Failed Macro Due to Misjudged ®Timing®?


Paper 229-2012:

 Hamilton, Jack


What Do You Mean, Not Everyone Is Like Me: Writing Programs for Others to Run


Paper 230-2012:

 Karafa, Matthew T.


Macro Coding Tips and Tricks to Avoid "PEBCAK" Errors


Paper 231-2012:

 Crawford, Peter; Oltsik, Myra A.


Solve the SAS® ODS Data Trap in PROC MEANS


Paper 232-2012:

 Ventura, Audrey


Getting to the Good Part of Data Analysis: Data Access, Manipulation, and Customization Using JMP®


Paper 233-2012:

 Poulsen, Rachel; Chakravarthy, Raghunathan


Seamless Reporting Automation through the Integration of JMP®, SAS®, and VBA


Paper 234-2012:

 Kincaid, Chuck; Fuller, Jack E.


SG Techniques: Telling the Story Even Better!


Paper 235-2012:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Comparison of SAS® Graphic Alternatives, Old and New


Paper 236-2012:

 Kasper, Craig


Implementing Control Selection Using Hash Tables: A Case Study


Paper 237-2012:

 First, Steven


The SAS® Log: A Wealth of Data and Job Flow Information


Paper 238-2012:

 Tabachneck, Arthur S.; King, John; Derby, Nate; Herbison, Randy; DeVenezia, Richard; Powell, Ben


Copy and Paste Almost Anything


Paper 239-2012:

 Hermansen, Sigurd


Optimizing That Which ®®cannot be optimized®.® Superfast SAS 9.2 + Searches and Fuzzy Linkage of Large Data Sets


Paper 240-2012:

 Drutar, Michael


®There®s an App for That®: It®s Called SAS® ODS! Mobile Data Entry and Reporting via SAS ODS


Paper 433-2012:

 Kastin, Matthew J.; Tabachneck, Arthur S.


Yet Another Sudoku Solver, PROC FCMP


Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals   (Download entire section)

Paper 241-2012:

 Cody, Ronald


A Survey of Some of the Most Useful SAS® Functions


Paper 242-2012:

 Carpenter, Art


PROC REPORT Basics: Getting Started with the Primary Statements


Paper 243-2012:

 Karp, Andrew


My Friend, the SAS® Format


Paper 244-2012:

 Buck, Debbie


SAS® Dates: Facts, Formats, and Functions


Paper 245-2012:

 Langston, Rick


Using the New Features in PROC FORMAT


Paper 246-2012:

 Li, Arthur


Simplifying Effective Data Transformation via PROC TRANSPOSE


Paper 247-2012:

 Droogendyk, Harry


Moving Data and Results Between SAS® and Microsoft Excel


Paper 248-2012:

 Mullin, Charles E.; Russell, Kevin


Why Does SAS® Say That? What Common DATA Step and Macro Messages Are Trying to Tell You


Paper 249-2012:

 Cohen, John J.


A Tutorial on the SAS® Macro Language


Paper 250-2012:

 Zender, Cynthia


Where®s the LISTING Window? Using the New Results Viewer in SAS® 9.3


Paper 251-2012:

 Lafler, Kirk Paul


Exploring DATA Step Merges and PROC SQL Joins


Paper 252-2012:

 Bost, Christopher J.


Selecting All Observations When Any Observation Is of Interest


Paper 253-2012:

 Zhao, Yi


Import and Output XML Files with SAS®


Paper 254-2012:

 Bouedo, Mickael


Write Once, Run Anywhere! How to Make Your SAS® Application Speak Many Languages


Paper 255-2012:

 Johnson, Jim


The Use and Abuse of the Program Data Vector


Paper 256-2012:

 Cochran, Ben T.


BIG Money PROC TABULATE®Generating Great Reports with the TABULATE Procedure


Paper 257-2012:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Leave Your Bad Code Behind: 50 Ways to Make Your SAS® Code Execute More Efficiently


Paper 258-2012:

 Pool, Gary


Common Sense SAS® - Documenting and Structuring Your Code


Paper 259-2012:

 Delwiche, Lora; Slaughter, Susan


Graphing Made Easy with SG Procedures


Paper 260-2012:

 Huntley, Scott; Middleton, Woody


A Different Point of View with ODS PDF in SAS® 9.3


Reporting and Information Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 261-2012:

 Kalt, Mike; Zender, Cynthia


At the Crossroads: How to Decide on Your Graphics Path


Paper 262-2012:

 Watts, Perry; Derby, Nate


Using SAS® GTL to Visualize Your Data When There Is Too Much of It to Visualize


Paper 263-2012:

 Osborne, Anastasiya M.


