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Table of Contents

Applications Development

Paper 001-2008:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Software-Intelligent Application Development: Reliability, Reusability, Extendability, and Maintainability for Strong, Smart Systems in an Ever-Changing World


Paper 002-2008:

 Scocca, David


Automated Unit Testing for SAS® Applications


Paper 003-2008:

 Fehd, Ronald


SmryEachVar: A Data-Review Routine for All Data Sets in a Libref


Paper 004-2008:

 Tabladillo, Mark


Return of the Codes: SAS®, Windows®, and Yours


Paper 005-2008:

 Hustak, Petr


Range Formats Made Easy ® A CreateRangeFormat Custom Task for SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 006-2008:

 Langston, Rick; Thies, Eric


Introducing the SAS® Code Analyzer


Paper 007-2008:

 Dunn, Toby


Start Improving Your Data Quality with %FreqAll


Paper 008-2008:

 Hermansen, Sigurd; Singh, Himanshi; Hrycyk, Laura


SAS® Scripting of a Production Database into an Open Test Environment


Paper 009-2008:

 McLean, Greg


Picture Perfect: Centering Frames in SAS/AF®


Paper 010-2008:

 Klenz, Brad; Jahn, Dan


Creating Web Services using SAS® Analytics


Paper 011-2008:

 Chevrette, Antoine


SAS® Integration Technologies, UNIX and Visual Basic .Net Integration Procedure


Paper 012-2008:

 Raithel, Michael


Powering Your Organization's Web Applications with SAS® Software


Paper 013-2008:

 Peterson, Terek; Booterbaugh, John J.; Wilber, Kate


Automated Bulk Loading of Documentum Using XML Control Files Created with Base SAS®


Paper 014-2008:

 Schacherer, Christopher W.; Gershenwald, Jeffrey E.


Using SAS® as an Integrated Component of the Clinical Research Information System


Paper 015-2008:

 Bayn, Danni ; Koopmann, Jr., Richard


Three Weeks of Work in 5 Minutes: A Designed Solution for Automatic Reporting and Distribution


Paper 016-2008:

 Fairfield-Carter, Brian; Hunt, Stephen


Fast and Efficient Updates to Project Deliverables: The UNIX and GNU Make Facility as a Cross-Platform Batch Controller for SAS®


Paper 017-2008:

 Furdal, Stanislaw


Quick Windows Batches to Control SAS® Programs Running Under Windows and UNIX


Paper 018-2008:

 Arthur, Teresia; Jafri, Mary


Web-Enable Your SAS® Applications


Paper 019-2008:

 Curley, Lynn; Jackson, Scott


Branching Out with the Tree View Control in SAS/AF® Software


Paper 020-2008:

 Tsao, How J.; McKeen, Andrew; French, Roger; Bascom, Andrew S.; Kuo, Chunwei J.; Shroff, Khushroo E.


The Design, Development, and Implementation of a Control-Data Tracking and Analysis System for Immunoassays Using SAS/AF®


Paper 021-2008:

 Tan, Patrick; Vyverman, Koen


Ludicrously Large Numbers: Using Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic in SAS® Applications


Paper 022-2008:

 Cano, Gabe


Getting Started with SAS/IntrNet® - A Quick and Dirty Tutorial


Paper 023-2008:

 Carpenter, Art


The Path, the Whole Path, and Nothing but the Path, So Help Me Windows


Paper 024-2008:

 Zender, Cynthia


Adapting your SAS® Programs into the SAS®9 Paradigm


Paper 025-2008:

 Ford, Andrew P.; Srinivasan, Shiva; Wolfe, Troy B.


Reinventing a Legacy System with SAS®, the Web, and OLAP Reporting


Paper 026-2008:

 Chiflikyan, Mila


Tailored Online Solutions to Meet the Clients' Data Analysis Needs Using SAS/IntrNet®


Paper 027-2008:

 Mengelbier, Magnus


SAS® Talking via the Java Object Interface


Paper 028-2008:

 Agrawal, Gaurav K.


