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Applications Development Foundations and Fundamentals Quick Tips
Beyond the Basics Hands-on Workshops Reporting and Information Visualization
Business Intelligence Applications IT Management Retail
Customer Intelligence Operations Research SAS® and Big Data
Data Management Pharma and Health Care SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage
Data Mining and Text Analytics Planning and Support SAS® Futures
Financial Services Poster and Video Presentations Statistics and Data Analysis
    Systems Architecture and Administration

Applications Development   (Download entire section)

Paper 001-2013:

 William Roehl, MarketShare


Floating on Cloud 9.3: Leveraging the Cloud with SAS® and Google Drive


Paper 003-2013:

 Chris Hemedinger, SAS


Create Your Own Client Apps Using SAS® Integration Technologies


Paper 004-2013:

 Stijn Vanderlooy, EDF Luminus


Fueling the Future of an Energy Company


Paper 005-2013:

 Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants ; Mary Rosenbloom, Edwards Lifesciences, LLC


Macro Quoting to the Rescue: Passing Special Characters


Paper 007-2013:

 Charley Jiang, University of Michigan ; James Lepkowski, University of Michigan ; James Wagner, University of Michigan ; Richard Valliant, University of Michigan


Line-Sampling Macro for Multistage Sampling


Paper 008-2013:

 Michael Hecht, SAS


Tips and Techniques for Moving SAS® Data to JMP® Graph Builder for iPad®


Paper 009-2013:

 Michael Weiss, Bayer Pharma AG


MACUMBA: Modern SAS® GUI Debugging Made Easy


Paper 010-2013:

 William Benjamin, Owl Computer Consultancy LLC


Give the Power of SAS® to Excel Users Without Making Them Write SAS Code


Paper 011-2013:

 Andrew Ratcliffe,


Automated Testing of Your SAS® Code and Collation of Results (Using Hash Tables)


Paper 012-2013:

 Xiyun (Cheryl) Wang, Statistics Canada


A Metadata-Driven Programming Technique Using SAS®


Paper 013-2013:

 Eric Vandervort, Rho


Knowing When to Start, Where You Are, and How Far You Need to Go: Customized Software Tracks Project Workflow, Deliverables, and Communication


Paper 014-2013:

 Andrew Cathie, SAS ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Satish Garla, SAS


Extension Node to the Rescue of the Curse of Dimensionality via Weight of Evidence (WOE) Recoding


Paper 015-2013:

 Dan O'Connor, SAS


Take Home the ODS Crown Jewels: Master the New Production Features of ODS LAYOUT and Report Writing Interface Techniques


Paper 016-2013:

 Robert Springborn, Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development


Set Yourself Free: Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS®, Part II SAS Code Revealed


Paper 017-2013:

 Chevell Parker, SAS


The SAS® Output Delivery System: Boldly Take Your Web Pages Where They Have Never Gone Before!


Paper 018-2013:

 Mike Maier, Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services


Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) for Outcome Measures of Workers? Compensation Benefits


Paper 019-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Pankush Kalgotra, Oklahoma State University ; Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University


Predictive Modeling in Sports Leagues: An Application in the Indian Premier League


Paper 505-2013:

 Xiyun (Cheryl) Wang, Statistics Canada ; Yves Deguire, Statistics Canada


Using PROC FCMP in SAS® System Development: Real Examples


Paper 539-2013:

 Mark Pallone, Intel Corporation


SAS® Analytics Optimized with Intel Technologies


Beyond the Basics   (Download entire section)

Paper 020-2013:

 Matt Karafa, The Cleveland Clinic


Using the SAS® Data Step to Generate HTML or Text-Based Mark-Up


Paper 021-2013:

 Joseph Hinson, MERCK


The Hash-of-Hashes as a "Russian Doll" Structure: An Example with XML Creation


Paper 022-2013:

 Brad Richardson, SAS


Optimize Your Delete


Paper 023-2013:

 Erik Tilanus, Synchrona


Using Mail Functionality in SAS®


Paper 024-2013:

 Bill McNeill, SAS


The Ins and Outs of Web-Based Data with SAS®
Download ZIP file


Paper 025-2013:

 Mickael Bouedo, SAS ; Steve Beatrous, SAS


Internationalization 101: Give Some International Flavor to Your SAS® Applications


Paper 026-2013:

 Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc ; Xiaojin Qin, Covance Pharmaceutical Research and Development CO., Ltd.


ISO 101: A SAS® Guide to International Dating


Paper 027-2013:

 Christopher Boniface, U.S. Census Bureau ; Hung Pham, U.S. Census Bureau ; Nora Szeto, U.S. Census Bureau


Census Retires PROC COMPUTAB


Paper 028-2013:

 Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group


Be Prompt: Do it Now! Creating and Using Prompts in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 029-2013:

 Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants


"How Do I ...?" There Is More Than One Way to Solve That Problem; Why Continuing to Learn Is So Important


Paper 030-2013:

 Brian Varney, Experis Business Analytics


Inventory Your Files Using SAS®


Paper 031-2013:

 Bruce Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board


This Is the Modern World: Simple, Overlooked SAS® Enhancements


Paper 032-2013:

 Rick Langston, SAS


Submitting SAS® Code on the Side


Paper 033-2013:

 Dylan Ellis, Mathematica Policy Research


RUN_MACRO Run! With PROC FCMP and the RUN_MACRO Function from SAS® 9.2, Your SAS® Programs Are All Grown Up


Paper 034-2013:

 Bruce Lund, Marketing Associates, LLC ; Steven Raimi, Magnify Analytic Solutions


A Flock of C-Stats, or Efficiently Computing Multiple Statistics for Hundreds of Variables


Paper 036-2013:

 Kevin McGowan, SAS


Big Data, Fast Processing Speeds


Paper 037-2013:

 David Corliss, Magnify Analytic Solutions


Maximizing the Power of Hash Tables


Paper 038-2013:

 Philip Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd


Creating Graph Collections with Consistent Colors Using ODS Graphics?


Paper 039-2013:

 Bari Lawhorn, SAS


Renovating Your SAS® 9.3 ODS Output: Tools for Everything from Minor Remodeling to Extreme Makeovers


Paper 040-2013:

 Pete Lund, Looking Glass Analytics


Have it Your Way: Creating Reports with the DATA Step Report Writing Interface


Paper 041-2013:

 Tim Hunter, SAS


A First Look at the ODS Destination for PowerPoint


Paper 042-2013:

 Mitchell Weiss, Maguire Associates ; Scott Koval, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.


Can You Create Another PowerPoint for Me? How to Use Base SAS® and DDE to Automate Snappy PowerPoint Presentations


Paper 538-2013:

 Arthur Tabachneck, myQNA, Inc. ; Joe Whitehurst, High Impact Technologies ; Robert Virgile, Robert Virgile Associates, Inc. ; Xia Keshan, Chinese Financial electrical company


A Better Way to Flip (Transpose) a SAS® Data Set


Business Intelligence Applications   (Download entire section)

Paper 043-2013:

 Angela Hall, SAS ; Tricia Aanderud, And Data Inc


Stop your 'Wine?-ing: Use a Stored Process!


Paper 044-2013:

 Matt Bogard, Western Kentucky University


A Data-Driven Analytic Strategy for Increasing Yield and Retention at Western Kentucky University Using SAS Enterprise BI and SAS® Enterprise Miner?


Paper 045-2013:

 James Beaver, Farm Bureau Bank


Using SAS® BI for Integrated Bank Reporting


Paper 046-2013:

 Michael Drutar, SAS


SAS® Stored Processes Are Goin? Mobile!: Creating and Delivering Mobile-Enabled Versions of Stored Process Reports


Paper 047-2013:

 Stephen Overton, Overton Technologies LLC


Escape from Big Data Restrictions by Leveraging Advanced OLAP Cube Techniques


Paper 048-2013:

 Plinio Faria, Bradesco


How to Automate Security Filters for SAS® OLAP Cubes Using Users Groups Information Available in SAS® Management Console


Paper 049-2013:

 Alicia Betsinger, Office of Strategic Initiatives, UT System ; Annette Royal, The University of Texas System


From Factbook to Dashboard in T Minus No Time and Counting!


Paper 050-2013:

 Bharat Trivedi, SAS ; Christiana Lycan, SAS


Linking Strategy Data in BI Applications


Paper 051-2013:

 Malcolm Alexander, SAS ; Sam Atassi, SAS


Self-Service Data Management: Visual Data Builder


Paper 052-2013:

 David Shubert, SAS


Data Entry in SAS® Strategy Management: A New, Better User (and Manager) Experience


Paper 053-2013:

 Murali Nori, SAS


How Mobile Changes the BI Experience


Paper 054-2013:

 Hong Jiang, Deloitte


Versatile Global Prompting for SAS® Web Report Studio


Paper 055-2013:

 Bernt Dingstad, If Insurance


How to List All Users That Have Access to a SAS® Information Delivery Portal 4.3 Page


Paper 056-2013:

 Guy Garrett, Achieve Intelligence ; Steve Morton, Applied System Knowledge Ltd


How Am I Driving - My Business? (Techniques, from the Insurance Industry That Can Be Applied to Other Business Areas to "Drive" Better Performance)


Paper 057-2013:

 Anand Chitale, SAS ; Christopher Redpath, SAS


Whirlwind Tour Around SAS® Visual Analytics


Paper 058-2013:

 Nascif Abousalh-Neto, SAS


The Forest and the Trees: See It All with SAS® Visual Analytics Explorer


Paper 059-2013:

 Rick Styll, SAS


Fast Dashboards Anywhere with SAS® Visual Analytics


Paper 060-2013:

 Rick Styll, SAS


What?s New in SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence for SAS® 9.3


Paper 061-2013:

 Scott Sams, SAS


SAS® BI Dashboard: Interactive, Data-Driven Dashboard Applications Made Easy


Paper 062-2013:

 Keith Myers, SAS


Popular Tips and Tricks to Help You Use SAS® Web Report Studio More Efficiently


Paper 063-2013:

 Don Chapman, SAS ; Greg Hodges, SAS ; James Holman, SAS ; Oita Coleman, SAS ; Stuart Nisbet, SAS ; Tammi Kay George, SAS


SAS® Business Intelligence Development Roundtable: SAS Business Intelligence Solutions Portfolio and Future Focus


Paper 064-2013:

 Paul Cegielski, Greenplum


SAS® High-Performance Analytics: Big Data Brought to Life on the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance


Paper 488-2013:

 Andy Mendelsohn, Oracle Corporation ; Maureen Chew, Oracle Corporation ; Paul Kent, SAS ; Steven Holmes, Bureau of Labor Statistics


Big Data - Dream IT. Build IT. Realize IT.