Faking Esri ArcGIS Maps in SAS®


Paper 264-2012:

 Wainwright-Zimmerman, Andrea


Quick and Dirty Microsoft Excel Workbooks without Dynamic Data Exchange or the SAS® Output Delivery System


Paper 265-2012:

 Shapiro, Mira


Making Your SAS® Data JMP® Through Hoops


Paper 266-2012:

 Fu, Jizhou; Zhang, Yanwei


Visualizing Spatial Data Using SAS® and Google Static Maps


Paper 267-2012:

 Hebbar, Prashant


Off the Beaten Path: Create Unusual Graphs with GTL
Download ZIP file


Paper 268-2012:

 Karp, Andrew


Creating the Perfect Plot with PROCs EXPAND and SGPLOT: The Dynamic Duo of Time Series Display


Paper 269-2012:

 Choy, Murphy


Sparklines in the DATA Step Graphics Interface from SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 270-2012:

 Hill, Melissa E.; Kezik, Julie M.


Mix and Match: Diversity in Displaying Data


Paper 271-2012:

 Thornton, Patrick


Essential SAS® ODS PDF


Paper 273-2012:

 Smith, Kevin


ODS Document from Scratch


Paper 274-2012:

 Crawford, Peter


SAS/FSP® Provides the Best Customizable Form Viewer


Paper 275-2012:

 Hall, Johnston P.; Snyder, Ryan


Let the Data Paint the Picture: Data-Driven, Interactive, and Animated Visualizations Using SAS®, Java and the Processing Graphics Library


Paper 276-2012:

 Stetz, Cynthia


Multisheet Workbooks Using the ODS Excelxp Tagset


Paper 277-2012:

 Shipp, Charles E.; Lafler, Kirk Paul


Proficiency in JMP® Advanced Visualization


Paper 278-2012:

 Khoo, Jonathon; Koo, Ping Shung


Hyperslicing with SAS®


Paper 279-2012:

 Summers, Ed; Allison, Robert; Langston, Julianna; Cowley, Jennifer


Using SAS/GRAPH® to Create Visualizations That Also Support Tactile and Auditory Interaction


Paper 280-2012:

 Chen, Kathy


Innovative Uses of ODS and GTL


Paper 282-2012:

 VanBuskirk, Julie; Harper, Jennifer S.


Traffic Lighting: The Next Generation


Paper 283-2012:

 Chung, Kevin


An Automatic Approach to Creating a Data Dictionary in SharePoint Using SAS®


Paper 284-2012:

 Massengill, Darrell; Phillips, Jeff; Tobias, Randy


Together at Last: Spatial Analysis and SAS® Mapping
Download ZIP file


Paper 285-2012:

 Pratt, Jesse M.


The Graph Template Language: Beyond the SAS/GRAPH® Procedures


Paper 389-2012:

 Shan, Xia K.


Make an Appropriate Page Break in a PDF When Using PROC REPORT


Retail   (Download entire section)

Paper 286-2012:

 Shive, Wanda; Mouton, Dwight J.


Improving Retail Decisions with Customer Analytics: Leveraging Actionable Customer Insights to Build Sales and Profits


Paper 287-2012:

 Devine, Kerri; Markey, Elaine


SAS® Retail Planning 7.2 Demonstration


Paper 288-2012:

 Gupta, Saurabh; Kumar, Deva


Retail Solutions Update


Paper 419-2012:

 Clouse, Amy


SAS® Integrated Merchandise Planning Round Table


Paper 420-2012:

 Plaskas, Carrie


SAS® Markdown Optimization for Retail Round Table


Paper 421-2012:

 Chopra, Manoj


SAS® Regular Price Optimization Solution: Customer Case Study


Paper 422-2012:

 Ferguson, Ann; Sanders, Scott; Stewart, Wesley


Really? Don®t Trust Your Gut with Assortment Planning


Paper 423-2012:

 Eddy, Dave


SAS Promotional Price Optimization Solution: A Customer Case Study


Paper 432-2012:

 Soria, Alexander


Understanding impact of social media on online retail


SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage   (Download entire section)

Paper 289-2012:

 Shapiro, Mira; Lafler, Kirk Paul


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® to Coax Your Excel Data Into SAS®


Paper 290-2012:

 Milbuta, Scott A.


