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Paper Sections
Applications Development Foundations and Fundamentals SAS Presents
Banking/Financial Services Hands-on Workshops SAS Presents... IT Management
Beyond the Basics Healthcare Providers & Insurers SAS Presents... JMP
BI Forum/Business Intelligence Insurance SAS Presents... Solutions
Business Intelligence/Analytics Management SAS Presents...Operations Research
Coders' Corner Pharma SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence
Customer Intelligence Planning and Support SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration
Data Integration Posters SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Reporting and Information Visualization Statistics and Data Analysis
Education Retail Systems Architecture

Applications Development   (Download entire section)

Paper 001-2010:

 McLean, Greg; Mehmet-Ali, Vecdet


Getting Connected to Your Data with SAS/CONNECT®


Paper 002-2010:

 Atkinson, Mike


A Robust and Flexible Approach to Automating SAS® Jobs Under UNIX


Paper 003-2010:

 Parker, Chevell


Using SAS® Output Delivery System (ODS) Markup to Generate Custom PivotTable and PivotChart Reports


Paper 004-2010:

 Dosani, Faisal; Eckler, Lisa; Fecht, Marje


Creating Easily Reusable and Extensible Processes: Code That Thinks for Itself


Paper 005-2010:

 Gebhart, Eric


ODS HTML Evolution, HTML that scrolls, panels, floats, Reads, and Integrates.


Paper 006-2010:

 Ali, Salman


A Pragmatic Approach to Resubmitting Failed Jobs in the Production Environment


Paper 007-2010:

 Osborne, Anastasiya M.


From Unfriendly Text File to SAS® Data Set: Reading Character Strings


Paper 008-2010:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Vyverman, Koen


The French Connection: Implementing a RAID Controller Algorithm in Base SAS®


Paper 009-2010:

 McGowan, Kevin; Reich, Matt


Group File Processing with SAS® Macros and the DATA Step


Paper 010-2010:

 Wright, Philip A.


Eliminating Redundant Custom Formats (or How to Really Take Advantage of PROC SQL, PROC CATALOG, and the DATA Step)


Paper 011-2010:

 O'Connor, Daniel


Zoom, Zoom: Get Your Document to Scale Properly on All Paper Sizes


Paper 012-2010:

 Truong, Sy


SAS® Data and Macros on iPhone


Paper 013-2010:

 Mack, Curtis


Using Base SAS® to Talk to the Outside World: Consuming SOAP and REST Web Services Using SAS® 9.1 and the New Features of SAS® 9.2


Paper 014-2010:

 Fallon, Jeffery A.


Using AJAX and SAS® Stored Processes to Create Dynamic Search-Suggest Functionality


Paper 015-2010:

 Flynn, Joe M.


Flex Your SAS® Muscle


Paper 016-2010:

 Fuller, Jack E.


Mashups Can Be Gravy: Techniques for Bringing the Web to SAS®


Paper 017-2010:

 Rauch, Adam


The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating a Java Web Application with SAS® Using the SAS/SHARE® Driver for JDBC


Banking/Financial Services   (Download entire section)

Paper 018-2010:

 Kerdal, Johann; Marelli, Francesco; Costone, Fulvia; Perucchio, Danilo L.


Beyond the SAS® Credit Risk Management Solution: The Gruppo Banca Carige Credit Monitoring Model and the Keinavo Advanced Web 2.0 Reporting Framework


Paper 019-2010:

 Bruno, Giuseppe


Distributed Enterprise Scheduling, Workload Balancing, and Parallelized Workloads for Productive Performance at Bank of Italy Research Unit with SAS® Grid Manager on an HPC Cluster


Paper 021-2010:

 Chengzhong, Yao C.


SAS® Banking Intelligence Solutions Best Practices at CMBC Credit Card Center


Paper 378-2010:

 Miller, Rick


Supercharged Analytics


Beyond the Basics   (Download entire section)

Paper 022-2010:

 Cody, Ronald


Using Advanced Features of User-Defined Formats and Informats


Paper 023-2010:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Vyverman, Koen; Dorfman, Victor P.


Black Belt Hashigana


Paper 024-2010:

 Eberhardt, Peter


Functioning at an Advanced Level: PROC FCMP and PROC PROTO


Paper 025-2010:

 Massengill, Darrell


Google Maps and SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 026-2010:

 Carpenter, Art


The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Doing More


Paper 027-2010:

 Theuwissen, Henri


Complex Data Combinations on Large Volumes: How to Get the Best Performance


Paper 028-2010:

 Li, Arthur


When Best to Use the %LET Statement, the SYMPUT Routine, or the INTO Clause to Create Macro Variables


Paper 029-2010:

 Whitlock, Ian


A Serious Look at Macro Quoting


Paper 030-2010:

 Hoyle, Larry


Using SAS® XML Mapper and SAS® Enterprise Guide® to Read Data and Metadata from an XML File


Paper 031-2010:

 Gebhart, Eric


ODS ExcelXP: Tag Attr Is It! Using and Understanding the TAGATTR= Style Attribute with the ExcelXP Tagset


Paper 032-2010:

 Churchill, Alan; Henderson, Don


Creating Highly Customized, Binary Microsoft Excel Workbooks Using XML


Paper 033-2010:

 Zender, Cynthia


SAS® Style Templates: Always in Fashion


Paper 034-2010:

 Holland, Philip R.


Using the ODS Graphics Designer to Create Your Own Templates


Paper 035-2010:

 Huntley, Scott; Lawhorn, Bari


Getting the Right Report (Again): Your Compatibility Guide for ODS.pdf 9.2


Paper 036-2010:

 Sucher, Kenneth


Macros Made Easy (and More Efficient) with SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2 Prompts


Paper 037-2010:

 McDaniel (Freakalytics, LLC), Stephen; McDaniel, Ph.D., Eileen M.


The Future of Marketing Analytics with SAS® Enterprise Guide®, Customer Segmentation and Lifetime Valuation Modeling


Paper 038-2010:

 Pratter, Frederick


SAS® Web Report Studio


Paper 039-2010:

 Olinger, Chris; Kratz, David


SAS® Data Integration Studio Tips and Tricks


BI Forum/Business Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 294-2010:

 Rodriguez, Robert N.


It’s All about Variation: Improving Your Business Process with Statistical Thinking


Paper 295-2010:

 Clover, Lina; Choy, Justin


Future Concepts for Software as a Service (SaaS) BI


Paper 296-2010:

 Barnhart, Mike; Ina, Peter; Fu, I-kong B.