Paper 489-2013:

 Gaurav Agrawal, Major Financial Company


Key Aspects to Implement A Perfect SAS® BI Platform


Paper 541-2013:

 Justin Choy, SAS


Emerging Best Practices in the Age of Democratized Analytics


Customer Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 065-2013:

 Amy Glassman, SAS ; Dave Gribbin, SAS


SAS® Treatments: One to One Marketing with Customized Treatment Processes


Paper 066-2013:

 Lori Jordan, SAS ; Shawn Skillman, SAS


You?re Invited! Learn How SAS Uses SAS® Software to Invite You to SAS® Global Forum


Paper 067-2013:

 Brian Chick, SAS ; Mark Brown, SAS


Hot off the Press: SAS® Marketing Automation 6.1


Paper 068-2013:

 Darius Baer, SAS ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University


Product Affinity Segmentation That Uses the Doughnut Clustering Approach


Paper 069-2013:

 Michael Soto, Ripley


Predicting Women's Department Purchases in a Retail Store By Using the SEMMA Methodology


Data Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 070-2013:

 Malcolm Alexander, SAS ; Nancy Rausch, SAS


What's New in SAS® Data Management


Paper 071-2013:

 John Cunningham, Teradata ; MOMOLUE KIADII, TERADATA


Bigger Data Analytics: Using SAS® on Aster Data and Hadoop


Paper 072-2013:

 John Bentley, Wells Fargo Bank


SAS-Oracle Options and Efficiency: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You


Paper 074-2013:

 Casper Pedersen, SAS Denmark


How to Do a Successful MDM Project in SAP Using SAS® MDM Advanced


Paper 075-2013:

 Mahmoud Azimaee, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences


Data Fitness: A SAS® Macro-based Application for Data Quality of Large Health Administrative Data


Paper 076-2013:

 Greg Otto, Teradata Corporation ; Tom Weber, SAS


Adaptive In-Memory Analytics with Teradata: Extending Your Existing Data Warehouse to Enable SAS® High-Performance Analytics


Paper 077-2013:

 Malcolm Alexander, SAS ; Nancy Rausch, SAS


Best Practices in SAS® Data Management for Big Data


Paper 078-2013:

 John Heaton, Heritage Bank


SAS® Data Integration Studio: The 30-Day Plan


Paper 079-2013:

 Charlotte Crain, SAS ; Mike Frost, SAS ; Scott Gidley, SAS


In-Database Data Quality: Performance for Big Data


Paper 080-2013:

 Jeff Bailey, SAS ; Tatyana Petrova, SAS


The SQL Tuning Checklist: Making Slow Database Queries a Thing of the Past


Paper 081-2013:

 Svein Erik Vralstad, Knowit Desicion Oslo AS


Need for Speed - Boost Performance in Data Processing with SAS/Access® Interface to Oracle


Paper 082-2013:

 Arthur Li, City of Hope


Sharpening Your Skills in Reshaping Data: PROC TRANSPOSE vs. Array Processing


Paper 083-2013:

 Claudia McCann, East Carolina University College of Nursing


Pulling Data from the Banner Operational Data Store with SAS® Enterprise Guide: Not Only Fast but Fun!


Paper 084-2013:

 Nancy Rausch, SAS ; Scott Gidley, SAS


Best Practices in Enterprise Data Governance


Paper 540-2013:

 Chris Schacherer, Clinical Data Management Systems, LLC


SAS® Data Management Techniques: Cleaning and Transforming Data for Delivery of Analytic Data Sets


Data Mining and Text Analytics   (Download entire section)

Paper 085-2013:

 Chip Wells, SAS ; Justin Kauhl, Tata Consulting ; Timothy Rey, Dow Chemical Company


Using Data Mining in Forecasting Problems


Paper 086-2013:

 Jonathan Wexler, SAS ; Wayne Thompson, SAS


Time Is Precious, So Are Your Models: SAS® Provides Solutions to Streamline Deployment


Paper 087-2013:

 Jonathan Wexler, SAS ; Karl Krycha, Teradata


Bringing Churn Modeling Straight to the Source: SAS® and Teradata In-Database Model Development


Paper 088-2013:

 Cally Ong Yeru, Singapore Management University ; Michelle Cheong, Singapore Management University ; Murphy Choy, Singapore Management University


Demand Forecasting Using a Growth Model and Negative Binomial Regression Framework


Paper 089-2013:

 Leonard Gordon, University of Kentucky


Using Classification and Regression Trees (CART) in SAS® Enterprise Miner? for Applications in Public Health


Paper 090-2013:

 Jian Li, Quality Department®Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Jiawen Zhang, Information System Department, Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Minghua Pan, Quality Department®Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Nanxiang Gao, Quality Department®Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Shaozong Jiang, Information System Department,Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Yahua Li, Information System Department,Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Ying Wang, Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd ; Yu Zhang, Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd


Using the Power of SAS® to Analyze and Solve Quality Problems at Shanghai General Motors


Paper 091-2013:

 Fagen Xie, Kaiser Permanente ; Lingxiao Qi, Kaiser Permanente


Information Retrieval in SAS®: The Power of Combining Perl Regular Expressions and Hash Objects


Paper 092-2013:

 Michael O'Neil, Ministry of Social Development


Targeting Public Value in New Zealand


Paper 093-2013:

 Alejandro Correa Bahnsen, Luxembourg University ; Andres Gonzalez, Colpatria / Scotia Bank ; Darwin Amezquita, Colpatria-Scotia Bank


Using the Boosting Technique to Improve the Predictive Power of a Credit Risk Model


Paper 094-2013:

 Miguel Maldonado, SAS ; Naeem Siddiqi, SAS ; Susan Haller, SAS ; Wendy Czika, SAS


Creating Interval Target Scorecards with Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner?


Paper 095-2013:

 Alec Lin, PayPal, a division of eBay


Variable Reduction in SAS® by Using Weight of Evidence and Information Value


Paper 096-2013:

 Laura Ryan, SAS ; Ruiwen Zhang, SAS ; Taiyeong Lee, SAS ; Xiangxiang Meng, SAS


Incremental Response Modeling Using SAS® Enterprise Miner?


Paper 097-2013:

 Deybis Florez Hormiga, Colpatria Bank


Estimates of Personal Revenue from Credit and Sociodemographic Information Combining Decision Trees and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)


Paper 098-2013:

 Stephanie Thompson, Datamum


Where Should I Dig? What to Do before Mining Your Data


Paper 099-2013:

 Jared Prins, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation


Replacing Manual Coding of Customer Survey Comments with Text Mining: A Story of Discovery with Textual Data in the Public Sector


Paper 100-2013:

 Janardhana Punuru, SAS ; Lane Surratt, SAS ; Russell Albright, SAS


Relate, Retain, and Remodel: Creating and Using Context-Sensitive Linguistic Features in Text Mining Models


Paper 101-2013:

 Ken Potter, SAIC ; Robert Hatton, SAIC


Data Mining of U.S. Patents: Research Trends of Major Technology Companies


Paper 102-2013:

 Barry deVille, SAS ; Denise Bedford, Kent State University ; Richard La Valley, Strategic Technology Solutions


A Tale of Two SAS® Technologies: Generating Maps of Topical Coverage and Linkages in SAS User Conference Papers


Paper 103-2013:

 Arila Barnes, SAS ; Jared Peterson, SAS ; Saratendu Sethi, SAS


Unleashing the Power of Unified Text Analytics to Categorize Call Center Data


Paper 104-2013:

 Chad Atkinson, Sinclair Community College


Deciphering Emoticons for Text Analytics: A Macro-Based Approach


Paper 105-2013:

 Aditya Misra, Nanyang Technological University ; Junyao Ji, SAS Institute ; Kam Tin Seong, Singapore Management University


Be Customer Wise or Otherwise: Combining Data Mining and Interactive Visual Analytics to Analyze Large and Complex Customer Resource Management (CRM) Data


Paper 500-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Mantosh Kumar Sarkar, Oklahoma State University


Opinion Mining and Geo-positioning of Textual Feedback from Professional Drivers


Financial Services   (Download entire section)

Paper 106-2013:

 Boaz Galinson, LEUMI


How to Improve Your Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital: Pricing Optimization in Lending


Paper 107-2013:

 Scott Wilkins, SAS


n Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure: How SAS® Helps Prevent Financial Crime with an Analytical Approach to Customer Due Diligence


Paper 108-2013:

 Ryan Schmiedl, SAS


Next-Generation Detection Engine for Fraud and Compliance


Paper 110-2013:

 Cary Orange, SAS ; Donald Erdman, SAS ; Stacey Christian, SAS


Managing and Analyzing Financial Risk on Big Data with High-Performance Risk and Visual Analytics


Paper 111-2013:

 Carsten Heiliger, Sun Trust


A Case Study in Firmwide Stress Testing: Engineering the CCAR Process


Paper 112-2013:

 Jimmy Skoglund, SAS ; Wei Chen, SAS


Integrated Framework for Stress Testing in SAS®


Paper 113-2013:

 Krutharth Kumar Peravalli Venkata Naga, Oklahoma State University ; Srikar Rayabaram, Oklahoma State University


Detecting Cross-Channel Fraud Using SAS®


Foundations and Fundamentals   (Download entire section)

Paper 114-2013:

 Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting


Quick Hits: My Favorite SAS® Tricks


Paper 115-2013:

 Donna Bennett, SAS ; Sandy Gibbs, SAS


Double-Clicking a SAS® File: What Happens Next?


Paper 116-2013:

 Brian Bee, The Knowledge Warehouse Ltd


A Day in the Life of Data - Part 1


Paper 117-2013:

 Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc.