Life Cycle of a SAS® Intelligence Platform Project


Beyond the Basics

Paper 029-2008:

 Loren, Judy


How Do I Love Hash Tables? Let Me Count the Ways!


Paper 030-2008:

 Long, Stuart; Abolafia, Jeffrey; Park, Lawrence


Adventures in ODS: Producing Customized Reports Using Output from Multiple SAS® Procedures


Paper 031-2008:

 Carpenter, Art


PROC REPORT: Compute Block Basics -- Part I: Tutorial


Paper 032-2008:

 Gupta, Sunil


Clinical-Data Acceptance Testing Procedure


Paper 033-2008:

 Lund, Pete


PDF Can Be Pretty Darn Fancy: Advanced ODS Techniques for PDF Output


Paper 034-2008:

 Bessler, LeRoy


SAS® Graphs for a BlackBerry, an iPhone, or Other Small E-mail Screen: Extreme SAS/GRAPH® and the Necessity and Power of Simplicity


Paper 035-2008:

 Eberhardt, Peter


Crossing the Border: Steps to Writing SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 036-2008:

 Gebhart, Eric


The Devil Is in the Details: Styles, Tips, and Tricks That Make Your Microsoft Excel Output Look Great!


Paper 037-2008:

 Dorfman, Paul; Shajenko, Lessia S.; Vyverman, Koen


Hash Crash and Beyond


Paper 038-2008:

 Tilanus, Erik


Sending E-mail from the DATA Step


Paper 039-2008:

 Molter, Michael


A Tiptoe Through the Tagset Field


Paper 040-2008:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Understanding WHERE-Clause Processing and Indexes


Paper 041-2008:

 Cody, Ronald


Advanced Features of User-Defined Formats and Informats


Paper 042-2008:

 Pratter, Frederick


XML for SAS® Programmers


Paper 043-2008:

 Power, Emilio J.; Nelson, Gregory


ETL and Data Quality: Which Comes First?


Paper 044-2008:

 Dhillon, Rupinder


An Added Dimension: Exploring SAS® OLAP Cubes with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 045-2008:

 Philp, Stephen


SAS® Macro: Beyond the Basics


Paper 046-2008:

 Doninger, Cheryl; Horton, Glenn


SAS® Grid 101: How It Can Modernize Your Existing SAS Environment


BI Forum - BI User Applications

Paper 049-2008:

 High, Jerry


Going Beyond Simple Information Maps to Improve Access to Data Sources


Paper 050-2008:

 Bininger, Chuck


PROC INFOMAPS ® Let Your Design Document Build Your SAS® V9 Information Maps


Paper 051-2008:

 Sayers, Sandra M.


From Tiers to Intelligence: The SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform and What It®s All About


Paper 052-2008:

 Borden, M. Paige; Yorkos, Ali; Murray, Maureen


Developing a Dashboard to Aid in Effective Project Management


Paper 053-2008:

 Wolfe, Troy B.


Exploit SAS® Enterprise BI Server to Manage Your Batch Scheduling Needs


Paper 054-2008:

 Reitmeyer, Neil A.


Using SAS® and Microsoft Office to Deliver Organizational Metrics


Paper 055-2008:

 Davidson, Gail; Mills, Guinevere


The Enterprise Melting Pot (Part II) SAS® BI ® The Plan versus Reality (Or, Don®t Try This at Home, Kids)


Paper 056-2008:

 Anderson, Bob; Quinlan-Davis, Annette


Getting Started with the ESRI Map Component in a UNIX Environment for 2010 Census Planning


Paper 057-2008:

 Leproni, Paola


CSI-Piemonte and SAS®: A Successful Partnership


Paper 058-2008:

 Taa, Azman B.