Better Decision Making with SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence and Microsoft Outlook


Paper 297-2010:

 Adams, Jim; Thomas, Michael; Whitman, Lisa


Intelligence on the Go with Mobile Dashboarding


Paper 371-2010:

 Choy, Justin; Hatcher, Diane


Take a Whirlwind Tour Around SAS 9.2


Paper 372-2010:

 Collica, Randy


Estimating Potential IT Demand from Top to Bottom


Paper 373-2010:

 Crevar, Margaret; Shakshober, Douglas


SAS Analytics on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reference Architecture


Paper 374-2010:

 Rollender, Matthew


Netezza Insight


Paper 375-2010:

 Dietrich, Mark; Rote, Mike


Accelerating Analytic Insight - featuring Williams-Sonoma


Business Intelligence/Analytics   (Download entire section)

Paper 040-2010:

 Nelson, Gregory


Business Intelligence 2.0: Are We There Yet?


Paper 041-2010:

 Davidson, Kevin; Duong, Minh


Using Dynamic and Cascading Prompts in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 042-2010:

 Healy, Ian P.; Wong, Rocket


Business Intelligence Competency: Maine Medical Center


Paper 043-2010:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Lessons Learned from a BI Installation


Paper 044-2010:

 El-Berry, Rami; Hallwirth, Christine


SAS® Business Intelligence – A Technology for Register-based Censuses


Paper 045-2010:

 Hirsch, Gordon; Thomas, Michael


Interactive Dashboards: Powered by Flash and the SAS® Programmer


Coders' Corner   (Download entire section)

Paper 046-2010:

 Tabachneck, Arthur S.; Herbison, Randy; Clapson, Andrew W.; King, John; DeAngelis, Roger J.; Abernathy, Tom


Automagically Copying and Pasting Variable Names


Paper 047-2010:

 Ladds, John F.


So Many Variables, Too Many Labels: Moving Labels from One Variable to Another


Paper 048-2010:

 Sridharma, Selvaratnam


Automatically Dropping Variables with Only Missing Values


Paper 049-2010:

 Roehl, William G.


Bridging the Gap between the Google Analytics API and SAS®


Paper 050-2010:

 Zdeb, Mike


Driving Distances and Times Using SAS® and Google Maps


Paper 052-2010:

 Conway, Ted


Get to Your Points: Using SAS® to Build Google Maps


Paper 053-2010:

 Bartlett, Jake; Bieringer, Alicia; Cox, James


Your Friendly Neighborhood Webcrawler: A Guide to Crawling the Web with SAS®


Paper 054-2010:

 Hunt, Stephen


SAS® One-liners


Paper 055-2010:

 Fairfield-Carter, Brian


Reverse-Engineer a Reference Curve: Capturing Tabular Data from Graphical Output


Paper 056-2010:

 Shu, Amos


Two Practical Approaches to Add Special Characters to Axis Labels in SAS/GRAPH® Output in RTF


Paper 057-2010:

 Meng, Xiangxiang


Creating High-Quality Scatter Plots: An Old Story Told by the New SGSCATTER Procedure


Paper 058-2010:

 Varney, Brian


Visualizing Key Performance Indicators Using the GKPI Procedure


Paper 059-2010:

 Gober, John


Short Course for the Korn Shell "find" Command and Piping the Information into SAS®


Paper 060-2010:

 Hunley, Chuck


SMTP Email Access Method: Hints, Tips, and Tricks


Paper 061-2010:

 Grandits, Greg; Neuhaus, Jacqueline


Using SAS® to Perform Individual Matching in Design of Case-Control Studies


Paper 062-2010:

 Morgan, Derek; Omolo, Bernard O.


Challenges in Genomic Data Processing I: Multiple Small Files


Paper 063-2010:

 Morgan, Derek


Challenges in Processing Genomic Data II - One BIG File


Paper 064-2010:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Simple Rules to Remember When Working with Indexes


Paper 065-2010:

 Murphy, William C.


Space Management for Text Variables


Paper 066-2010:

 Young, Taylor


Taming the Herd: Wrangling Unruly Text Files in SAS®


Paper 067-2010:

 Wright, Philip A.


Using a Few Key Elements of SAS® DATA Step Code and a Couple of Procedures to Optimize the Observation Length of a Data Set


Paper 068-2010:

 Fallon, Jeffery A.


When the List Grows Too Long: A Strategy to Use Freeform User Input in Your SAS® Stored Process Web Applications


Paper 069-2010:

 Capan, Dragos D.


Using the Descriptor Portion of a SAS® Data File


Paper 070-2010:

 Dilts, Erik H.


Why Aren’t You Using MEMLIB?


Paper 071-2010:

 van Stein, Edwin J.


Getting Your Metadata Using PROC METADATA


Paper 072-2010:

 Li, Alice; Cheng, Jacob Jen-Hao


Next-Generation DATA _NULL_ Report Writing Using ODS OO Features: A Powerful Tool to Create Custom Tables


Paper 073-2010:

 Hull, Bob


I’ve Got the Styles You Need


Paper 074-2010:

 Chen, Chienchung


Generating Complex Reports with DDE and VBA


Paper 075-2010:

 Simeoni, John; Coy, Dikki


Automating Report Dates and Formats Using SAS®9 Software


Paper 076-2010:

 Zeng, Zemin; Li, Mei


Using SAS® Software and Visual Basic for Application to Dynamically Manipulate SAS List Files


Paper 077-2010:

 Blackburn, Allen ; Gruzdev, Mikhail


Evolution of Formatting "On the Fly"


Paper 078-2010:

 Gupta, Sunil; Asrani, Deepak G.


Preventive Reporting Is Better with a Multi-label Format


Paper 079-2010:

 Welch, Brandon L.; Slater, Rita


Data Simulation for Piloting Clinical Trials Display Programs


Paper 080-2010:

 Russell, Robert L.


Using Data Set Labels and Format Descriptions to Simplify Application Debugging


Paper 081-2010:

 Roman, Christine T.; Benn, Emma K.; Hesdorffer, Dale C.; Marmarou, Anthony; Shinnar, Shlomo


Automated Data Cleaning Linking Data Manager to Study Coordinator: Error Finding by Variable and Error Fixing by Subject


Paper 082-2010:

 Cerussi, Peter


Using the External Filename to Create File Date Variables


Paper 083-2010:

 Augustine, Aaron J.


SAS® Code Validation: L.E.T.O. Method


Paper 084-2010:

 Whitworth, Ryan E.