A Day in the Life of Data - Part 2


Paper 118-2013:

 Peter Crawford, Crawford Software Consultancy Limited


A Day in the Life of Data - Part 3


Paper 119-2013:

 Sanjay Matange, SAS


A Day in the Life of Data: Part 4 - Graphics and Reporting


Paper 120-2013:

 Cynthia Zender, SAS


Macro Basics for New SAS® Users


Paper 121-2013:

 John Bentley, Wells Fargo Bank


Reading Data from Microsoft Word Documents: It's Easier Than You Might Think


Paper 122-2013:

 Lucheng Shao, University of California at Irvine


Do Not Let a Bad Date Ruin Your Day


Paper 123-2013:

 Michael Raithel, Westat


PROC DATASETS: The Swiss Army Knife of SAS® Procedures


Paper 124-2013:

 Chris Schacherer, Clinical Data Management Systems, LLC


The SAS® Programmer's Guide to XML and Web Services


Paper 125-2013:

 Arthur Li, City of Hope


Essentials of the Program Data Vector (PDV): Directing the Aim to Understanding the DATA Step


Paper 126-2013:

 Paul Dorfman, Dorfman Consulting


The Magnificent DO


Paper 127-2013:

 Lora Delwiche, Univeristy of California, Davis ; Susan Slaughter, Avocet Solutions


Errors, Warnings, and Notes (Oh My): A Practical Guide to Debugging SAS® Programs


Paper 128-2013:

 Tim Berryhill, Wells Fargo


30 in 20 Things You May Not Know about SAS®


Paper 129-2013:

 Andrew Henrick, SAS ; Donald Erdman, SAS ; Stacey Christian, SAS


Hashing in PROC FCMP to Enhance Your Productivity


Paper 131-2013:

 Jack Hamilton, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals


Creating ZIP Files with ODS


Paper 132-2013:

 Qinghua (Kathy) Chen, Gilead sciences Inc,


Three Easy Ways to Create Customized SAS® Graphs


Paper 133-2013:

 John Shin, Medtronic Diabetes ; Yongyin Wang, Medtronic Diabetes


Creating Clark Error Grid with SAS/GRAPH®, the SAS/GRAPH Annotate Facility, and SAS® Macro Applications


Paper 134-2013:

 Kathryn McLawhorn, SAS


Tips for Generating Percentages Using the SAS® TABULATE Procedure


Paper 135-2013:

 Diane Olson, SAS


Developer Reveals: Extended Data Set Attributes


Paper 519-2013:

 Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc.


Arrays - Data Step Efficiency


Hands-on Workshops   (Download entire section)

Paper 136-2013:

 Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc


The Armchair Quarterback: Writing SAS® Code for the Perfect Pivot (Table, That Is)


Paper 137-2013:

 Mario Widel, Roche Molecular Systems ; Sandra Minjoe, Octagon Research Solutions


Adding New Rows in the ADaM Basic Data Structure: When and How


Paper 138-2013:

 Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting ; Rupinder Dhillon, Dhillon Consulting Inc


SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1: A Powerful Environment for Programmers, Too!


Paper 139-2013:

 Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants


Using PROC FCMP to the Fullest: Getting Started and Doing More


Paper 140-2013:

 Jennifer Waller, Georgia Health Sciences University


How to Use ARRAYs and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?


Paper 141-2013:

 Chuck Kincaid, Experis Business Intelligence and Analytics


Introduction to ODS Graphics


Paper 142-2013:

 Christianna Williams, Independent Consultant


A Row Is a Row Is a Row, or Is It? A Hands-On Guide to Transposing Data


Paper 143-2013:

 Vince DelGobbo, SAS


Some Techniques for Integrating SAS® Output with Microsoft Excel Using Base SAS®
Download ZIP file


Paper 144-2013:

 Rick Wicklin, SAS


Getting Started with the SAS/IML® Language


Paper 145-2013:

 Andrew Kuligowski, HSN ; Charu Shankar, SAS Institute Toronto


Know Thy Data: Techniques for Data Exploration


Paper 146-2013:

 Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation


Hands-On SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques


Paper 147-2013:

 Art Carpenter, CA Occidental Consultants ; Don Henderson, Henderson Consulting Services


Taking Full Advantage of Your SAS® Site


Paper 148-2013:

 Angela Hall, SAS ; Tricia Aanderud, And Data Inc


Create Your First SAS® Stored Process


Paper 149-2013:

 Daphne Ewing, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ; Ray Pass, PharmaNet/i3


So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?


Paper 150-2013:

 Sunil Gupta, Gupta Programming


Ready to Become Really Productive Using PROC SQL?


Paper 151-2013:

 Stephanie Thompson, Datamum


FREQ Out: Exploring Your Data the Old-School Way


Paper 520-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1


Paper 521-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: Creating SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 522-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Studio Basics


Paper 523-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Studio Advanced


Paper 524-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Visual Analytics 6.1


Paper 525-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: DataFlux® Data Management Studio Basics


Paper 526-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1


Paper 527-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


Paper 528-2013:

 Christine Vitron, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 529-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Visual Analytics 6.1


Paper 530-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: Creating SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 531-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 5.1


Paper 532-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Visual Analytics 6.1


Paper 533-2013:

 Christine Vitron, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 534-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Studio Basics


Paper 535-2013:

 Eric Rossland, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Visual Analytics 6.1


Paper 536-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration Studio Advanced


Paper 537-2013:

 Kari Richardson, SAS


SAS® Workshop: DataFlux® Data Management Studio Basics


IT Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 506-2013:

 Bill Ford, Vail Resorts ; Khaled Ghadban, Canada Post ; Richard Beaver, United Natural Foods, Inc


Manage Your Data as a Strategic Asset


Paper 507-2013:

 Gavin Day, SAS ; Mike Olson, Cloudera ; Paul Kent, SAS


Searching for Business Value in Big Data with Hadoop


Paper 508-2013:

 Gavin Day, SAS ; Mike Olson, Cloudera ; Paul Kent, SAS ; Pauline Nist, Intel


How IT Completes the Big Data Puzzle with Hadoop


Operations Research   (Download entire section)

Paper 152-2013:

 Augusto Voltes-Dorta, Universitat de Barcelona ; Hector Rodriguez-Deniz, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ; Pere Suau-Sanchez, Cranfield University


Using SAS® to Measure Airport Connectivity: An Analysis of Airport Centrality in the US Network with SAS/IML® Studio


Paper 153-2013:

 Lindsey Puryear, SAS ; Stephen Sloan, Accenture


Advanced Project Management beyond Microsoft Project, Using PROC CPM, PROC GANTT, and Advanced Graphics


Paper 154-2013:

 Andrew Pease, SAS ; Ayesgul Peker, SAS


The Hospital Game: Optimizing Surgery Schedules to Save Resources, and to Save Lives


Paper 155-2013:

 Bahadir Aral, SAS ; Emily Lada, SAS ; Ginny Hevener, NC Sentencing & Policy Advisory Commission ; Jeff Day, SAS ; Tamara Flinchum, NC Sentencing & Policy Advisory Commission


Projecting Prison Populations with SAS® Simulation Studio


Paper 156-2013:

 Arnie de Castro, SAS ; Greg Link, SAS


Smarter Grid Operations with SAS/OR®


Paper 157-2013:

 Christina Zhong, shanghai general motors


Vehicle Retail Forecasting Demand and Inventory Management Case Study at Shanghai General Motors


Paper 158-2013:

 Ed Hughes, SAS ; Tao Huang, SAS ; Yan Xu, SAS


Parallel Multistart Nonlinear Optimization with PROC OPTMODEL


Pharma and Health Care   (Download entire section)

Paper 160-2013:

 Sanjay Matange, SAS


Patient Profile Graphs Using SAS®


Paper 161-2013:

 Alice Cheng, Chiltern Inc. ; Justina Flavin, self employed


Is the Legend in Your SAS/Graph® Output Still Telling the Right Story?


Paper 162-2013:

 Brenda Beaty, University of Colorado ; L. Miriam Dickinson, University of Colorado


Variance Partition: My Mission and Ambition Come to Fruition


Paper 163-2013:

 George Mu, IMS health Inc


Quantile Regression in Pharmaceutical Marketing Research


Paper 164-2013:

 Hui Fen Tan, Columbia University ; Raymond Gregory, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation ; Ronald Low, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation ; Shunsuke Ito, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation ; Vann Dunn, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation


Using PROC GENMOD to Investigate Drug Interactions: Beta Blockers and Beta Agonists and Their Effect on Hospital Admissions


Paper 165-2013:

 Michael Nash, Kaiser Permanente


Clinician Prescribing Feedback Site: Comparing Clinician Prescribing Habits and Providing Actionable Patient Lists


Paper 166-2013:

 Carrie Boorse, SAS ; Kathy Schaan, SAS ; Stuart Levine, SAS


Identifying and Addressing Post-Marketing Pharmaceutical Safety Surveillance and Spontaneous Reported Events


Paper 167-2013:

 Beinan Zhao, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Insitute ; Eric Wong, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute ; Latha Palaniappan, Palo Alto Medical Foundation


Estimating Patient Adherence to Medication with Electronic Health Records Data and Pharmacy Claims Combined


Paper 168-2013:

 Seth Traubenberg, Walgreen Co. ; Stacy Wang, Walgreens ; Zhongwen Huang, Walgreens


Measuring Medication Adherence with Simple Drug Use and Medication Switching


Paper 169-2013:

 Brian Sauer, SLC VA Medical Center ; Tao He, University of Utah


SAS® Tools for Transparent and Reproducible Research: Medication History Estimator


Paper 170-2013:

 Albert Hopping, SAS ; Rick Monaco, SAS Institute ; Sarah Rittman, SAS ; Satish Garla, SAS


What Do Your Consumer Habits Say About Your Health? Using Third-Party Data to Predict Individual Health Risk and Costs


Paper 171-2013:

 Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic


Moving to SAS® Drug Development 4.2


Paper 172-2013:

 Dorothy Hung, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute ; Eric Wong, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute ; Lubna Qureshi, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute ; Pragati Kenkare, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute


Evaluating System-Wide Process Improvement in a Health-Care System: Data Through Analysis


Paper 173-2013:

 David Edwards, Amgen ; Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies, LLC.