Academic Business Intelligence System Development Using SAS Tools


BI Forum/Business Intelligence

Paper 059-2008:

 Park, Heesun; English, Brian


SAS® BI Web Application Security Configuration Primer


Paper 060-2008:

 Klancko, William ; Smale, John


A GE Money Success Story - IT Makes a Difference


Paper 061-2008:

 Davis, Susan


It's A Virtual World


Paper 062-2008:

 Rote, Mike


Driving Competitive Advantage with In-Database Analytics


Paper 063-2008:

 Lechner, Rich


"Going Green" - Driving Business Value through Eco- Responsibility


Paper 064-2008:

 Myers, Keith ; Bythell, Madelyn


SAS® Web Report Studio Tips and Techniques


Paper 065-2008:

 Choy, Justin; Hatcher, Diane


SAS® Business Intelligence Integration: A Demonstration of Shared Prompts


Paper 066-2008:

 Panda, Satya


Manage Operational Risk using SAS


Paper 067-2008:

 Turney, Peter


Best Practices - Top 5 CFO Challenges


Paper 068-2008:

 Pope, David


How SAS® 9 Allows the Delivery of the Power of Predictive Analytics and Forecasting to the Masses


Paper 069-2008:

 Livermore, Jeff M.; Matz, Ken; Sams, Scott; Thomas, Michael


The Future of Dashboarding Is the Future: Presenting Foresight through Analytics Using Dashboarding Techniques


Paper 070-2008:

 Garin, Maxima V.


Revenue Enhancements Projects on SAS at The Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue


Coders' Corner

Paper 071-2008:

 Turner, Jonah


Easy as Pie Charts (Any Way You Slice ®Em)


Paper 072-2008:

 Teng, Christine; Yu, Shaoan


Using Excel XP to Display SDTM Metadata and More


Paper 073-2008:

 Harris, Kriss


How To Generate 2-, 3-, and 4-Way Venn Diagrams with Drill-Down Functionality within Four Minutes!


Paper 074-2008:

 Saradha, Priya; Veeravel, Gurubaran


Creating Flowcharts Using the Annotate Facility


Paper 075-2008:

 Conway, Ted


Talkin® 'Bout Code Generation: Getting Animated with SAS® and Excel


Paper 076-2008:

 Lund, Pete


Mapping without GMAP: An Innovative Use of the SAS/GRAPH® Annotate Facility


Paper 077-2008:

 Holland, Philip R.


Standard Graph Templates


Paper 079-2008:

 Lewandowski, David R.


A Step-by-Step Introduction to PROC REPORT


Paper 080-2008:

 Sanders, Blake; Gruzdev, Mikhail


The Look: Conforms to Section 508, Looks Like PROC TABULATE


Paper 081-2008:

 Heaton, Edward


Many-to-Many Merges in the DATA Step


Paper 082-2008:

 Murphy, William


Tools of Miscalculation: Managing Missing Values with SAS®


Paper 083-2008:

 Derby, Nathaniel


Guidelines for Organizing SAS® Project Files


Paper 084-2008:

 Hermansen, Sigurd; Legum, Stanley E.


Existential Moments in Database Programming: SAS® PROC SQL EXISTS and NOT EXISTS Quantifiers, and More


Paper 085-2008:

 Carr, David


When PROC APPEND May Make More Sense Than the DATA Step


Paper 086-2008:

 Oltsik, Myra


ODS and Output Data Sets: What You Need to Know


Paper 087-2008:

 Williams, Christianna


Any Way You Want It: Getting the Right Types of Observations out of PROC SUMMARY or MEANS


Paper 088-2008:

 Fairfield-Carter, Brian; Carr, David


Labor-Saving SQL Constructs


Paper 089-2008:

 Conway, Ted


It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's SQL Transpose!


Paper 090-2008:

 Hunt, Stephen; Fairfield-Carter, Brian


Dynamic Decimal Precision and Alignment in Clinical Trial Laboratory Summary Tables and Patient Data Listings


Paper 091-2008:

 Grubber, Janet M.; Olsen, Maren; Bosworth, Hayden


Creating Journal-Style Tables in an Easy Way (with PROC TABULATE, PROC TEMPLATE, PROC FORMAT, and ODS RTF)


Paper 092-2008:

 Varney, Brian


Check Out These Pipes: Using Microsoft Windows Commands from SAS®


Paper 093-2008:

 Vora, Premal P.