Converting Complex Microsoft Access Database Reporting Systems Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 292-2012:

 Burke, Michael R.; Fu, I-kong B.


Finding Your Inner Query with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 293-2012:

 Wang, Ying


The Alarm Effect of Statistical Process Control Process in Automotives Manufacturing


Paper 294-2012:

 Schacherer, Christopher W.


Take a Fresh Look at SAS® Enterprise Guide®: From Point-and-Click Ad Hocs to Robust Enterprise Solutions


Paper 295-2012:

 Zhang, Guangzhi; Guo, Xing


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® As a Powerful Regulating Weapon


Paper 296-2012:

 Sullivan, Linda; Borjesson, Ulf M.; Collado, Evangeline; Murray, Maureen


Case Study: Implementing and Administering SAS® Enterprise Guide® across the Enterprise as a Solution for Data Access Security


Paper 297-2012:

 Smith, Casey


Best Practices for Administering SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 298-2012:

 Hemedinger, Chris


Not Just for Scheduling: Doing More with SAS® Enterprise Guide® Automation


Paper 299-2012:

 Tabladillo, Mark


Regular Expressions in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 300-2012:

 Sarker, Rahman


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® the Same Way as Base SAS® and More


Paper 301-2012:

 First, Steven; First, Jennifer F.


Productivity Tips for SAS® Enterprise Guide® Users


Paper 302-2012:

 Chitale, Anand V.; Clover, Lina


Up Close and Personal with SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


SAS® Futures   (Download entire section)

Paper 390-2012:

 Rubendall, Craig; Stephens, Robert A.


A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Computing with SAS®


Paper 391-2012:

 Nori, Murali K.


Empowering SAS® Enterprise Application with Collaboration and Search


Paper 392-2012:

 Shamlin, David; Plemmons, Howard; Rausch, Nancy; Langston, Rick; Ames, Michael


Capitalizing on SAS® and Hadoop


Paper 393-2012:

 Cohen, Robert; Rodriguez, Robert N.


High-Performance Statistical Modeling


Paper 394-2012:

 Schneider, Mark


The Future of SAS® Deployment: From MSI Packages to Web-Based Control


Paper 395-2012:

 Schmiedl, Ryan; Ames, Michael; Thompson, Wayne


Decision Management, Speed, and Agility


Paper 396-2012:

 Cox, James; Sethi, Saratendu; Foley, Richard


User-Assisted Modeling: How SAS® Text Analytics Will Help You Pinpoint Data of Interest


Paper 397-2012:

 Secosky, Jason


The New SAS® Programming Language: DS2


SAS® IT Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 386-2012:

 Vaughn, Scott; LeHong, Hung; Nist, Pauline ; King, Gary


How Analytics Can Help Turn IT Into True Business Results Drivers


Paper 387-2012:

 Harris, Bryan; Dunn, Jessica


Analytic Infrastructure Design Considerations


Paper 388-2012:

 Day, Gavin; Campbell, Scot


Information Management Strategy


SAS® Workshop Series   (Download entire section)

Paper 398-2012:

 Vitron, Christine


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 399-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1


Paper 400-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Basics


Paper 401-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


Paper 402-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Advanced


Paper 403-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: Creating SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 404-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: Creating SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 405-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Basics


Paper 406-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


Paper 407-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Advanced


Paper 408-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1


Paper 409-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: DataFlux® Data Management Studio Basics


Paper 410-2012:

 Vitron, Christine


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 411-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: Creating SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 412-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1


Paper 413-2012:

 Vitron, Christine


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 414-2012:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: DataFlux® Data Management Studio


Paper 415-2012:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


Social Media and Networking   (Download entire section)

Paper 303-2012:

 Battiston, Christopher


SAS Social Media or How I Learned to Love the Blog


Paper 304-2012:

 deVille, Barry; Bawa, Gurpreet S.