Modern SAS® Programming: Using SAS® Grid Manager and SAS® Enterprise Guide® in a Global Pharmaceutical Environment


Paper 174-2013:

 Amber Schmitz, Prime Therapeutics


Medical Versus Pharmacy Insurance: Which Is More Cost-Effective for Providing the Prescription? Solving the Problem Via SAS® Enterprise Guide®.


Paper 175-2013:

 Sandra Brooks, Norton Healthcare ; Tina Hembree, Norton Healthcare ; Yehia Khalil, Norton Healthcare


Employee Wellness Programming Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 176-2013:

 Jiannan Hu, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ; Mominul Islam, Vertex Pharmaceuticals ; Sanjiv Ramalingam, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. ; Xiangchen Cui, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ; Yanwei Han, Vertex


Easy Button: A Process for Generating Standardized Safety- and Non-Safety- Related Clinical Trial Reports


Paper 177-2013:

 Mario Widel, Roche Molecular Systems ; Sandra Minjoe, Octagon Research Solutions


Using the ADaM ADAE Structure for Non-AE Data


Paper 178-2013:

 David Scocca, Rho, Inc.


Developing Your SDTM Programming Toolkit


Paper 179-2013:

 Richard Zink, SAS


Assessing Drug Safety with Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Using PROC MCMC and JMP®


Paper 181-2013:

 Jenna Colavincenzo, University of Pittsburgh


Doctoring Your Clinical Trial with Adaptive Randomization: SAS® Macros to Perform Adaptive Randomization


Paper 495-2013:

 Eric Elkin, ICON ; Ginny Lai, ICON Late Phase & Outcomes Research ; Monarch Shah, ICON Clinical Research


Automated and Customized Reports as a Single Image File Using Graph Template Language (GTL): A Case Study of Benchmarking Reports in Medical Research


Paper 496-2013:

 Greg Watson, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research


Predicting Health Care Expenditures with the MCMC Procedure


Paper 503-2013:

 Matthew Becker, inVentiv Health Clinical


To Infinity and Beyond: Current and Future State of Big Data and Analytics in Life Sciences


Planning and Support   (Download entire section)

Paper 182-2013:

 Christine Bonney, University of Pennsylvania ; Michael Keith, Jr., University of Pennsylvania


SAS® Skill Learning and Certification Preparation in a Graduate School Setting


Paper 183-2013:

 Stefanie Reay, Qualex Consulting Services, Inc.


Considerations for Creating an In-House SAS® User Group in a Geographically Disbursed Organization


Paper 184-2013:

 Kirsten Hamstra, SAS ; Shelly Goodin, SAS


Branding Yourself Online


Paper 185-2013:

 Peter Timusk, Statistics Canada


Coaching SAS® Beginner Programmers: Common Problems and Some Solutions


Paper 186-2013:

 Bill Donovan, Ockham Source


A CareerView Mirror: Another Perspective on Your Work and Career Planning


Paper 187-2013:

 Steve Noga, Rho


Gotchas: Hidden Workplace and Career Traps to Avoid


Paper 188-2013:

 David Scocca, Rho, Inc.


Communicating Standards: A Code Review Experience


Paper 189-2013:

 Dianne Louise Rhodes, US Census Bureau


If You Have Programming Standards, Please Raise Your Hand: An Everyman's Guide


Paper 190-2013:

 Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics


Managing and Monitoring Statistical Models


Paper 191-2013:

 Andrew Howell, ANJ Group Pty Ltd


SAS® Certification: Understand the Benefits of SAS Certification, Which SAS Certifications Are Available, and What SAS Certification Can Do for You


Paper 192-2013:

 Lisa Horwitz, SAS


The Successful SAS® Shop: 10 Ideas, Suggestions, and Radical Notions


Paper 193-2013:

 William Zupko, U. S. Census Bureau


Creating an Interactive SAS® E-Textbook with iBooks Author for the iPad


Poster and Video Presentations   (Download all section papers or Download all posters)

Paper 194-2013:

 Cynthia Loman, Genomic Health Inc


Create a Nomogram with SGPlot  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 195-2013:

 Abbas Tavakoli, University of South Carolina ; Erik Svendsen, University of tulane ; Jean Craig, MUSC ; Joan Culley, University of South Carolina


Using SAS to Create Code for Current Triage Systems during Chemical Incidents  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 196-2013:

 Julie Kezik, Yale University ; Melissa Hill, Yale University


SAS® Essentials: Maximize the Efficiency of Your Most Basic Users  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 198-2013:

 Bob Lan, Everest Clinical Research Services, Inc. ; Regan Li, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited ; Sai Ma, pharmanet-i3 ; Suwen Li, Everest Clinical Research Services, Inc.


Using CALL SYMPUT to Generate Dynamic Columns in Reports  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 199-2013:

 Bob Lan, Everest Clinical Research Services, Inc. ; Regan Li, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited ; Sai Ma, pharmanet-i3 ; Suwen Li, Everest Clinical Research Services, Inc.


From SDTM to ADaM  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 200-2013:

 Charlie Shipp, Consider Consulting, Inc. ; Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation


Exploring the PROC SQL _METHOD Option  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 201-2013:

 Amos Shu, Endo Pharmaceuticals


A Practical Approach to Creating Define.XML by Using SDTM Specifications and Excel functions  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 203-2013:

 Shilpa Khambhati, Mathematca Policy Research Inc.


Extending the Power of Base SAS® with Microsoft Excel  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 204-2013:

 Tricia Aanderud, And Data Inc


Using LinkedIn to Find Your Next SAS® Job  View Video


Paper 205-2013:

 Angela Hall, SAS ; Tricia Aanderud, And Data Inc


Selection Group Prompts with SAS® Stored Processes: More Power, Less Programming  View Video


Paper 206-2013:

 Amos Shu, Endo Pharmaceuticals


A Simple Macro to Minimize Data Set Size  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 207-2013:

 Hengrui Qu, Citi Group Inc. ; juan zhao, Citi Group Inc


Basel II Advanced IRB in Commercial Banking: Quantify the Borrower and Guarantor by Two-Step Scoring Model  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 208-2013:

 Amy Overby Wilkerson, RTI International ; Barbara Bibb, RTI International ; Brett Anderson, RTI International ; Mai Nguyen, RTI International


A Unique Approach to Create Custom Reports By Leveraging the Strengths of SAS® and Excel  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 209-2013:

 David Izrael, Abt Associates


Working with a Large Pharmacy Database: Hash and Conquer.  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 210-2013:

 Louise Hadden, Abt Associates Inc.


With a Trace: Making Procedural Output and ODS Output Objects Work for You  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 211-2013:

 Louise Hadden, Abt Associates Inc. ; Terri Bright, MSPCA Boston


Analyzing the Safewalk Program with SAS®: Saving Shelter Dogs One Walk at a Time  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 212-2013:

 Louise Hadden, Abt Associates Inc.


Behind the Scenes with SAS®: Using Custom Graphics in SAS Output  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 213-2013:

 David Izrael, Abt Associates ; Michael Battaglia, Abt Associates Inc


Weighted Sequential Hot Deck Imputation: SAS® Macro vs. the SUDAAN PROC HOTDECK  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 214-2013:

 Barbara Okerson, WellPoint


Creating ZIP Code-Level Maps with SAS®  View Paper


Paper 215-2013:

 Michael Taitel, Walgreens ; Youbei Lou, Walgreens ; Zhongwen Huang, Walgreens


A Case Application of Propensity Score Matching in MTM Outcomes Evaluation at Retail Pharmacy  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 216-2013:

 David Landy, University of MIami Miller School of Medicine ; David Ludwig, University of Miami ; Joy Kurtz, Univ. of Miami ; Tracie Miller, University of Miami


Using SAS® to Expand the Application of Standard Measures and Guide Statistical Explorations: Creating Healthy Eating Index Scores Using Nutrition Data System for Research Output  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 217-2013:

 Alan Silva, Universidade de Brasilia ; IGOR NASCIMENTO, UNB


A SAS® Macro for Generating a Set of All Possible Samples with Unequal Probabilities without Replacement  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 218-2013:

 Meili Xu, Ohlone College


Here Is How We Do It: Teaching SAS® at Community Colleges  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 220-2013:

 Yubo Gao, University of Iowa


Propensity Score-Based Analysis of Short-Term Complications in Patients with Lumbar Discectomy in the ACS-NSQIP Database  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 221-2013:

 Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation ; Lex Jansen, ; Richard La Valley, Strategic Technology Solutions


Recovering SAS® User Group Proceedings for the SAS® Community  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 223-2013:

 Anh Kellermann, USF ; Jeanine Romano, University of South Florida ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Patrice Rasmussen, 5336 Clover Mist Drive ; Patricia Rodriguez de Gil, University of South Florida ; Thanh Pham, University of South Florida ; Yi-Hsin Chen, University of South Florida


GEN_ETA2: A SAS® Macro for Computing the Generalized Eta-Squared Effect Size Associated with Analysis of Variance Models  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 225-2013:

 Dongmin Shen, Merck & Co, Inc ; Miu Ling Lau, Merck & Co.