Easy Rolling Statistics with PROC EXPAND


Paper 094-2008:

 Noe, Jim


Concatenating Inputs Using SAS® on the PC


Paper 095-2008:

 Jolley, Linda; Stroupe, Jane


Using Table Lookup Techniques Efficiently


Paper 096-2008:

 Tilanus, Erik


Poor Man's Parallel Processing, Using DATA-Step Views


Paper 097-2008:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Exploring the Undocumented PROC SQL _METHOD Option


Paper 098-2008:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Smoke and Mirrors!!! Come See How the _INFILE_ Automatic Variable and SHAREBUFFERS Infile Option Can Speed Up Your Flat File Text-Processing Throughput Speed


Paper 099-2008:

 Martell, Carol


SAS® XML Mapper to the Rescue


Paper 100-2008:

 Fan, Zizhong (James)


How to Avoid Overwriting Work Data Sets and Work Formats ® An Essential Macro Design Topic


Paper 101-2008:

 Larsen, Erik S.


Creating a Stored Macro Facility in Ten Minutes


Paper 102-2008:

 Whitaker, Michael D.


Using a SAS® Table to Drive Any Macro


Paper 103-2008:

 Huang, Zhongwen; Layton, William


The Application of a General List-Processing Macro in Combination Therapy


Paper 104-2008:

 Zou, Jimmy


A Macro Function to Parse Any Variable Lists


Paper 105-2008:

 Long, Stuart; Heaton, Edward


Using the SAS® DATA Step and PROC SQL to Create Macro Arrays


Paper 106-2008:

 Mengelbier, Magnus


Simple %str(ER)ROR Checking in Macros


Paper 107-2008:

 Snell, Gregg P.


%HASHMERGE - A Macro to Hash When It Can, Merge When It Can®t


Paper 109-2008:

 Milum, Jenine


Six Cool Things You Can Do in Display Manager


Paper 110-2008:

 Stokes, James


An Introduction to SAS/CONNECT®


Paper 111-2008:

 McLean, Greg


®I Shall RETURN® ® Key Feedback in SAS/AF®


Paper 112-2008:

 Hennessey, John


Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS/CONNECT® to Make the Mainframe Behave Like a Modern Computer


Paper 113-2008:

 DeGance, Anthony E.


Migrating Information in the Amisys Data-Warehouse: Current to Advanced


Paper 114-2008:

 Cassell, David


Stupid Human Tricks with PROC SURVEYSELECT


Paper 115-2008:

 Langston, Rick


Experiences in Testing Host-Dependent Software in a Portable Fashion


Paper 116-2008:

 Hemedinger, Chris


The Perfect Baby Name: One Dad®s Quest Using SAS®


Communications, Media, Entertainment and Travel

Paper 117-2008:

 Volinsky , Chris


What Data Mining Isn't


Paper 118-2008:

 deVille, Barry


New Strategies for Identifying Customer Usage Patterns


Paper 119-2008:

 Pinheiro, Carlos


Revenue Assurance through Data Mining and Business Analytics


Paper 120-2008:

 Macatangay, Raul M.


The Evolution of Business and Customer Intelligence at Globe Telecom, Inc.


Customer Intelligence

Paper 121-2008:

 LaPointe, Pat


The Ten Immutable Laws of Marketing Measurement


Paper 122-2008:

 Collado, Carmelina; Demonchy, Daniel; Arancibia, Marcos; Cordoba, Al


Implementing a Customer Retention, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Payment Risk Solution Using SAS® Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions for Orange Dominicana


Paper 123-2008:

 Coussement, Kristof


Employing SAS® Text Miner Methodology to Become a Customer Genius in Customer Churn Prediction and Complaint E-mail Management


Paper 124-2008:

 Mouton, Dwight


Increasing Your Marketing ROI with SAS® Marketing Optimization


Data Integration

Paper 125-2008:

 Hunley, Eric; Mehler, Gary; Rausch, Nancy


A Whole New World: What's New in SAS® Data Integration Studio 4.2


Paper 126-2008:

 Grasse, Danny


Business Process Intelligence: How to Manage Data Integration and Measure ETL Successes


Paper 127-2008:

 Fogleman, Stanley


You®ve Just Bought a Data Warehouse. Now What?