Topic Discovery, Tracking, and Characterization of Social Media Conversations for Point of Origin and Dissemination Discovery


Paper 305-2012:

 Shipp, Charles E.; Lafler, Kirk Paul


Connect with SAS® Professionals around the World with LinkedIn and


Paper 306-2012:

 Duraidhayalu, Hari Hara Sudhan; Garla, Satish; Chakraborty, Goutam


Analyzing Sentiments in Tweets about Wal-Mart®s Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Verdict Using SAS® Text Miner


Paper 307-2012:

 Case, Todd


Social Media and Networking: The Ins and Outs


Paper 308-2012:

 Koo, Ping Shung; Choy, Murphy


Using Facebook to Engage SAS® Users


Paper 309-2012:

 Blomberg, Jodi


Twitter and Facebook Analysis: It®s Not Just for Marketing Anymore


Paper 310-2012:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Social Media Panel


Statistics and Data Analysis   (Download entire section)

Paper 312-2012:

 Allison, Paul D.


Handling Missing Data by Maximum Likelihood


Paper 313-2012:

 Stokes, Maura; Chen, Fang; Yuan, Yang C.; Cai, Weijie


Look Out: After SAS/STAT® 9.3 Comes SAS/STAT 12.1!


Paper 314-2012:

 Lanehart, Rheta E.; Rodriguez de Gil, Patricia; Kim, Eun Sook; Bellara, Aarti P.; Kromrey, Jeffrey; Lee, Reginald


Propensity Score Analysis and Assessment of Propensity Score Approaches Using SAS® Procedures


Paper 315-2012:

 Agravat, Manoj B.


Effect Modification, Confounding,Hazard Ratio, Distribution Analysis, and Probability of Non-normal Data for Head Neck Cancer


Paper 316-2012:

 Petit-Bois, Merlande; Pham, Thanh V.; Baek, Eun Kyeng; Kromrey, Jeffrey


A SAS® Macro for Computing Point Estimates and Confidence Intervals of Effect Sizes Associated with Mediation Analysis


Paper 317-2012:

 Liu, Dachao


Using SAS® to Extend Logistic Regression


Paper 318-2012:

 Christian, Blair; Ransdell, Bucky


Monitoring the Variation in Your Multivariate Process: An Introduction to the MVPMODEL and MVPMONITOR Procedures


Paper 319-2012:

 Schwartz, Theresa; Zeig-Owens, Rachel


Knowledge (of Your Missing Data) Is Power: Handling Missing Values in Your SAS Data Set


Paper 320-2012:

 Miller, Lori L.; Wilds, Fred


Using SAS® PROC MIXED to Fit Health Policy-Based Hierarchical Models


Paper 322-2012:

 Lew, Robert; Wu, Hongsheng


A Simple Way to Program Power Calculations


Paper 323-2012:

 Gao, Yubo


A Bootstrapped Kappa Statistic for a Multiple-Rater Multiple-Category Problem


Paper 324-2012:

 Arnold, Tim; Kuhfeld, Warren


Using SAS® and LaTeX to Create Documents with Reproducible Results


Paper 325-2012:

 Swearingen, Christopher J.; Melguizo, Maria S.; Bursac, Zoran


Inflated Beta Regression: Zero, One, and Everything in Between


Paper 326-2012:

 McCormack, Don


Making Exploration of Nonlinear Models Fast and Easy Using JMP® 10


Paper 327-2012:

 Sall, John


Speeding Up Discovery


Paper 328-2012:

 Kessler, David; McDowell, Allen


Introducing the FMM Procedure for Finite Mixture Models


Paper 329-2012:

 Corliss, David J.


Dynamically Evolving Systems: Cluster Analysis Using Time


Paper 330-2012:

 Steinberg, Jonathan


Exploring the Dimensionality of Large-Scale Standardized Educational Assessments Using PROC FACTOR


Paper 331-2012:

 Suhr, Diana


Exploratory Factor Analysis with the World Values Survey


Paper 332-2012:

 Kiernan, Kathleen; Tao, Jill; Gibbs, Phil


Tips and Strategies for Mixed Modeling with SAS/STAT® Procedures


Paper 333-2012:

 Ngo, Theresa H.