Zip and E-mail Files Using SAS® to Reduce Errors and MAKE Documentation Easy


Paper 085-2010:

 Cieri, Frederick A.


Tabular Reporting Data Standard


Paper 086-2010:

 Liming , Douglas B.


Data in Your Inbox? Use It!


Paper 087-2010:

 Fogleman, Stanley


New Dogs and Old Tricks, Part II: Using the SELECT Statement and FLAGS to Streamline Your Code


Paper 088-2010:

 Davis, Scott


Where Does This WHERE Statement Go?


Paper 089-2010:

 Sridharma, Selvaratnam


Some Examples of Simple Perl Regular Expressions in SAS®9


Paper 090-2010:

 Thacher, Clarke


Make Your SAS® Code Environmentally Aware


Paper 091-2010:

 Williams, Sumner


Documenting SAS® Macros on a Server


Paper 092-2010:

 Sun, Helen; Wong, Cindy


A Macro to Create a Batch Submit SAS Program


Paper 093-2010:

 Cassell, David


Stupid Human Tricks with PROC EXPAND


Paper 094-2010:

 Choy, Murphy; Flom, Peter L.


Building a Decision Tree from Decision Stumps


Paper 095-2010:

 Feng, Ying; Weng, Vincent


A Program to Automatically Compute Agreement Statistics for an Asymmetric Table


Paper 096-2010:

 Xu, Wei


Automatically Run Fisher's Exact Test When the Chi-square Test Might Not Be Valid


Paper 097-2010:

 Powers, Keiko I.


Efficient Statistical Programming? Reducing SAS® Run Time with WHERE Setup


Paper 098-2010:

 Beck, Sarah J.


SAS® State of Mind: A Guide to Learning SAS for the Stata User


Paper 099-2010:

 Srivastava, Jennifer M.


Using PROC CONTENTS Output to Perform Quality Control Checks on SDTM Data Sets


Paper 100-2010:

 Shapiro, Mira


Yes, PROC SQL Is Great, But I Love DATA Step Programming: What's a SAS® User to Do?


Paper 101-2010:

 Chung, Kevin


Using the SQL Procedure to Summarize and Transpose Data


Paper 102-2010:

 King, John; Zdeb, Mike


Transposing Data Using the IDGROUP Option in PROC SUMMARY


Paper 103-2010:

 Landry, Leonard E.


Look Before You Leap – A Technique to Simulate a Look-Ahead Function


Paper 104-2010:

 Galin, Olga; Sapozhnikova, Alla


Finding Your Subjects in a Haystack: The Many Ways of Implementing Table Look-Ups


Paper 105-2010:

 Wang, Qin


Using SAS® to Report Data in XML Format


Paper 106-2010:

 Hennessey, John


A SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2 and SAS/CONNECT® Mainframe Project That Makes the Mainframe Behave Like a Modern Computer


Paper 107-2010:

 Matlapudi, Anjan


Challenge! Reading a Mainframe Hexadecimal-Delimited Flat File in Which Each Line Has a Different Layout


Paper 108-2010:

 Choy, Murphy


Data Masking with Classical Ciphers


Paper 109-2010:

 Ghent, Ian J.


Faster Results by Multi-threading DATA Steps


Paper 291-2010:

 Davis, Scott


Getting By with a Little Help from My Regular Expressions


Customer Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 110-2010:

 Keshi, Tamer


Advanced Customer Intelligence: A Complete Solution for Efficient Fact-based CRM


Paper 111-2010:

 Pinheiro, Carlos Andre R.; Helfert, Markus


Creating a Customer Influence Factor to Decrease the Impact of Churn and to Enhance the Bundle Diffusion in Telecommunications Based on Social Network Analysis


Paper 112-2010:

 Mouton, Dwight J.; Reynolds, Robbie; Williams, Angela


Utilizing SAS® Marketing Optimization as a Forecasting Tool


Paper 113-2010:

 Thompson, Wayne; Duling, David


Rapid Predictive Modeling for Customer Intelligence


Paper 114-2010:

 Lang, Ted; Neafsey, William


Successful Product Creation by Using Analytics to Discover What Consumers Value


Paper 115-2010:

 Moskowitz, Howard J.; Rafiee, Dana


Addressable Minds for Understanding the Perception of Marketing Messages


Data Integration   (Download entire section)

Paper 116-2010:

 Stander, Jeff


SAS® Data Integration Studio: Tips and Techniques for Implementing ELT


Paper 117-2010:

 Holte, Anders


The Power of User-Defined SAS® Code in SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 118-2010:

 Liang, Qingfeng


Best Solutions for Tuning the Performance of ETL Jobs in SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 119-2010:

 Logan, David


Blistering ETL Performance Using the Intelligent, Dynamic, and Parallel Capabilities of SAS®


Paper 120-2010:

 Kehder, Matthias


Analytical ETL, or How to Build a Data Pipe


Paper 121-2010:

 Milum, Jenine


Creating a Report in the SAS® Information Delivery Portal Using SAS® Information Maps


Paper 122-2010:

 Leproni, Paola


Managing Data Quality in Many Sectors: Healthcare, Tax, School, Environment


Data Mining and Predictive Modeling   (Download entire section)

Paper 123-2010:

 Schubert, Sascha


The Power of the Group Processing Facility in SAS® Enterprise Miner™


Paper 124-2010:

 Cerrito, Patricia


Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 5.3 to Examine Factors Such as Poverty Levels in Different School Districts


Paper 125-2010:

 Dobson, David


Segmenting Textual Data on Automobile Insurance Claims


Paper 126-2010:

 Wang, Xiao


Investigating the Impact of Medicare Part D on Diabetes Medications Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™ and Survival Analysis


Paper 127-2010:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


More than Models: The Data Mining Team


Education   (Download entire section)

Paper 128-2010:

 Cherland, Ryan


Delivering Decision Support Information to Departmental Units Using the SAS® BI Platform


Paper 129-2010:

 Dsor, Gurupratap S.


Business Intelligence Solution to Improve Educational Standards and Performance for an Australian State Education Authority


Paper 130-2010:

 Yorkos, Ali Y.; Murray, Maureen


BI Development for Education by Our Institutional Research Department OR How BI Tools Made Our Motto “IR Is Data” a Fact


Paper 131-2010:

 Reda, Said


Executive Dashboard: A Driver for Institutional Change and a Means to Broaden Understanding


Paper 132-2010:

 Patch, Karen


'Show Me the Green’ through a Hosted Sustainability Solution for Higher Education


Foundations and Fundamentals   (Download entire section)

Paper 133-2010:

 Booth, Allison M.