Paper 128-2008:

 Abolafia, Jeffrey; DiIorio, Frank


Managing the Change and Growth of a Metadata-based System


Paper 129-2008:

 Duling, David; Plemmons, Howard; Rausch, Nancy


From Soup to Nuts: Practices in Data Management for Analytical Performance


Paper 131-2008:

 Poppe, Frank


Tying Your Metadata to Your Other Information


Paper 132-2008:

 Frank, Lisa


At the Controls ® An Approach To Security Via SAS® Management Console


Paper 133-2008:

 Doninger, Cheryl; Mehler, Gary; Rausch, Nancy


Data Integration in a Grid-Enabled Environment


Paper 134-2008:

 Muriel, Elena; Simkin, Paul


Metadata for SAS® 9 Programmers


Paper 135-2008:

 Riley, Candice


Getting SAS® to Play Nice with Others: Connecting SAS® to a Microsoft SQL Server with an ODBC Connection


Paper 136-2008:

 Scott, Stephen; Herzog, Brian; Eisenzimmer, Justin


Data Integration with SAS® Intelligence Storage: How a business Division in a Fortune 50 Company Uses SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server to Make Better Decisions


Paper 137-2008:

 Hoyle, Larry; Wackerow, Joachim


Exporting SAS® Data Sets to DDI 3 XML files: Data, Metadata, and More Metadata


Paper 138-2008:

 Brown, Timothy D.


Metadata for Everyone: A Simple, Low-Cost Methodology


Data Mining and Predictive Modeling

Paper 139-2008:

 Cerrito, Patricia; Cerrito, John


Survival Data Mining: Treatment of Chronic Illness


Paper 140-2008:

 Ragavan, Anpalaki J.


Data Mining Application of Non-Linear Mixed Modeling in Water Quality Analysis


Paper 141-2008:

 Lawrence, Anthony


Assigning ROTC Cadets into Air Force Specialty Codes Using SAS OR®s PROC LP Procedure


Paper 142-2008:

 Mollestad, Torulf ; Oplenskedal, Frode


The Early Warning Project: Prewarning and Avoiding Problems and Costly Downtime in Complex Industrial Processes


Paper 143-2008:

 Hermansen, Sigurd


Evaluating Predictive Models: Computing and Interpreting the c Statistic


Paper 144-2008:

 Slipchenko, Tamara S.; Bowman, Candice; Sugar, Catherine; Gifford, Allen L.


In Search for a Golden Algorithm


Paper 145-2008:

 Schubert, Sascha


Tailoring the use of SAS® Enterprise Miner®


Paper 146-2008:

 Pruitt, Rex


Using SAS® Enterprise Miner® to Prescribe a Pre-Screen Mailing


Paper 147-2008:

 Henning, Kevin S.; Lin , Zhangxi


A SAS® Text Mining Approach to Predicting the Resolvability of Disputes between eBay®s Sellers and Buyers


Paper 148-2008:

 Petrou, Christiana


Use of Text Mining to Predict Patient Compliance


Paper 150-2008:

 Moebes, Travis A.


Lithium Battery Analysis: Probability of Failure Assessment Using Logistic Regression


Paper 151-2008:

 Govan, Anjela; Meyer, Carl; Albright, Russell


Generalizing Google's PageRank to Rank National Football League Teams


Paper 152-2008:

 Bartlett, Jake; Albright, Russell


Coming to a Theater Near You! Sentiment Classification Techniques Using SAS® Text Miner


Paper 153-2008:

 Oliveira, Ivan; Haller, Susan ; Chari, Manoj


SAS/OR®: Rigorous Constrained Optimized Binning for Credit Scoring


Paper 154-2008:

 Cross, Glendon; Thompson, Wayne


Understanding Your Customer: Segmentation Techniques for Gaining Customer Insight and Predicting Risk in the Telecom Industry


Paper 155-2008:

 Duling, David; Schubert, Sascha; Thompson, Wayne


Cool New Features in SAS® Enterprise Miner® 5.3


Financial Services

Paper 156-2008:

 Dyche, Jill


An Increasing Sense of Urgency: Master Data in Financial Services


Paper 157-2008:

 Trippensee, Austin


Enterprise Risk Management Solutions


Paper 158-2008:

 Kriel, Eckhardt


Technology Solutions to Detect Fraud and Counter Other IT Risks


Paper 159-2008:

 Lin , Zhangxi ; Gan, Qiwei; Luo, Binjie


Identifying Potential Default Loan Applicants: A Case Study of Consumer Credit Decision for Chinese Commercial Bank


Paper 160-2008:

 Vandenberg, Edward H.


Using Analytics to Boost Your Bottom Line in Property and Casualty Insurance


Paper 161-2008:

 Renison, Keith; Hardt Jr., Lorry


Price and Revenue Optimization for Banking


Paper 162-2008:

 Saxena, Anant


Pricing of Options Using Hybrid Artificial Neural Networks


Paper 163-2008:

 Uner, Sabri G.


Operational Risk: Economic Capital (EC) Modeling with a Loss Distribution Approach


Paper 397-2008:

 Gupta, Sanjay


Use of SAS based Statistical Techniques to Develop Robust Data Sets for Credit Models


Foundations and Fundamentals

Paper 164-2008:

 Fecht, Marje; Stewart, Larry


Are Your SAS Programs Running You?


Paper 165-2008:

 Whitlock, Ian


The Art of Debugging


Paper 166-2008:

 First, Steven


The SAS INFILE and FILE Statements


Paper 167-2008:

 Tilanus, Erik


SET, MERGE and beyond.


Paper 168-2008:

 Morgan, Derek


The Essentials of SAS® Dates and Times


Paper 169-2008:

 Bennett, Pete


Starting Out with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 170-2008:

 Cranford, Keith


Learning PROC REPORT by Comparison


Paper 171-2008:

 Winn, Thomas


Introduction to PROC TABULATE


Paper 172-2008:

 Karp, Andrew


Steps to Success with the SAS® Output Delivery System


Paper 173-2008:

 Zender, Cynthia


Creating Complex Reports
Download Programs (ZIP)


Paper 174-2008:

 Bilenas, Jonas


I Can Do That with PROC FORMAT


Paper 175-2008:

 Crawford, Peter


Add SAS® Macros to Your Programming Skills: Achieve More, Write Less Code


Paper 176-2008:

 Olson, Diane


New in SAS® 9.2: It's the Little Things that Count


Paper 177-2008:

 Gilsen, Bruce


Using Data-Set Values and Variable Names Outside of the DATA Step


Paper 178-2008:

 Dosani, Faisal; Droogendyk, Harry


Joining Data: DATA Step Merge or SQL?


Paper 179-2008:

 DeFoor, Jimmy


Using DO Statements, Links, and Arrays


Paper 180-2008:

 Matthews, Cindy B.


Connecting to the Mainframe with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 181-2008:

 Stuelpner, Janet


Hidden Tools You Didn®t Know You Had: Code-Generating Windows


Hands-on Workshops

Paper 182-2008:

 Nelson, Gregory


Building OLAP Cubes with SAS® 9: A Hands-on Workshop


Paper 183-2008:

 Nelson, Gregory


Exploiting OLAP Cubes with SAS® 9: A Hands on Workshop


Paper 184-2008:

 Slaughter, Susan; Delwiche, Lora


Writing Code in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 185-2008:

 Williams, Christianna


PROC SQL for DATA Step Die-Hards


Paper 186-2008:

 Fecht, Marje; Dhillon, Rupinder


A ®SAS® Programmer®s® Guide to the SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 187-2008:

 Wright, Wendi L.