Linking Laboratory Data To Submission Documents Using SAS® Technologies  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 226-2013:

 Lori Guido, US Census Bureau ; Stephen Moore, US Census Bureau


Presenting Business Cases That Contain Complex, Technical Information to a Varied Audience  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 228-2013:

 Aarti Bellara, University of South Florida ; Anh Kellermann, USF ; Diep Nguyen, University of South Florida ; Eun Sook Kim, University of South Florida ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Patricia Rodriguez de Gil, University of South Florida ; Yi-Hsin Chen, University of South Florida


Variance Heterogeneity and Non-Normality: How the SAS® TTEST Procedure Can Keep Us Honest  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 229-2013:

 Rajbir Chadha, Cognizant Technology Solutions


Here Comes Your File! File-Watcher Tool with Automated SAS® Program Trigger  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 230-2013:

 Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc


Why the Bell Tolls 108 Times? Stepping through Time with SAS®  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 231-2013:

 Pankaj Bhardwaj, Tata Consultancy Services


Implementing CDISC, SDTM, and ADaM in a SAS® Environment  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 232-2013:

 Kathy Ball, SAS ; Mark Konya, Ameren Missouri


Weathering the Storm: Using Predictive Analytics to Minimize Utility Outages  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 233-2013:

 Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Patricia Rodriguez de Gil, University of South Florida


What Score Should Johnny Get? Missing_Items SAS® Macro for Analyzing Missing Item Responses on Summative Scales  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 234-2013:

 Min Chen, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ; Tathabbai Pakalapati, CYTEL INC. ; Xiangchen Cui, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


A Preventive Approach for Automatic Checking of CDISC ADaM Metadata to Detect Noncompliance  View Poster


Paper 235-2013:

 Qunming Dong, Vertex ; Tathabbai Pakalapati, CYTEL INC. ; Xiangchen Cui, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Building Traceability for End Points in Analysis Data Sets Using SRCDOM, SRCVAR, and SRCSEQ Triplet  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 236-2013:

 Airaha Chelvakkanthan Manickam, Cognizant Technology Solutions ; Srikanth Thota, Cognizant Technology Solutions


SAS® Admin's Best Friend - The Set-up and Usage of RTRACE Option  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 237-2013:

 Bhargav Achanta, Reata Pharmacueticals


SAS® Stored Processes Logging  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 238-2013:

 Robert Mann, 33 Russell St ; Rosely Flam Zalcman, Center for Addiction and Mental Health


Creating a Management-Friendly HTML Report Using SAS® ODS Markup, Style Sheets, and JavaScript  View Paper  View Poster  View Video


Paper 239-2013:

 Lihui Wang, SIngapore Management University ; Michelle Cheong, Singapore Management University ; Murphy Choy, Singapore Management University


Implementation of Slowly Changing Dimension to Data Warehouse to Manage Marketing Campaigns in Banks  View Paper


Paper 241-2013:

 Anil Kumar Pantangi, Oklahoma State University ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Sahithi Ravuri, Oklahoma State University ; Siddhartha Reddy Mandati, Oklahoma State University


Feature Extraction and Rating of a Smartphone Photosharing Application Using SAS® Sentiment Analysis Studio  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 243-2013:

 Kriss Harris, SAS Specialists


V is for Venn Diagrams  View Paper  View Poster  View Video


Paper 245-2013:

 Adolfo Lopez, Valence Helath


SAS® Grid Job Submission and Monitoring from the SAS® Information Delivery Portal  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 246-2013:

 Douglas Van Daele, University of Iowa Healthcare ; Gary Gaethe, U of Iowa ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Jiawen Liu, Oklahoma State University ; Musthan Kader Ibrahim Meeran Mohideen, Oklahoma State University


Using Text Analysis to Gain Insight into Organizational Change  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 247-2013:

 Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.


So Many Films, So Little Time  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 248-2013:

 Christopher Battiston, Hospital For Sick Children


SAS® ODS Graphics Designer - The Next Step in Amazing Data Visualization  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 250-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Jiawen Liu, Oklahoma State University ; Mantosh Kumar Sarkar, Oklahoma State University


Feature-Based Sentiment Analysis on Android App Reviews Using SAS® Text Miner and SAS® Sentiment Analysis Studio  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 251-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Jeffin Jacob, Student, Oklahoma State University ; Swati Grover, Student


Analysis of Change in Sentiments towards Chick-fil-A after Dan Cathy?s Statement about Same-Sex Marriage Using SAS® Text Miner and SAS® Sentiment Analysis Studio  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 252-2013:

 Chin Khian Yong, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman ; Song Lin Ng, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Analyzing Partially Confounded Factorial Conjoint Choice Experiments Using SAS/IML®  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 253-2013:

 Delicia Carey, CDC ; Molly Dowling, CDC ; Robert Nelson, CDC


SAS Training for STD Grantees  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 254-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Srikar Rayabaram, Oklahoma State University


A Comparison of Model Building via RPM in SAS® Enterprise Guide® versus SAS® Enterprise Miner?  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 255-2013:

 Bethany Bell, University of South Carolina ; Mihaela Ene, University of South Carolina ; Whitney Smiley, University of South Carolina


MIXED_FIT: A SAS® Macro to Assess Model Fit and Adequacy for Two-Level Linear Models  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 256-2013:

 Chao Huang, Oklahoma State University ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Yu Fu, Oklahoma State University


Optimize SAS/IML® Software Codes for Big Data Simulation  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 257-2013:

 Chao Huang, Oklahoma State University ; Yu Fu, Oklahoma State University


Top 10 Most Powerful Functions for PROC SQL  View Paper  View Video


Paper 258-2013:

 Musthan Kader Ibrahim Meeran Mohideen, Oklahoma State University ; Srikar Rayabaram, Oklahoma State University ; Srinivas Reddy Busi Reddy, Oklahoma State University


Data Set Compression Using COMPRESS=  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 259-2013:

 Elizabeth Eubanks, RTI International ; Helen Smith, RTI International ; Mai Nguyen, RTI International ; Shane Trahan, RTI International


An Integrated Approach to Codebook Generation Using SAS®, HTML/CSS, and the .NET Framework  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 261-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Hari harasudhan Duraidhayalu, Kavi Associates ; Srihari Nagarajan, SAS Institute


Investigating the Impact of Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7? on Consumers Using SAS® Text Miner and SAS® Sentiment Analysis  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 262-2013:

 Ramya Purushothaman, Cognizant Technology Solutions


Practical Application of SAS® Capabilities for Pharma Goals and Performance Review  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 263-2013:

 Anurag Srivastava, Decision Quotient ; Pranav Karnavat, Shanti Communication School


Do People Still Miss Steve Jobs As the CEO of Apple Inc.? A Text Mining Approach: Comparing SAS® and R  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 264-2013:

 Dongsheng Yang, Cleveland Clinic


Build Prognostic Nomograms for Risk Assessment Using SAS®  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 265-2013:

 Roger Muller, Data-To-Events.Com


SAS® Enterprise Guide®: Implementation Hints and Techniques for Insuring Success with Traditional SAS Programmers  View Paper


Paper 266-2013:

 Deovrat Kakde, Kavi Associates ; Vijitha Kaduwela, Kavi Associates


Repairable Systems?No Longer the Stepchild of Reliability!!! Repairable System Reliability Modeling Using PROC RELIABILITY in SAS/QC® 9.3  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 267-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Miriam McGaugh, Oklahoma State University ; Shirmeen Virji, Oklahoma State University ; Yu Fu, Oklahoma State University


Getting an Overview of SAS® Data in Three Steps  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 268-2013:

 Deovrat Kakde, Kavi Associates ; Neetha Sindhu, Kavi Associates ; Saurabh Ghanekar, Kavi Associates


Life's a Song! Mining Country Music Topics Using SAS® Text Miner  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 269-2013:

 Jonghyun Kim, Texas Tech University ; Tianxi Dong, Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University ; Zhangxi Lin, The Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University


Predicting Application Review Rating with SAS® Text Miner  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 271-2013:

 Hari harasudhan Duraidhayalu, Kavi Associates ; Rajesh Inbasekaran, Kavi Associates


Predict the Delay in Your Airline Before They Do!  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 272-2013:

 David Thompson, OUHSC College of Public Health ; Jessica Hale, University of Oklahoma ; Paul Darden, OUHSC


Calculating Subset-Weighted Analysis in PROC SURVEYFREQ and PROC GENMOD  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 273-2013:

 Martin Lesser, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research-Biostatistics ; Meredith Akerman, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Biostatistics


An Exploratory Graphical Method for Identifying Associations in Sparse r x c Contingency Tables  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 274-2013:

 Roger Muller, Data-To-Events.Com


SAS® Enterprise Guide®: What's in It for the Long-Term Highly Experienced SAS® Programmer  View Paper


Paper 275-2013:

 Baojian Guo, Fedex ; Sheng Ding, Fedex


An Improved Data Visualization Approach for Monitoring and Analyzing Business Performance Using SAS/QC® Control Chart and SAS/GRAPH® Annotate Techniques  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 276-2013:

 Elisa Priest, UNT HSC SPH


10 SAS® Skills for Grad Student Survival: A Grad Student ?How-To? Paper  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 277-2013:

 Christine John, AdvanceMed, an NCI Company ; Mariya Karimova, AdvanceMed, an NCI Company


Speed it Up: Using SAS® to Automate Initial Discovery Practices  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 279-2013:

 Harshal Darade, Texas Tech University ; Siming Li, Southwestern university of finance and economics ; Zhangxi Lin, The Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University


Performance Predictability By Using Social Profile in Online P2P Lending Market  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 280-2013:

 Alan Elliott, UT Southwestern ; Linda Hynan, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Dashing out a Quick Dashboard of Graphs in SAS®  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 281-2013:

 Elizabeth Leslie, Kennesaw State University


Adolescent Smoking and Development of Long-Term Habits: A Longitudinal Analysis in SAS®  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 283-2013:

 Lisa Lix, University of Manitoba ; Xue Yao, University of Manitoba


A Flexible Method to Apply Multiple Imputation Using SAS/IML® Studio  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 285-2013:

 Eric Day, University of Oklahoma ; Matthew Schuelke, Air Force Research Laboratory ; Robert Terry, University of Oklahoma


Growth Spline Modeling  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 286-2013:

 Ted Conway, Self


Gee! No, GTL! Visualizing Data With The SAS Graph Template Language  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 287-2013:

 Yi-Fang Wu, Iowa Testing Programs, University of Iowa


Utilizing SAS® for the Construction of Preassembled Parallel, Computerized Fixed-Test Forms under Item Response Theory Framework  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 288-2013:

 Sreedevi Thiyagarajan, Stanford University


A SAS® Macro Application for Efficient Interrupted Time Series (ITS) Analysis Using Segmented Regression  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 289-2013:

 Heli Ghandehari, Baxter BioScience ; Victor Lopez, Baxter Healthcare Corporation


Using PROC FORMAT and Other Little Tweaks to Enable PROC TABULATE?s Hidden Capabilities of Optimizing Statistical Reporting  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 291-2013:

 Tawney Moreno-Simon, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ; Vivek Seth, Computer Sciences Corporation - CSC


Making it Happen: A Novel Way to Construct, Customize and Implement Your SAS® Enterprise BI User Enablement Framework  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 498-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Shreya Sadhukhan, Oklahoma State University ; Taufique Ansari, Oklahoma state university


Application of Text Mining in Tweets to Analyze General Opinion about ?Bing It On? Challenge by Microsoft  View Paper  View Poster


Paper 499-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Shirmeen Virji, Oklahoma State University ; Yu Fu, Oklahoma State University


Impact of London Olympics According to Tweeters  View Paper  View Poster


Quick Tips   (Download entire section)

Paper 292-2013:

 Erik Tilanus, Synchrona


Automating the Flow of Presentations in Coder's Corner or Quick Tips


Paper 293-2013:

 Toby Hill, Charles Marcus Group Services


Implementing Metadata-driven Reports with SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 294-2013:

 Leonard Polak, Wells Fargo Technology and Operations Group


Time Series Data: Anatomy of an ETL Project


Paper 295-2013:

 Russell Hendel, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


CLISTS: Improve Efficiency of TSO Applications Using Mainframe SAS®


Paper 296-2013:

 Kyong Jin Shim, Singapore Management University ; Murphy Choy, Singapore Management University


Efficient Extraction of JSON Information in SAS® Using the SCANOVER Function


Paper 297-2013:

 Hans Sempel, Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration)


Back Up Your Sources During Development: A Stack of Base SAS® Scripts


Paper 298-2013:

 Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.