Evolve from a Carpenter’s Apprentice to a Master Woodworker: Creating a Plan for Your Reports and Avoiding Common Pitfalls in REPORT Procedure Coding


Paper 134-2010:

 Karp, Andrew


Working with SAS® Date and Time Functions


Paper 135-2010:

 Carpenter, Art


The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Getting Started


Paper 136-2010:

 Theuwissen, Henri


SAS® Enterprise Guide®: The Self-Service Environment for Reporting and Analytics


Paper 137-2010:

 Bangi, Audimar; Hemedinger, Chris; Slocum, Stephen


New Goodies in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3


Paper 138-2010:

 Raithel, Michael


PROC DATASETS: The Swiss Army Knife of SAS® Procedures


Paper 139-2010:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Exploring Powerful Features in PROC SQL


Paper 140-2010:

 Jolley, Linda; Stroupe, Jane


Dear Miss SASAnswers: A Guide to Sorting Your Data


Paper 141-2010:

 Pass, Ray; Ewing, Daphne


So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?


Paper 142-2010:

 Piaskoski, Dianne


“SAS® Macros Are Just Text Substitution!” . . . ARRRRGGGHHH!!!


Paper 143-2010:

 Lund, Pete


Using SAS® Formats: So Much More than "M" = "Male"


Paper 144-2010:

 First, Jennifer F.; First, Steven


Choosing the Right Tool from Your SAS® and Microsoft Excel Tool Belt


Paper 145-2010:

 Ravenna, Andy


SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2: Getting to Code You


Paper 146-2010:

 Gilsen, Bruce


Tales from the Help Desk 4: Still More Solutions for Common SAS® Mistakes


Paper 147-2010:

 Russell, Kevin ; Tyndall, Russ


SAS® System Options: The True Heroes of Macro Debugging


Paper 148-2010:

 Axelrod, Elizabeth


Boot Camp for Programmers: Stuff You Need to Know That's Not in the Manual and Best Practices to Help Us Achieve Reproducibility


Paper 149-2010:

 Williams, Christianna


PROC COMPARE: Worth Another Look!


Paper 150-2010:

 Li, Arthur


Get the Scoop on the Loop: How Best to Write a Loop in the DATA Step


Hands-on Workshops   (Download entire section)

Paper 151-2010:

 Eberhardt, Peter


The SAS® Hash Object: It’s Time To .find() Your Way Around


Paper 152-2010:

 Fecht, Marje; Dhillon, Rupinder


SAS® Enterprise Guide®: It’s for Programmers Too!


Paper 153-2010:

 DelGobbo, Vince


Traffic Lighting Your Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®


Paper 154-2010:

 Slaughter, Susan; Delwiche, Lora


Using PROC SGPLOT for Quick High-Quality Graphs


Paper 155-2010:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Exploring DICTIONARY Tables and SASHELP Views


Paper 156-2010:

 Carpenter, Art


Graph Elements You Should Know (Even If You Don’t Use SAS/GRAPH® Software)


Paper 157-2010:

 Jansen, Lex


Understanding the define.xml File and Converting It to a Relational Database


Paper 158-2010:

 Waller, Jennifer


How to Use Arrays and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?


Paper 159-2010:

 Tilanus, Erik; Lokollo, Ellen


Kick Start with ODS


Healthcare Providers & Insurers   (Download entire section)

Paper 160-2010:

 Ogden, David C.


Physician Practice Pattern Variation: Using Data Mining and Predictive Modeling to Identify and Control Costly Treatment Patterns


Paper 161-2010:

 Williams, Christianna; Hadden, Louise S.; Mortimore, Edward; Nagy, Frank; Plotzke, Michael; White, Alan


Measuring Nursing Home Quality: The Five-Star Rating System


Paper 162-2010:

 Leach, Alan; Seeno, Heather Y.


The Quest for the Holy Grail: OLAP Approaches for Calculating Actuarial Measures


Paper 164-2010:

 Low, Ronald B.


Using the GLIMMIX Procedure to Model Hospital Quality Measured by CMS: Comparing City-Owned Hospitals, Other Safety Net Hospitals, and Hospitals for the Well-Insured


Paper 165-2010:

 Cerrito, Patricia; Cerrito, John


Predictions of Infection and Their Accuracy


Paper 166-2010:

 Gross, Matt


Analytics in the Converging Health and Life Sciences Industries: The Catalyst for the Next Generation of Healthcare


Paper 167-2010:

 Nelson, Gregory


The Healthcare Performance Dashboard: Linking Strategy to Metrics


Paper 168-2010:

 Baker, Andrew S.


Improving Quality of Care for Chronic Disease in the Primary Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Program Using SAS® and Electronic Medical Record Data


Paper 169-2010:

 Wong, Rocket; Chingos, J. Peter


Using SAS® Business Intelligence to Deliver Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) at Maine Medical Center


Paper 381-2010:

 Gorrell, Paul


Using SAS® to Analyze U.S. Federal Healthcare Data


Insurance   (Download entire section)

Paper 170-2010:

 Mosley, Roosevelt


An Analytical Approach to Determining Customer Value in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry


Paper 171-2010:

 Roberts, Terisa


Improving the Defense Lines: The Future of Fraud Detection in the Insurance Industry (with Fraud Risk Models, Text Mining, and Social Networks)


Paper 172-2010:

 Becquembois , Grégory; Maurice, Pascal


How to Transform a Technical Exercise into a Real Opportunity Taking Advantage of New Features That SAS® Developed: The True Challenge of a Migration


Paper 298-2010:

 Kim, Young-Gon


Kyobo Life: Building Scoring Models to Bring an Analytic process to support End-to-End Risk Management.


Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 173-2010:

 Milley, Anne; Zeid, Aiman


How to Establish an Analytical Center of Excellence to Maximize the Value from Your Data and Analytics Investment


Paper 174-2010:

 DiFinizio, Lynn M.; Hotaling, John


Searching for a Diamond in the Rough: Finding and Integrating SAS® Programming Talent


Paper 175-2010:

 Perry, Joe


Quality Outcomes and SAS®: Structuring, Managing, and Working in Programming Groups Based in SAS


Paper 176-2010:

 Baker, Jim


SAS® Beyond Measure


Paper 177-2010:

 High, Jerry


Creating a Successful Support Model for the SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform


Paper 178-2010:

 Nordin, Johan


Proactive Management (Or Proactive Decisions)


Pharma   (Download entire section)

Paper 179-2010:

 Kilhullen, Michael


Managing Clinical Data Standards: An Introduction to SAS® Clinical Data Integration


Paper 180-2010:

 Westfall, Peter H.; Dmitrienko, Alex ; DeSouza, Cynthia; Tomoiaga, Alin


Clinical Trials Simulation: A Publicly Available, Grid-Enabled, GUI-Driven SAS® System


Paper 181-2010:

 Ewing, Daphne


Automating SDTM File Creation: Speeding Up the Process with Metadata Files


Paper 182-2010:

 Fulton, Jennifer K.