The Steps to Follow in a Multiple Regression Analysis


Paper 335-2012:

 Yang, Dongsheng; Dalton, Jarrod E.


Standardized Difference: An Index to Measure the Effect Size between Two Groups


Paper 336-2012:

 Zhao, Wuchen; Li, Arthur


A Generalized Approach to Estimating Sample Sizes


Paper 337-2012:

 Dickey, David


Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Examples


Paper 338-2012:

 Fisher, Thomas J.


Weighted Portmanteau Tests Revisited: Detecting Heteroscedasticity, Fitting Nonlinear and Multivariate Time Series


Paper 339-2012:

 Milh®j, Anders


Analyzing the Time Series of U.S. E-Commerce Using PROC UCM


Paper 340-2012:

 Sa-Ngasoongsong, Akkarapol; Bukkapatnam, Satish T.


Variable Selection for Multivariate Cointegrated Time Series Prediction with PROC VARCLUS in SAS® Enterprise Miner® 7.1


Paper 341-2012:

 Blair, Ed; Leonard, Michael J.; Elsheimer, Bruce


Combined Forecasts: What to Do When One Model Isn't Good Enough


Paper 342-2012:

 Holdaway, Keith R.


Let Oil and Gas Talk to You: Predicting Production Performance


Paper 343-2012:

 Lohr, Sharon


Using SAS® for the Design, Analysis, and Visualization of Complex Surveys


Paper 344-2012:

 Lin, Guixian; So, Ying C.; Johnston, Gordon


Analyzing Survival Data with Competing Risks Using SAS® Software


Paper 345-2012:

 Novotny, Paul J.; Tan, Angelina; Foster, Nathan R.; Sloan, Jeff


SAS® Tools for Cost-Effective and High-Quality Clinical Trial Reporting


Paper 346-2012:

 Hopkins, Michelle


Deep Dive into the PIM and DDI Data


Paper 347-2012:

 Chapman, David D.


Selecting Unrestricted and Simple Random With Replacement Samples Using Base SAS and PROC SURVEYSELECT


Paper 348-2012:

 Nadimpalli, Varma; Hubbell, Katie


Simplifying the Analysis of Complex Survey Data Using the SAS® Survey Analysis Procedures


Paper 349-2012:

 Berglund, Patricia


Enhanced Data Analysis Using SAS® ODS Graphics and Statistical Graphics


Paper 350-2012:

 Baecke, Philippe; Van den Poel, Dirk


Including the Salesperson Effect in Purchasing Behavior Models Using PROC GLIMMIX


Paper 351-2012:

 Immadi, Manoj K.


Kass Adjustments in Decision Trees on Binary/Interval Target


Paper 352-2012:

 Witelson, Shira


Wallet and Share of Wallet Estimation: A Flexible Methodology


Paper 353-2012:

 Srivastava, Anurag G.; Suklani, Vikram D.; Karnavat, Pranav


Measuring Consumer Involvement Profiles as a Second-Order Construct Using SAS® PROC CALIS


Paper 418-2012:

 Gardiner, Joseph C.


Modeling Heavy-Tailed Distributions in Healthcare Utilization by Parametric and Bayesian Methods


Paper 426-2012:

 Elkin, Eric P.


Are You in Need of Validation? Psychometric Evaluation of Questionnaires Using SAS®


Paper 427-2012:

 Elkin, Eric P.


Beyond Binary Outcomes: PROC LOGISTIC to Model Ordinal and Nominal Dependent Variables


Paper 430-2012:

 LaLonde, Steven M.


Transforming Variables for Normality and Linearity: When, How, Why, and Why Nots


Systems Architecture and Administration   (Download entire section)

Paper 354-2012:

 Bennett, Donna; Leslie, Shannon; Losh, Jason; Schneider, Mark; Stovic, Jane


Zen and the Art of SAS Maintenance: Maintaining and Upgrading a Well-Oiled SAS Deployment


Paper 355-2012:

 Agrawal, Gaurav K.


SAS® In-Database Capability: Smart Architecture


Paper 356-2012:

 Bessler, LeRoy; Andruskevitch, Victor L.