FCMP -- Why?


Paper 299-2013:

 Ronald Fehd, retired


Data Review Information: N-Levels or Cardinality Ratio


Paper 300-2013:

 Roberto Valverde, NCHS ; Victor Shigaev, CDC


Healthcare Claims Processing with Base SAS® through Denormalization of ANSI 837 Format


Paper 301-2013:

 Jingxian Zhang, Quintiles


Building SAS® Programs from Dynamically Retrieved Files by Filename Pipe Command


Paper 302-2013:

 Sunil Gupta, Gupta Programming


Something for Nothing? Adding Group Descriptive Statistics Using PROC SQL Subqueries


Paper 304-2013:

 Romain Miralles, Genomic Health


Running SAS® Programs Using Skype


Paper 306-2013:

 Jennifer Davies, Z, Inc


Accessing SAS® Code via Visual Basic for Applications


Paper 307-2013:



OUT= Is on the Way Out - Use ODS OUTPUT Instead


Paper 308-2013:

 Amos Shu, Endo Pharmaceuticals


A Simple Approach to Generate Page Numbers in X of Y Format in ODS RTF Output


Paper 309-2013:

 Karena Kong, InterMune


Graph Your SAS® Off


Paper 310-2013:

 Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Miriam McGaugh, Oklahoma State University ; Shirmeen Virji, Oklahoma State University ; Yu Fu, Oklahoma State University


Adding Graph Visualization on SAS® ODS Output


Paper 311-2013:

 Ramya Purushothaman, Cognizant Technology Solutions


"How May I Help?" The SAS® Enterprise Guide® Analyze Program Feature


Paper 312-2013:

 Kevin Chung, Fannie Mae


Some Useful Utilities on UNIX Platform


Paper 313-2013:

 Sarwanjeet Singh, Gerard Groups Inc. ; Shiva Kalidindi, Amgen


PC and UNIX SAS® Reunited


Paper 314-2013:

 Christopher Boniface, U.S. Census Bureau ; Hung Pham, U.S. Census Bureau ; Nora Szeto, U.S. Census Bureau


SAS® Code to Make Excel Files Section 508 Compliant


Paper 315-2013:

 Larry Hoyle, IPSR, University of Kansas


Reading an Excel Spreadsheet with Cells Containing Line Endings


Paper 316-2013:

 Colleen McGahan, BC Cancer Agency ; Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics


Maintaining Formats When Exporting Data from SAS® into Microsoft Excel


Paper 318-2013:

 Douglas Liming, SAS


Don?t Let the Number of Columns Hold You Back!


Paper 319-2013:

 Sau Yiu, Kaiser Permanente


Reordering Columns after PROC TRANSPOSE (or Anytime You Want, Really)


Paper 320-2013:

 Wuong Jodi Auyuen, Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota


Reporting Tips for No Observations


Paper 321-2013:

 James R Brown, Havi Global Solutions


Wide-to-Tall: A Macro to Automatically Transpose Wide SAS® Data into Tall SAS Data


Paper 322-2013:

 William Murphy, Howard M Proskin & Assoc, Inc


What's in a SAS® Variable? Get Answers with a V!


Paper 323-2013:

 Chris Greni, Kaiser Permanente ; Deepa Sarkar, Kaiser Permanente ; Jason Yang, Kaiser Permanente ; Mythili Rajamani, Kaiser Permanente


Quick and Easy Techniques for Fast Data Extraction


Paper 324-2013:

 Christopher Bost, MDRC


Dealing with Duplicates


Paper 325-2013:

 Bruce Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board


Not Dividing by Zero: The Last of the Low-Hanging Efficiency Fruit


Paper 327-2013:

 Thomas Billings, Union Bank


An Overview of Syntax Check Mode and Why It Is Important


Paper 328-2013:

 Kamya Khanna, ICF International ; Wen Song, ICF International


Converting Thousands of Variables from Character to Numeric: The One-Hour Fix


Paper 329-2013:

 Rebecca Ottesen, City of Hope and Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo


Resources for Getting the 2010 US Census Summary Files into SAS®


Paper 330-2013:

 William Benjamin, Owl Computer Consultancy LLC


Array, Hurray, Array: Consolidate or Expand Your Input Data Stream Using Arrays


Paper 331-2013:

 George Hurley, The Hershey Company


10-Minute JMP®


Paper 332-2013:

 Elizabeth Axelrod, Abt Associates Inc.


Cool Views


Paper 333-2013:

 Julie Kilburn, City of Hope ; Rebecca Ottesen, City of Hope and Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo


Nifty Tips For Data Change Tracking


Paper 334-2013:

 Jason Wachsmuth, Pearson


Programs? How to Process Your Inputs Faster


Paper 335-2013:

 Christopher Bost, MDRC


Checking Out Your Dates with SAS®


Paper 336-2013:

 Patrick Kelly, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennnessee ; Randall Deaton, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee


We All Have Bad Dates Once in a While...


Paper 339-2013:

 Rick Langston, SAS


A Macro to Verify a Macro Exists


Paper 340-2013:

 Rajbir Chadha, Cognizant Technology Solutions


You?ve Got SASMAIL! A Simple SAS® Macro for Sending e-Mails


Paper 342-2013:

 Ganesh Badisa, Oklahoma State University ; Goutam Chakraborty, Oklahoma State University ; Siddhartha Reddy Mandati, Oklahoma State University


%GetReviews: A SAS® Macro to Retrieve User Reviews in JSON Format from Review Websites and Create SAS® Data Sets


Paper 343-2013:

 Ronald Fehd, retired


Writing Macro Do Loops with Dates from Then to Now


Paper 344-2013:

 Sijian Zhang, VA Pittsburgh Healthcar System


A Macro to Read in Medi-Span Text Format Database by Data Dictionary


Paper 346-2013:

 Aude Pujula, Louisiana State University ; David Maradiaga, Louisiana State University


Using SAS® to Assess Individuals? Best Performance in Multiple Dimensions


Paper 348-2013:

 Chelsea Lofland, University of California, Santa Cruz ; Rebecca Ottesen, City of Hope and Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo


The SAS® Versus R Debate in Industry and Academia


Paper 349-2013:

 Heli Ghandehari, Baxter BioScience ; Victor Lopez, Baxter Healthcare Corporation


Using SAS® to Dynamically Generate SAS® Code in Order to Display Both Variable Label and Name as Column Header in PROC REPORT and PROC PRINT


Paper 350-2013:

 Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation ; Mary Rosenbloom, Edwards Lifesciences, LLC


Best Practices: PUT More Errors and Warnings in My Log, Please!


Paper 351-2013:

 Rachel Carlson, Mayo Clinic ; Ruchi Sharma, Mayo Clinic


The Surprisingly "Sym"ple Alternative to Hardcoding


Paper 352-2013:

 Andrew Clapson, Statistics Canada ; Valerie Hastings, Statistics Canada


On a First-Name Basis with SAS: Creating Personalized Error Messages Using SAS 9.2


Paper 353-2013:

 Prashanthi Selvakumar, UNT Health Science Center


SASY Codes for Lazy people


Paper 517-2013:

 Arthur Tabachneck, myQNA, Inc. ; Joe Whitehurst, High Impact Technologies ; Robert Virgile, Robert Virgile Associates, Inc. ; Xia Keshan, Chinese Financial electrical company


Increase Your Productivity by Doing Less


Reporting and Information Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 354-2013:

 Anastasiya Osborne, Farm Service Agency


Virginia's Best: How to Annotate County Names and Values on a State Map


Paper 355-2013:

 Azhar Nizam, Emory University ; Neeta Shenvi, Emory University ; Xin Zhang, Emory University


Data Merging and Visualization to Identify Associations Between Environmental Factors and Disease Outbreaks


Paper 356-2013:

 Greg Pole, Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi


SCAD: Development of Statistical Information Systems for the Provision of Census Data


Paper 357-2013:

 Charlie Liu, Allergan, Inc.


Introducing and Producing Thunderstorm or Rain-drop Scatter Plots Using the SAS/GRAPH® Annotate Facility


Paper 358-2013:

 Audra Zakzeski, USDA NASS ; Robert Seffrin, US Dept. of Agriculture


An Innovative Approach to Integrating SAS® Macros with GIS Software Products to Produce County-Level Accuracy Assessments.