Dealing with Lab Data: Stacking the Deck in Your Favor


Paper 183-2010:

 Decker, Chris


The Past, Present, and Future of Clinical Data Standards


Planning and Support   (Download entire section)

Paper 184-2010:

 Raithel, Michael


Supporting SAS® Software in a Research Organization


Paper 185-2010:

 Beaty, Brenda


Once You "Know" SAS®... How to Keep Learning SAS®


Paper 186-2010:

 Council, Kathy


At Your Service: Your Roadmap to Support from SAS®


Paper 187-2010:

 Shipp, Charles E.; Lafler, Kirk P.


Win with SAS®, JMP®, and Interest In-House Groups


Paper 188-2010:

 Balent, Jean


How to Be an Organized SAS® Programmer


Paper 189-2010:

 Chen, Gongwei


Get Certified as an Advanced SAS® Programmer in Six Months or Less!


Posters   (Download entire section)

Paper 190-2010:

 Jain, Vikash


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Integrated Visualization of Clinical Data


Paper 191-2010:

 Luo, Lian; Yiin, James H.


A VB.NET Utility to Transfer Multiple Data Files between SAS® and Microsoft Access and Excel by Automatically Generating SAS® Import/Export Statements


Paper 192-2010:

 Berube, Joana; Fortier, Susie


An In-House SAS® Procedure to Balance Time Series: The TSRAKING Procedure


Paper 193-2010:

 Fernandez, George


BMI Made Simple: What Is Your "Maximum Weight Limit”?


Paper 194-2010:

 Ju, Jun; Nowlin, Susan; Sestito, John


Creating Dynamic Series Charts Using Base SAS®, SAS/GRAPH®, and the Annotate Facility


Paper 195-2010:

 Bursac, Zoran


Creating Forest Plots from Pre-computed Data Using PROC SGPLOT and Graph Template Language


Paper 196-2010:

 Yeh, Mei-Fen; Cece, Anthony; Presser, Mark A.


Custom Designs Using JMP® Design of Experiments and SAS® PROC OPTEX


Paper 197-2010:

 Bell, Bethany A.; Morgan, Grant B.; Schoeneberger, Jason A.; Loudermilk, Brandon L.; Kromrey, Jeffrey; Ferron, John


Dancing the Sample-Size Limbo with Mixed Models: How Low Can You Go?


Paper 198-2010:

 Chiu, Wing Keung


An Efficient Method to Access Data in OnCore by Using SAS®


Paper 199-2010:

 Danner, Bradford J.; Kirby, Steve


Establishing Consistent Programming for Pharmaceutical Safety Summarizations Using a DOW Loop


Paper 200-2010:

 Young, Taylor


Facilitating Genetic Analysis: SAS®, the NHLBI, and CARe


Paper 201-2010:

 Bell, Bethany A.; Schoeneberger, Jason A.; Morgan, Grant B.; Kromrey, Jeffrey; Ferron, John


Fundamental Diagnostics for Two-Level Mixed Models: The SAS® Macro MIXED_DX


Paper 202-2010:

 Jo, Chan-Hee; Gossett, Jeff; Austen, Mark; Miller, Beverly K.; Aitken, Mary


GLIMMIX Adds a New Level to the Analysis of Multilevel Community Data


Paper 205-2010:

 Hadden, Louise S.


Purrfectly Fabulous Feline Functions


Paper 206-2010:

 Zheng, John


Recursive SAS® Macro: A Fun Application


Paper 207-2010:

 Traballi, Rogerio C.; Makiya, Ieda K.


Research in Agriculture


Paper 208-2010:

 Islam, Farhad


SAS® for Green Energy Solutions in Smart Electric Grid Systems


Paper 209-2010:

 Sevick, Carter


SAS® Arrays, Both Implicit and Explicit


Paper 210-2010:

 Aboutaleb, Hany


Using the SAS® Macro Language to Automate Data Listings for New Drug Applications


Paper 211-2010:

 Okerson, Barbara


SAS® Maps as Tools to Display and Clarify Healthcare Outcomes


Paper 212-2010:

 Xiao, Ellen


SDTM Attribute-Checking Tool


Paper 213-2010:

 Feng, Yu


Select Matched-Pair Control Sampling Using PROC SURVEYSELECT


Paper 214-2010:

 Ragavan, Anpalaki J.


Statistical Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Spring, Mass, and Damper Assembly Using SAS®


Paper 215-2010:

 Hadden, Louise S.


The Great Escape (ESCAPECHAR)


Paper 216-2010:

 Nelson, Rob


Using ODS LAYOUT to Create Publication-Quality.pdf Reports of STD Surveillance Data


Paper 217-2010:

 Gordon, Leonard


Using the SAS® System and SAS® Enterprise Miner™ for Data Mining: A Study of Cancer Survival at the Mayo Clinic


Paper 218-2010:

 Xu, Hui; Vuga, Marike


Various Solutions to Missing Values in Repeated Sequences


Paper 219-2010:

 Hadden, Louise S.; Zdeb, Mike


ZIP Code 411: Decoding SASHELP.ZIPCODE and Other SAS® Maps Online Mysteries


Paper 288-2010:

 Pruitt, Rex


The Applied Use of Population Stability Index in SAS® Enterprise Miner™


Paper 289-2010:

 Froelich, Amy G.; Duckworth, William M.


Using New JMP® Interactive Modules to Teach Concepts in Introductory Statistics


Paper 290-2010:

 Austen, Mark; Gossett, Jeff; Melguizo, Maria S.; Jo, Chan-Hee


Improving Your Statistical Consulting Prowess by Adding R to Your SAS® Repertoire


Reporting and Information Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 220-2010:

 Azimaee, Mahmoud


KML Macro: Integrating SAS® and Google API and Its Application in Mapping Manitoba's Health Data on Google Earth and Google Map


Paper 221-2010:

 Liebhardt, Ingo


Personalized Web Reports in Style: Tweaking SAS® ODS, Tagsets, and CSS to Get the Output Right


Paper 222-2010:

 Harris, Kriss


ROC Hard? No, ROC Made Easy!