Another Way to Use SAS® to Monitor SAS or a SAS Server: A Tool for the User, Server Administrator, or Manager


Paper 357-2012:

 Lafler, Kirk Paul


Top Ten SAS® Performance Tuning Techniques


Paper 358-2012:

 Park, Heesun


Security Hardening for SAS® 9.3 Enterprise BI Web Applications


Paper 359-2012:

 Liotus, Laura


Schedule Your SAS® Jobs and Go with the Flow: Maximize the Use of SAS with the Platform Suite


Paper 360-2012:

 Shakshober, Douglas; Marson, Barry; Guerette, Mike


Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Optimizing Your SAS® Deployments


Paper 362-2012:

 Ferrari, Jim; Olvera, Juan P.


Integrating SAS with ERwin to Capture Design and Business Metadata


Paper 363-2012:

 Crevar, Margaret; Brown, Tony


Guidelines for Preparing Your Computer Systems for SAS®


Paper 364-2012:

 Nelson, Gregory


Serving SAS®: A Visual Guide to SAS® Servers


Paper 365-2012:

 Mengelbier, Magnus


Simple Version Control of SAS Programs and SAS Data Sets


Paper 366-2012:

 Crevar, Margaret


Logging 101: Leveraging the SAS® 9.3 Enhanced Logging Facility


Paper 367-2012:

 Kumbhakarna, Viraj R.; Katare, Anurag


A Hitchhiker's Guide for Performance Assessment and Benchmarking SAS® Applications


Paper 368-2012:

 Luo, Danni; Bianchi, David; Bogacz, Stephen; Dorfner, Greg


Practice on the SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server Configuration for Maximum Performance


Paper 369-2012:

 Whitesel, Brent; Hall, Angela


Leveraging an Upgrade to Improve Metadata


Paper 370-2012:

 Granger, Erwan


RTM and SASGSUB, the Power to Know® What Your Grid Is Doing


Paper 371-2012:

 Baars, Frank; Nijsen, Edwin


How to Administer a 9,000-User Community on a Multiple SAS® Metadata Environment


Paper 372-2012:

 Huggins, Steve


Customizing SAS® OQ to Provide Business Specific Testing of SAS Installations and Updates


Paper 373-2012:

 Mott, Andrew


The Top Five Migration Considerations for Success


Paper 374-2012:

 Bresson, Christopher; Flis, Marty


Using Dynamic Views as a Supplement to SAS® Security to Enhance Multiple Levels of Access Requirements to Row-Level Data Upon SAS Server Startup


Paper 375-2012:

 Augustine, Bob; Marson, Barry


Utilize Red Hat Kernel Virtual Machine to Enable Your Development and Test Environment to Peacefully Co-Exist with Your Production Environment


Paper 376-2012:

 Hatcher, Diane


Evolution of Best Practices for Metadata Change Control in SAS® 9


Paper 377-2012:

 Overton, Stephen M.


Automagically Herding 101 SAS® Users from Microsoft Active Directory to SAS Metadata


Paper 378-2012:

 Ye, Qing; Nardin, Richard; Williams, Romon


From Solo to Symphony: Scale Service Up Using Multiple Stored-Process Server Clusters


Paper 416-2012:

 Augustine, Bob


Storage 101: Understanding Storage for SAS® Applications


Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment   (Download entire section)

Paper 379-2012:

 Dietz, Alex; Osborn, Natalie G.; Sanli, Tugrul


Are You Awash in the Sea of Competitive Price Intelligence? Let Analytics Be Your Life Raft


Paper 381-2012:

 Darwish, Ahmed; Goklani, Sunil


Revenue Assurance: Using SAS® to Identify Revenue Leakages


Paper 382-2012:

 Yu, Haining; Zahrn, Frederick C.; Chu, Hai D.


Implementation of a Restaurant Revenue Management System at Walt Disney World


Paper 383-2012:

 Kaduwela, Vijitha


Leveraging Analytics in Transportation to Create Business Value


Paper 384-2012:

 Dietz, Alex; Osborn, Natalie G.; Sanli, Tugrul


Factoring Upgrades into Overbooking Decisions for Hotels and Casinos