Paper 359-2013:

 Christopher Battiston, Hospital For Sick Children


How to Become a GTL/PROC Template Jedi


Paper 360-2013:

 Patrick Thornton, SRI International


A Concise Display of Multiple Response Items


Paper 361-2013:

 Sanjay Matange, SAS


Make a Good Graph


Paper 363-2013:

 Christopher Battiston, Hospital For Sick Children


A Beginner's Introduction to an Idiot's Guide to PROC TEMPLATE and GTL for Dummies


Paper 364-2013:

 Andrew Hummel, Delta Air Lines ; Robert Goldman, Delta Air Lines


Creating a Useful Operational Report


Paper 365-2013:

 Kevin Smith, SAS


Cascading Style Sheets: Breaking Out of the Box of ODS Styles


Paper 366-2013:

 Allison Booth, SAS ; Cynthia Zender, SAS


Turn Your Plain Report into a Painted Report Using ODS Styles


Paper 367-2013:

 Barbara Okerson, WellPoint


Do SAS® users read books? Using SAS graphics to enhance survey research


Paper 368-2013:

 David Kelley, SAS ; Ed Summers, SAS ; Julianna Langston, SAS


Go Mobile with the ODS EPUB Destination


Paper 369-2013:

 Helen Smith, RTI International ; Susan Myers, RTI International


Using Design Principles to Make ODS Template Decisions


Paper 371-2013:

 Prashant Hebbar, SAS ; Sanjay Matange, SAS


Free Expressions and Other GTL Tips
Download ZIP file


Paper 372-2013:

 Atul Kachare, SAS


Analysis and Visualization of E-mail Communication Using Graph Template Language


Paper 373-2013:

 Andrew Ratcliffe,


Visual Techniques for Problem Solving and Debugging


Paper 375-2013:

 Azhar Nizam, Emory University ; Neeta Shenvi, Emory University ; Xin Zhang, Emory University


Extended SAS® GIFANIM Device Usage on Table Reporting and Template-Based Graphics


Paper 376-2013:

 Amanda Lin, Bell Canada ; Justin Jia, CIBC


Horizontal Data Sorting and Insightful Reporting: A Useful SAS® Technique


Paper 377-2013:

 Darrell Massengill, SAS


?Google-Like? Maps in SAS®
Download ZIP file


Paper 378-2013:

 Koketso Moeng, Statistics South Africa


Extending SAS® Reports to Your iPhone


Paper 379-2013:

 Raymond Ebben, OCS Consulting


The Dynamic Cube Viewer - OLAP Made Easy


Paper 380-2013:

 Wei Cheng, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Statistical Graphics for Clinical Research Using ODS Graphics Designer


Paper 381-2013:

 Frank Poppe, PW Consulting ; Sjoerd Boogaard, Kiwa Prismant


Visualize Your OLAP Cubes on a Map through a Stored Process


Paper 382-2013:

 Lelia McConnell, SAS


GTL to the Rescue!


Paper 518-2013:

 Jugdish Mistry, J2L Limited


SAS Metadata Reporting: Extracting Invaluable Information from SAS® Metadata


Retail   (Download entire section)

Paper 383-2013:

 Allan Beaver, Sobeys ; Margaret Pelan, Hudson Bay Company ; Nancy Templeton, Belk ; Scott Sanders, Sears


Who Said Change Was Easy


Paper 385-2013:

 Brenda Carr, Hudson Bay Company Canada


Revenue Optimization: How Do You Price?


Paper 386-2013:

 Saurabh Gupta, SAS


SAS® Retail Road Map


Paper 387-2013:

 Lori Schafer, SAS


Retailing in the Era of Tech Titans


Paper 388-2013:

 Ashok Setty, Sobeys Inc. ; Wanda Shive, SAS


Sobeys and SAS - How Do You Talk to Your Customer?


Paper 389-2013:

 Frank Nauta, SAS


SAS® Visual Analytics and Mobile Reporting


Paper 390-2013:

 Amy Clouse, Dick's Sporting Goods


Roundtable Discussion: SAS® Integrated Merchandise Planning


Paper 392-2013:

 Trina Gladwell, Bealls Outlett Stores ; Pay Meyer, Bealls, Inc ; Claire Shanahan, Belk


Location Planning: A Look into Location Planning - Best Practices for Resolving


Paper 393-2013:

 Scott Sanders, Sears ; Amy Clouse, Dick's Sporting Goods


Implementing Assortment Planning and the challenge of User Adoption


Paper 394-2013:

 Amy Clouse, Dick's Sporting Goods


Reclass: What Does It Mean to You!


Paper 395-2013:

 Nancy Templeton, Belk


Forecasting to Support Planning


SAS and Big Data   (Download entire section)

Paper 399-2013:

 Priya Sharma, SAS


Leveraging Big Data Using SAS® High-Performance Analytics Server


Paper 400-2013:

 Alicia Bieringer, SAS ; James Cox, SAS ; Russell Albright, SAS ; Zheng Zhao, SAS


Big Data Meets Text Mining


Paper 401-2013:

 Bob Rodriguez, SAS ; Robert Cohen, SAS


High Performance Statistical Modeling


Paper 402-2013:

 Paul Kent, SAS


SAS® and Hadoop: The BIG Picture


Paper 403-2013:

 Dan Zaratsian, SAS ; Justin Plumley, SAS ; Mary Osborne, SAS


Uncovering Patterns in Textual Data with SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS Text Analytics


Paper 513-2013:

 Greg Hodges, SAS


SAS® Visual Analytics Road Map


Paper 515-2013:

 Gary Mehler, SAS ; Meera Venkataramani, SAS


Getting Started with SAS® Visual Analytics Administration and Deployment


SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage   (Download entire section)

Paper 404-2013:

 Amber Schmitz, Prime Therapeutics


Consistent and Organized Analysis: Moving Beyond Pie-in-the-Sky to Actual Implementation via SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 405-2013:

 Chris Schacherer, Clinical Data Management Systems, LLC


The Concepts and Practice of Analysis with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 406-2013:

 Haibo Jiang, Allergan, Inc.


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®: A System Administrator?s Perspective


Paper 407-2013:

 Scott Leslie, MedImpact Healthcaree Systems, Inc.


Statistical Analyses Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 408-2013:

 Aaron Hill, MDRC


Destination Known: Programmatically Controlling Your Output in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 409-2013:

 Anand Chitale, SAS ; I-kong Fu, SAS ; Lina Clover, SAS


A tour of new features in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, 5.1, and 6.1


Paper 410-2013:

 Tricia Aanderud, And Data Inc


SAS® Enterprise Guide®: More Than a Gift from Outer Space


Paper 411-2013:

 FENG LIU, Genworth Financial ; Ruiwen Zhang, SAS


Using VBA to Debug and Run SAS® Programs Interactively, Run Batch Jobs, Automate Output, and Build Applications


Paper 412-2013:

 Chris Hemedinger, SAS


For All the Hats You Wear: SAS® Enterprise Guide® Has Got You Covered


Paper 413-2013:

 Airaha Chelvakkanthan Manickam, Cognizant Technology Solutions ; Ramya Purushothaman, Cognizant Technology Solutions


Finally, a Tool for Business Users! A Step-By-Step Practical Approach to Pharma Sales Reporting Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3


Paper 414-2013:

 Thomas Kunselman, Southern California Edison


Stealing the Admin's Thunder: SAS® Macros to Interact with the UNIX OS from within SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 415-2013:

 Jennifer Bjurstrom, SAS


Improving Your Relationship with SAS® Enterprise Guide: Tips from SAS® Technical Support


Paper 416-2013:

 Sunil Gupta, Gupta Programming


SAS® Enterprise Guide®, Best of Both Worlds: Is it Right for You?


Paper 417-2013:

 Sreenivas Mullagiri, iGATE Global Solution ; Thomas Billings, Union Bank


Update, Insert, and Carry-Forward Operations in Database Tables Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 418-2013:

 Menaga Ponnupandy, Technosoft Corp


A Comparison between GUI Prompts of SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1 and 4.3 and Approaches for Developing Next-Generation Prompts


Paper 419-2013:

 David Kratz, d-Wise


Making do with less: Emulating Dev/Test/Prod and Creating User Playpens in SAS® Data Integration Studio and SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 420-2013:

 Casey Smith, SAS


What SAS® Administrators Should Know About Security and SAS® Enterprise Guide®


SAS Futures   (Download entire section)

Paper 398-2013:

 Cindy Wang, SAS ; Doug Sedlak, SAS ; Gordon Keener, SAS ; Robert Ray, SAS


MapReduce Anywhere with DS2


Paper 509-2013:

 Saravana Chandran, SAS


Your GPS for SAS® on the Cloud


Paper 510-2013:

 Peter Villiers, SAS


SAS® Virtual Applications in Your Cloud Infrastructure


Paper 511-2013:

 Wayne Thompson, SAS


You Like What? Creating a Recommender System with SAS®


Paper 512-2013:

 Justin Choy, SAS ; Tonya Balan, SAS


Making the Most of Your SAS® Investment in the Era of Big Data


Statistics and Data Analysis   (Download entire section)

Paper 421-2013:

 Bob Rodriguez, SAS ; Guixian Lin, SAS


Using the QUANTLIFE Procedure for Survival Analysis


Paper 422-2013:

 David Pasta, ICON Late Phase & Outcomes Research


Being Continuously Discrete (or Discretely Continuous): Understanding Models with Continuous and Discrete Predictors and Testing Associated Hypotheses


Paper 423-2013:

 Yang Yuan, SAS


Computing Direct and Indirect Standardized Rates and Risks with the STDRATE Procedure


Paper 424-2013:

 Bobby Gutierrez, SAS


Good as New or Bad as Old? Analyzing Recurring Failures with the RELIABILITY Procedure


Paper 425-2013:

 Dawit Mulugeta, Cardinal Health ; Jason Greenfield, Cardinal Health ; Lisa Conley, Cardinal Health ; Tison Bolen, Cardinal Health


Price and Cross-Price Elasticity Estimation Using SAS®


Paper 427-2013:

 Warren Kuhfeld, SAS ; Ying So, SAS


Creating and Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot in PROC LIFETEST


Paper 428-2013:

 Polina Kukhareva, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Cox Proportional Hazard Model Evaluation in One Shot


Paper 429-2013:

 Beeya Na, ICON Late Phase & Outcomes Research ; Eric Elkin, ICON


Are You Discrete? Patients' Treatment Preferences and the Discrete Choice Experiment


Paper 430-2013:

 Jennifer Waller, Georgia Health Sciences University ; Maribeth Johnson, Georgia Health Sciences University


Chi-Square and t-Tests Using SAS®: Performance and Interpretation


Paper 431-2013:

 Michael G. Wilson, Biostatistical Communications, Inc.