Paper 223-2010:

 LaSelva, Gwen D.


Aggregation without Aggravation: Determining Spatial Contiguity and Joining Geographic Areas Using Hashing


Paper 224-2010:

 Lynn, Chris


The Options You Must Understand to Effectively Publish an ITRM Enterprise Guide Report to a SAS Information Delivery Portal Portlet


Paper 225-2010:

 Sumant, Smita S.


Flexible HTML Reporting Using Advanced Macro Programming and TableEditor Tagset


Paper 226-2010:

 Holland, Philip R.


Developing ODS Templates for Nonstandard Graphs in SAS® 9.2


Paper 227-2010:

 Few, Stephen


Data Visualization: Opening Our Minds by Opening Our Eyes


Paper 228-2010:

 Huang, Ya


Automate PowerPoint Slide Generation with ODS and VBScript


Paper 229-2010:

 Wright, Steve


SAS® System Viewer Is Replaced by the SAS® Universal Viewer


Paper 230-2010:

 Feder, Steven


Integrating Tables and Graphs with ODS LAYOUT


Paper 231-2010:

 Bessler, LeRoy


The Most Communication-Effective and Most Usable Information Delivery


Paper 232-2010:

 Okerson, Barbara


Pleasing the Client: Creating Custom Reports with SAS® ODS LAYOUT and the REPORT Procedure


Paper 233-2010:

 Yang, Dongsheng


Customizing ODS Statistical Graphs Step-by-Step


Paper 234-2010:

 Kincaid, Charles


SGPANEL: Telling the Story Better


Paper 235-2010:

 Pirrello, Charles


Effective Visualization Techniques for Data Discovery and Analysis


Paper 236-2010:

 Hays, Martha S.


Customize Your SAS® Enterprise Guide® Graphs for a More Professional Look


Paper 237-2010:

 Heath, Dan


Creating Presentation-Quality ODS Graphics Output


Retail   (Download entire section)

Paper 360-2010:

 Gautereaux, Jason


Building a Customer-Centric Merchandising Framework


Paper 361-2010:

 Donofrio , Terry


Applying Assortment Planning Processes, Automation, and Optimization to Create a Localized Customer-Centric Merchandising Environment, Part 1


Paper 362-2010:

 Ballentyne, Jennifer; Crozier, Jody


Applying Assortment Planning Processes, Automation, and Optimization to Create a Localized Customer-Centric Merchandising Environment, Part 2


Paper 363-2010:

 Schafer, Bob


User Implementation and Adoption Panel


Paper 364-2010:

 McDaniel, Richard


MDO Customer Experiences


Paper 365-2010:

 Gupta, Saurabh


SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite 4.2 Overview


Paper 366-2010:

 Bavaro, Liz


Revenue Optimization Round Table


Paper 367-2010:

 Clouse, Amy; Ferguson, Ann


Plan Administration Round Table


Paper 368-2010:

 White, Stephanie; Wolf, Alan


Merchandise Reclassification Round Table


Paper 369-2010:

 Joliet, Joanne; Pegler, Rich


Reporting Round Table


Paper 376-2010:

 Peterson, Brad


SAS Regular Price Optimization – Customer Case Study by Northern Tool


Paper 377-2010:

 Gupta, Saurabh; Kumar, Deva


Annual SAS Update to Retail Merchandise Intelligence Users


SAS Presents   (Download entire section)

Paper 299-2010:

 Harper, Renee; Hoverstad, Lainie


Discovering the Road Less Travelled to SAS® Information: A Guide for Your Journey


Paper 300-2010:

 Mebust, Scott; Ray, Robert S.


SAS® Presents In-Database Base Procedures in Practice


Paper 301-2010:

 Sweetland, Scott


Scaling the SAS® 9.2 EBI Web Tier with Multiple Managed Servers and Server Clusters


Paper 302-2010:

 Plemmons, Howard


Look What's New in SAS/ACCESS®: New Engines and SQL Optimization


Paper 303-2010:

 Dean, Jared; Brown, Tony; Crevar, Margaret


Parlez-Vous IT?: Determining IT Needs for Large Statistical Problems


Paper 304-2010:

 Sargent, Daniel M.


SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server®: Star Schema Support


Paper 305-2010:

 Hadden, Casey; Tomasi, Martin D.


The SAS® Middle Tier: Providing Integration Services for the SAS® Intelligence Platform


Paper 306-2010:

 Van Wyk, Jana


Getting Your Cube from Here to There: Migration and Deployment of OLAP Cubes in SAS® 9.2 Deployment


Paper 307-2010:

 Cox, Ian D.


The Power of Personalization with JMP®


Paper 308-2010:

 Leonard, Michael J.; John, Meredith; Elsheimer, Bruce


An Introduction to Singular Spectrum Analysis with SAS/ETS® Software


Paper 309-2010:

 Chandran, Saravana R.


The Art of Managing SAS® 9.2 Middle Tier


Paper 310-2010:

 Cox, James; Mayes, Manya


What's New in SAS® Text Miner 4.2


Paper 311-2010:

 Fenton, Jim; Ladd, Robert


A Practical Approach to Securing a SAS® 9.2 Intelligence Platform Deployment


Paper 312-2010:

 Park, Heesun


Integrated Windows Authentication Support for SAS® 9.2 Enterprise BI Web Applications


Paper 313-2010:

 Rabb, Merry G.


Thoroughly Modern SAS®: The SAS® Code Analyzer Helps Bring Programs Up to Date


Paper 314-2010:

 Vincent, Stephen A.


SAS® Application Messaging: How to Integrate Disparate Processes in Your Service-Oriented Architecture


Paper 315-2010:

 Rausch, Nancy; Hunley, Eric


What's New in SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 316-2010:

 Weisz, Jon T.


Ad Hoc and Statistical Model Visualization Using JMP®, SAS® and Excel


Paper 317-2010:

 Hatcher, Diane


Migration from SAS® 9.1.3 to SAS® 9.2: Practicalities of the Automated Tools


Paper 318-2010:

 Andrews, Brian; Bennett, Donna; Burchett, Gary


The Lowdown on the Download: What’s Really in My SAS® Software Depot and How Did It Get There?


Paper 319-2010:

 Chitale, Anand V.; Choy, Justin


Scheduling and Distribution: Key Reporting Capability for Productive Enterprise Business Intelligence


Paper 320-2010:

 Ihnen, Leigh


Virtualization in a UNIX Environment and SAS®


Paper 321-2010:

 Little, Mark; DeNardis, David


Combining SAS/ETS® and JMP® Software for Powerful Econometric Modeling


Paper 322-2010:

 Duling, David; Rodriguez, Robert N.


An Introduction to SAS® In-Database Statistical Computing


Paper 323-2010:

 Inman, Elliot; Drutar, Michael


Instant KPI: From Data to Dashboard in Record Time


Paper 324-2010:

 Wisniewski, Kathy A.


Be All That You Can Be: Best Practices in Using Roles to Control Functionality in SAS® 9.2


Paper 325-2010:

 Joshi, Mahesh V.


Modeling the Severity of Random Events with the SAS/ETS® SEVERITY Procedure


Paper 326-2010:

 Christian, Stacey M.; Rioux, Jacques


Adding Statistical Functionality to the DATA Step with PROC FCMP


Paper 327-2010:

 Dodson, Lisa; Hazejager, Wilbram; Herbert, Pat


What’s New in DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and DataFlux Integration Server Software?


Paper 328-2010:

 Barkaway, David; Svolba, Gerhard


dATa qWaliti 4 Analytics


Paper 329-2010:

 Wicklin, Rick


Rediscovering SAS/IML® Software: Modern Data Analysis for the Practicing Statistician


Paper 330-2010:

 Ender, Matthias; Petrova, Tatyana


Enhancements for Managing SAS® OLAP Server in SAS® 9.2


Paper 331-2010:

 Rubendall, Craig; Prakash, Chandra; Prem, Sudheer


Integrating the Power of SAS® with the Ease of Search across the Enterprise


Paper 332-2010:

 Massengill, Darrell; Odom, Ed


PROC GEOCODE: Now with Street-Level Geocoding


Paper 333-2010:

 Desai, Varsha K.


Understanding SAS/ACCESS® Software’s Role with Querying and Reporting in a Business Intelligence Environment


Paper 334-2010:

 Kuhfeld, Warren


The Graph Template Language and the Statistical Graphics Procedures: An Example-Driven Introduction


Paper 335-2010:

 Dull, Amy; Parisi, Sherry


SAS® Gets Flexy: Themes You Can’t Resist


Paper 336-2010:

 Li, Sunny; Niu, Holmes


Best Practices for a Non-English BI Deployment


Paper 337-2010:

 Kolovos, Alexander


Everything in Its Place: Efficient Geostatistical Analysis with SAS/STAT® Spatial Procedures


Paper 338-2010:

 Fahey, David A.


Achieving High-Performance Results on z/OS with SAS® 9.2 Business Intelligence


Paper 339-2010:

 Gao, Emily Y.


How to Publish Your ODS Reports to a Predefined Channel


SAS Presents... IT Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 357-2010:

 Melk, Bob


Survey Says: The State of IT


Paper 358-2010:

 May, Thornton


The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics


Paper 359-2010:

 Collins, Keith; Doninger, Cheryl; Edge, David; Ingraham, Michael; Kreutziger, Amanda; Williams, Eric


Using Analytics as Your Guide to Best IT Practices


SAS Presents... JMP   (Download entire section)

Paper 292-2010:

 Koprowski, Stan


Integrating JMP® with SAS® to Create an Automated Workflow Application for Analyzing, Processing, and Reporting 96-Well Plate Format Fluorescence Microplate Reader Data


Paper 293-2010:

 Ramirez, Jose G.


The Best of Both Worlds: Designing Experiments in the JMP® and SAS® Environment


Paper 340-2010:

 Perkinson, Jeff


SAS Technology Architecture from a JMP Perspective, Overview and Examples


Paper 341-2010:

 Sall, John


Tuning Bootstrap Forest and Gradient Boosting Fits


Paper 342-2010:

 Miclaus, Kelci; Martin, Stan; Hales, Craige; Lee, Jong-Seok; Barbour, David; Wolfinger, Russ


From Genomes to Galaxies: 3D Graphics in JMP Scripting Language


Paper 370-2010:

 Hutchins, Ed


Standard Least Squares Method for Identifying Problem Tools in a Manufacturing Environment


SAS Presents... Solutions   (Download entire section)

Paper 343-2010:

 Trippensee, Austin


Introduction to SAS® Risk Management for Banking


Paper 344-2010:

 Anderson, Billie; Cox, James; Duling, David; Haller, Susan ; Siddiqi, Naeem


Improving Credit Risk Scorecards with Memory-Based Reasoning to Reject Inference with SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Software


Paper 345-2010:

 Schubert, Sascha


Fraud Detection with SAS® Data Mining


Paper 346-2010:

 Dietz, Alex; McGuire, Kelly A.


Optimizing Revenues in the Hospitality and Retail Industries: Comparing and Contrasting Different Industry Problems and How SAS® Analytics Is Used to Solve Them


Paper 347-2010:

 Froning, David


Detecting Claim Fraud and Improving Product Quality: Case Studies in Reducing Warranty Costs


Paper 348-2010:

 Gahagan, Ken


Performance Impact of Virtualization on SAS® Foundation


Paper 349-2010:

 Kratzsch, Olaf`; Tsuboi, Toshi


Smart and Synchronized: Analytic-Driven Web Personalization Using SAS® Customer Intelligence Solutions


Paper 350-2010:

 Maran, Ned; Huang, Wei


Data and Text Mining in SAS® Warranty Analysis 4.2


Paper 351-2010:

 Abrahams, Clark R.


Closing the Gap between Credit Access and Risk Management


Paper 352-2010:

 Lieble, Frank; Sanger, Stephen P.


Optimizing IT Capital Assets Using SAS® IT Intelligence


Paper 353-2010:

 Sethi, Saratendu


The Analyst Workbench: Automated Market Analysis with a Human Element


Paper 354-2010:

 Mangaraju, Raghavender; Bremmer, Nancy


Lowering the Cost and Risk of SAS® Solution Integration with SAP: SAS® Solution Adapters


Paper 355-2010:

 Albright, Russell; Devarajan, Ravi; Foley, Richard


Listening to the Twitter Conversation


Paper 356-2010:

 Bradley, Stu


Breaking Down Fraud Silos – Integrating Detection Capability Across an Organization


SAS Presents...Operations Research   (Download entire section)

Paper 238-2010:

 Hughes, Ed; Meanor, Phil


Modeling Systems and Resources with SAS® Simulation Studio


Paper 239-2010:

 Ray, Sandipan


Determining Optimal Cash Allocation at ICICI Bank Branches with SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS/OR® Software


Paper 240-2010:

 Zaniboni, Luca; Siddiqi, Naeem; Ventura, Angela G.