Assessing Model Adequacy in Proportional Hazards Regression


Paper 432-2013:

 Maura Stokes, SAS


Current Directions in SAS/STAT® Software Development


Paper 433-2013:

 Bethany Bell, University of South Carolina ; Jason Schoeneberger, University of South Carolina ; Mihaela Ene, University of South Carolina ; Whitney Smiley, University of South Carolina


A Multilevel Model Primer Using SAS® PROC MIXED


Paper 434-2013:

 John Sall, SAS


From Big Data to Big Statistics


Paper 435-2013:

 Joseph Gardiner, Michigan State University


Joint Modeling of Mixed Outcomes in Health Services Research


Paper 436-2013:

 Fang Chen, SAS


Missing No More: Using the MCMC Procedure to Model Missing Data


Paper 437-2013:

 Jill Tao, SAS ; Kathleen Kiernan, SAS ; Phil Gibbs, SAS ; Randy Tobias, SAS


Having an EFFECT: More General Linear Modeling and Analysis with the New EFFECT Statement in SAS/STAT® Software


Paper 438-2013:

 Stephen Mistler, Arizona State University


A SAS® Macro for Applying Multiple Imputation to Multilevel Data


Paper 439-2013:

 Alex Herrington, North Carolina State University ; Liuchun Yang, California State University Long Beach ; Yun Gao, California State Universiday Long Beach


Regression of NASCAR: Looking into Five Years of Jimmie Johnson


Paper 440-2013:

 Stephen Mistler, Arizona State University


A SAS® Macro for Computing Pooled Likelihood Ratio Tests with Multiply Imputed Data


Paper 441-2013:

 Violeta Balinskaite, University of Bologna


Short-Term Costs of Smoking during Pregnancy: A Geometric Multidimensional Approach


Paper 442-2013:

 Lucy D'Agostino, Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine ; Melody S. Goodman, Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine


Multilevel Reweighted Regression Models to Estimate County-Level Racial Health Disparities Using PROC GLIMMIX


Paper 443-2013:

 Ignacio A. Inoa, Universit® de Cergy-Pontoise


Commuting Time and Accessibility in a Joint Residential Location, Workplace, and Job Type Choice Model


Paper 444-2013:

 Abbas Tavakoli, University of South Carolina ; Sue Heiney, University of South Carolina


Examining Mediator and Indirect Effects of Loneliness in Social Support on Social Well-Being Using the Baron and Kenny Method and a Bootstrapping Method


Paper 445-2013:

 Robin High, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Models for Ordinal Response Data


Paper 446-2013:

 Bob Derr, SAS


Ordinal Response Modeling with the LOGISTIC Procedure


Paper 447-2013:

 Rachel Poulsen, TiVo


Segmentation and Classification Analysis Using SAS®


Paper 448-2013:

 Christian Macaro, SAS ; James Lemieux, SAS Institute ; Jan Chvosta, SAS ; Kenneth Sanford, SAS


Estimating Censored Price Elasticities Using SAS/ETS®: Frequentist and Bayesian Approaches


Paper 449-2013:

 Taylor Lewis, U.S. Office of Personnel Management


Considerations and Techniques for Analyzing Domains of Complex Survey Data


Paper 450-2013:

 Matthew Russell, University of Minnesota


Markov Chains and Zeros in My Data: Bayesian Approaches in SAS® That Address Zero Inflation


Paper 451-2013:

 Deanna Schreiber-Gregory, North Dakota State University


Exploring Health Trends and Risk Behavior Analysis in American Youth Using PROC SURVEYFREQ and PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC


Paper 452-2013:

 Pei-Chin Lu, University of Northern Colorado ; Robert Pearson, University of Northern Colorado


Modeling Change over Time: A SAS® Macro for Latent Growth Curve Modeling


Paper 453-2013:

 Casey Sperrazza, University of Alabama


Forecasting Net Job Creation Using SAS®


Paper 454-2013:

 Theresa Ngo, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


The Box-Jenkins Methodology for Time Series Models


Paper 456-2013:

 Aude Pujula, Louisiana State University ; David Maradiaga, Louisiana State University ; Hector Zapata, Louisiana State University


Exploring Time Series Data Properties in SAS®


Paper 457-2013:

 Warren Kuhfeld, SAS ; Weijie Cai, SAS


Introducing the New ADAPTIVEREG Procedure for Adaptive Regression


Paper 458-2013:

 David Corliss, Magnify Analytic Solutions


Nontemporal ARIMA Models in Statistical Research


Paper 491-2013:

 Aarti Bellara, University of South Florida ; Harold Holmes, University of South Florida ; Isaac Li, Univ. of South Florida ; Jeanine Romano, University of South Florida ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Patrice Rasmussen, 5336 Clover Mist Drive ; Patricia Rodriguez de Gil, University of South Florida ; Yi-Hsin Chen, University of South Florida


DICHOTOMIZED_D: A SAS® Macro for Computing Effect Sizes for Artificially Dichotomized Variables


Paper 492-2013:

 Dirk Van den Poel, Ghent University ; Philippe Baecke, Vlerick Business School


The Value of Neighborhood Information in Prospect Selection Models: Investigating the Optimal Level of Granularity


Paper 501-2013:

 David Dickey, NC State University


Finding the Gold in Your Data: An Overview of Data Mining


Paper 502-2013:

 J. Michael Hardin, University of Alabama


What Is Business Analytics?


Paper 504-2013:

 Irena Cenzer, UCSF ; John Boscardin, UCSF ; Katharine Kirby, UCSF ; Yinghui Miao, NCIRE


Estimating Harrell's Optimism on Predictive Indices Using Bootstrap Samples


Systems Architecture and Administration   (Download entire section)

Paper 459-2013:

 Daniel Zuniga, SAS ; Rich Pletcher, SAS ; Tom Keefer, SAS


Virtualized Environment for SAS® High-Performance Products


Paper 460-2013:

 Andy Birds, The Co-operative Banking Group ; Chris Rigden, SAS


Building a SAS® Grid Support Capability in the Enterprise


Paper 461-2013:

 Casey Thompson, SAS ; Chuck Hunley, SAS ; Michael King, SAS ; Rob Hamm, SAS


Tips and Techniques for Deploying SAS® in an Application Virtualization Environment


Paper 463-2013:

 Amy Peters, SAS ; Bob Bonham, SAS ; Zhiyong Li, SAS


Monitoring 101: New Features in SAS® 9.4 for Monitoring Your SAS® Intelligence Platform


Paper 464-2013:

 Diane Hatcher, SAS


SAS® 9.3 Administration Guilty Pleasures: A Few of My Favorite Things


Paper 465-2013:

 Simon Williams, SAS


Knowing Me, Knowing My UI (ah-haa): Understanding SAS® 9.3 and SAS® 9.4 Desktop and Web Client Application Usage Within Your Organization


Paper 466-2013:

 Nicholson (Nick) Warman, Hewlett-Packard (onsite @ SAS)


SAS Visual Analytics (SASVA) and SAS High-Performance Analytics Server (SASHPAS) - Network Considerations and Data Management/Governance


Paper 467-2013:

 John Heaton, Heritage Bank


SAS® Release Management and Version Control


Paper 468-2013:

 Amy Peters, SAS ; Bryan Wolfe, SAS


Enhance Your High Availability Story by Clustering Your SAS® Metadata Server in SAS® 9.4


Paper 469-2013:

 Helen Pan, SAS


Best Practices for Deploying Your SAS® Applications in a High-Availability Cluster


Paper 470-2013:

 Doug Haigh, SAS


The Top Four User-Requested Grid Features Delivered with SAS® Grid Manager 9.4


Paper 471-2013:

 Jouni Javanainen, Aureolis


Creating metadata environment from existing one for testing purpose


Paper 472-2013:

 Peter Crawford, Crawford Software Consultancy Limited


Configure Your Foundation SAS® Client Easily and without Risk


Paper 473-2013:

 Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies, LLC. ; Jennifer Parks, CSC Inc ; Michael Raithel, Westat ; Paul Homes, Metacoda


SAS Administration: The State of the Art (Panel Discussion)


Paper 474-2013:

 Fred Forst, SAS


A Case Study of Tuning an Enterprise Business Intelligence Application in a Multi-OS Environment


Paper 475-2013:

 Simon Williams, SAS


Grand Designs: Why It Pays to Think About Technical Architecture Design Before You Act


Paper 476-2013:

 Stuart Rogers, SAS


Kerberos and SAS® 9.4: A Three-Headed Solution for Authentication


Paper 478-2013:

 Jennifer Parks, CSC Inc


SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence Deployment Projects in the Federal Sector: Best Practices


Paper 479-2013:

 Spencer Hayes, J. S. Hayes, Inc.


Benchmarking SAS® I/O: Verifying I/O Performance Using fio


Paper 480-2013:

 John Scheibmeir, eBay


eBay Quadruples Processing Speed with SAS® In-Database Analytics for Teradata


Paper 481-2013:

 Jan Bigalke, Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE


Hardening a SAS® Installation on a Multi Tier installation on Linux


Paper 482-2013:

 Donna Bennett, SAS ; Gerry Nelson, SAS ; Mark Schneider, SAS


Do I Need a Migration Guide or an Upgrade Coach?


Paper 483-2013:

 Rob Stephens, SAS ; Saravana Chandran, SAS


Integrating SAS® into Your Operational Environment: SOA: A Means to an End


Paper 484-2013:

 Barbara Walters, SAS ; Ken Gahagan, SAS ; Leigh Ihnen, SAS ; Vicki Jones, SAS


How to Choose the Best Shared File System For Your Distributed SAS® Deployment


Paper 485-2013:

 Euwell Bankston, Union Bank, NA ; Thomas Billings, Union Bank


Bridging the Gap Between SAS® Applications Developed by Business Units and Conventional IT Production


Paper 486-2013:

 TB D, Global Forum


Best Practices for Deploying SAS® on Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Paper 487-2013:

 Margaret Crevar, SAS ; Tony Brown, SAS


SAS® and the New Virtual Storage Systems


Paper 490-2013:

 Lori Guido, US Census Bureau ; Michael Bretz, SAS ; Stephen Moore, US Census Bureau


SAS® Virtual Desktop Deployment at the U.S. Bureau of the Census


Paper 493-2013:

 Jack Hamilton, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals


Writing a Useful Groovy Program When All You Know about Groovy Is How to Spell It


Paper 494-2013:

 Andrew Macfarlane, SAS ; Frank Schneider, Allianz Managed Operations and Services SE


Pi in the Sky: Building a Private SAS® Cloud