An Internal Rating Modeling Framework for Low-Default Portfolios


Paper 241-2010:

 Grierson, Michael


A Network Optimization Solution Using SAS/OR® Tools for the Department of the Army Branching Problem


Paper 242-2010:

 Huang, Tao; Hughes, Ed


Nonlinear Optimization in SAS/OR®: Migrating from PROC NLP to PROC OPTMODEL


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 243-2010:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 244-2010:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 245-2010:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 246-2010:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration   (Download entire section)

Paper 247-2010:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Paper 248-2010:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Paper 249-2010:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration   (Download entire section)

Paper 250-2010:

 Vitron, Christine


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Paper 251-2010:

 Vitron, Christine


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Platform Administration


Statistics and Data Analysis   (Download entire section)

Paper 252-2010:

 Gardiner, Joseph C.


Survival Analysis: Overview of Parametric, Nonparametric, and Semiparametric Approaches and New Developments


Paper 253-2010:

 Savarese, Paul T.; Patetta, Michael J.


An Overview of the CLASS, CONTRAST, and HAZARDRATIO Statements in the SAS® 9.2 PHREG Procedure


Paper 254-2010:

 Mukhopadhyay, Pushpal K.


Not Hazardous to Your Health: Proportional Hazards Modeling for Survey Data with the SURVEYPHREG Procedure


Paper 255-2010:

 Sun, Rena Jie; Cotton, Daniel T.


Analysis of Survival Data with Recurrent Events Using SAS®


Paper 256-2010:

 Gilligan, Theresa; Coon, Cheryl; Nelson, Lauren ; McLeod, Lori D.; YANG, YUNG-JUI


Let SAS® Do the Work: Correlation Crossroads


Paper 257-2010:

 So, Ying C.; Johnston, Gordon


Analyzing Interval-Censored Survival Data with SAS®


Paper 258-2010:

 Tobias, Randy; Cai, Weijie


Introducing PROC PLM and Postfitting Analyses in Very General Linear Models


Paper 259-2010:

 Liang, Qingfeng


Build Multilevel Models to Assess the Length to Inpatient Readmission Using SAS® PROC MIXED


Paper 260-2010:

 Zheng, Mo


Using the NLMIXED Procedure to Fit Linear and Nonlinear Growth Curve Models


Paper 261-2010:

 Gharibvand, Somaye; Gharibvand, Lida


Financial Analysis Using SAS PROCs


Paper 262-2010:

 Milhřj, Anders


Applications of PROC ESM in SAS® 9.2


Paper 263-2010:

 Dickey, David


Ideas and Examples in Generalized Linear Mixed Models


Paper 264-2010:

 Stokes, Maura; Rodriguez, Robert N.


The Next Generation: SAS/STAT® 9.22


Paper 265-2010:

 Berglund, Pat


An Introduction to Multiple Imputation of Complex Sample Data Using SAS® 9.2


Paper 266-2010:

 Lewis, Taylor H.


Principles of Proper Inferences from Complex Survey Data


Paper 267-2010:

 Wang, Zhuoqiao; Waldron, William R.


Using the SAS® Survey Procedures for Subpopulation Analysis with Jackknife Repeated Replication Methods in SAS® 9.2


Paper 268-2010:

 Cassell, David


BootstrapMania!: Re-sampling the SAS® Way


Paper 269-2010:

 Pasta, David


Practicalities of Using ESTIMATE and CONTRAST Statements


Paper 270-2010:

 Derby, Nathaniel


Getting Correct Results from PROC REG


Paper 271-2010:

 Burrell, Ginger; MacKinnon, David; Thoemmes, Felix


Visual Displays of Regression toward the Mean Using SAS® SGPLOT


Paper 272-2010:

 Li, Zhongmin; Mahendra, Geeta


Using “Recycled Predictions” for Computing Marginal Effects


Paper 273-2010:

 Tan, Teck Kiang; Kang, Trivina; Hogan, David


Building Latent Growth Models Using PROC CALIS: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach


Paper 274-2010:

 Priest, Elisa L.; Blankenship, Derek


A Grad Student 'How-To' Paper on Grant Preparation: Preliminary Data, Power Analysis, and Presentation


Paper 275-2010:

 Cunningham, Michael


A Nonparametric Method to Assess Treatment Effects for Unbalanced Designs Using SAS/IML®


Systems Architecture   (Download entire section)

Paper 276-2010:

 Ciampa, Gary


Systems Management of the SAS® 9.2 BI Environment Using Enterprise Management Facilities


Paper 277-2010:

 Steven, Dave


Zen and the Art of SAS® Enterprise BI Server Deployment


Paper 278-2010:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Windows and UNIX Computers Now Have Multiple CPUs; Why Not Control Two, Three, or More Parallel Executing SAS® Batch Jobs from One Master Job?!


Paper 279-2010:

 Bessler, LeRoy


More Ways to Use SAS® to Manage, Monitor, and Control SAS® and the SAS® BI Server: Tools for the SAS User, Server Administrator, or Manager


Paper 280-2010:

 Agrawal, Gaurav K.


SAS® Table Server and EG Project in Content Server: A Big Step Forward


Paper 282-2010:

 Doninger, Cheryl; Kirsten, Jochen


Staying Highly Available Using SAS® Grid Manager: The Performance Manager Application at Commerzbank AG


Paper 283-2010:

 Doucette, Paul


Using the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Hierarchical Storage Management Facility (HSM) to Manage Large Data Sets at IMS


Paper 284-2010:

 Morton, Steve


So You Need a Data Warehouse But Don’t Have the Budget to Build One: What Now?


Paper 285-2010:

 Lambe, Edward


Providing a Central IT Platform for the Irish Statistical System: Implementing SAS® Business Intelligence in the Central Statistics Office, Ireland


Paper 286-2010:

 Chew, Maureen


Birds Fly South to Migrate; a SAS® 9.2 Migration Need Not


Paper 287-2010:

 Jorda-Morlan, Jorge


An Automated Security Framework: A Metadata Approach


Paper 380-2010:

 Barton, Darrell; Battaglia, Frank; Mendoza, Alfredo (Freddie)


SAS 9.2 Business Analytics Framework and IBM PowerVM Virtualization Deployment Scenarios