Graphing Using SAS®


Paper 188-2008:

 Carpenter, Art


PROC REPORT: Compute Block Basics -- Part II Practicum


Paper 189-2008:

 Scerbo, Marge


Get Your Hands Dirty Using the FORMAT Procedure


Paper 190-2008:

 Kuligowski, Andrew


Using SAS® to Parse External Data


Paper 191-2008:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Get Your Hands Dirty Cleaning Your Data with SAS® Data Quality Server


Paper 192-2008:

 DelGobbo, Vince


Tips and Tricks for Creating Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®
Download the example SAS programs (ZIP)


Paper 193-2008:

 Gupta, Sunil


SAS® ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers


Paper 194-2008:

 Hall, Angela; Miles, Brian


SAS® Web Report Studio Basics



Paper 195-2008:

 Lapide, Larry


Optimally Matching Demand and Supply Over Time


Paper 196-2008:

 Chase, Charles


Integrating Consumer Demand to Improve Shipment Forecasts


Paper 197-2008:

 Coffey, Linda; Schmidke, Mary; Schmidt, Deanna


Implementation of SAS Warranty Analysis and Transition from Legacy Systems


Paper 198-2008:

 Hotchandani, Mahesh; Kumaresan, Preethi


Blending Analytical and Marketing Forecasts for Effective Supply Chain Execution


Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Paper 204-2008:

 Brown Stafford, Paula


Enhancing Patient Safety: The Power of Data


Paper 205-2008:

 Handelsman, David


The Evolution of SAS® in Life Sciences Research and Development


Paper 206-2008:

 Michaelson, Steven L.; Stuelpner, Janet


CDISC: Pains and Pitfalls of Data Set Creation


Paper 207-2008:

 Graebner, Robert W.


Practical Methods for Creating CDISC SDTM Data Sets from Existing Data


Paper 208-2008:

 Stevens, Gary S.


Standard Management-Approved Report Templates: The SMART System


Paper 209-2008:

 Bain, Landen


Quality, Clinical Research, and Public Health: Opportunities for Secondary Use of EHR Information


Paper 210-2008:

 Himmel, Wolfgang; Reincke, Ulrich; Michelmann, Hans W.


Using Text Mining to Classify Requests and Prepare Semiautomatic Answers


Paper 211-2008:

 DeVenezia, Richard; Loren, Judy


Using CALL MODULE in SAS for Linux, or I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends


Paper 212-2008:

 Cerrito, Patricia


Data Mining to Predict the Occurrence of Resistant Infection


Planning, Development and Support

Paper 213-2008:

 Henderson, Don; Miller, J. Philip; Schreier, Howard; Sherrod, Tom


Panel Discussion:


Paper 214-2008:

 Lafler, Kirk P.; Shipp, Charles


Collaborate with SAS® Users around the World with


Paper 215-2008:

 Raithel, Michael


Supporting SAS® in a Research Organization


Paper 216-2008:

 Hopper, Dawn


SAS® Certification: Are You Ready to Put Your SAS Skills to the Test?


Paper 217-2008:

 Minjoe, Sandra


How to Get Promoted: Planning for Career Growth


Paper 218-2008:

 Karp, Andrew


If You Don't Ask, The Answer's Always No...What I've Learned as an Independent SAS® Software Consultant


Paper 219-2008:

 Brown, Rachel; Fulton, Jennifer


CSI: San Antonio - Common SAS® Issues in Our Programs and Tips for Better Investigation of Your SAS® Code


Paper 220-2008:

 Phillips, Richard; Grasse, Danny


The Sum of All Fears, or, So You®re the SAS® Administrator?


Paper 221-2008:

 Bost, Christopher J.


Effective Presentations for SAS® Training and More



Paper 222-2008:

 Aboutaleb, Hany


Multiple Graphs on One Page Using SAS/GRAPH® V9


Paper 224-2008:

 Boberg, Wendy


PROC REPORT in Color ... What's Your STYLE?


Paper 225-2008:

 Cano, Gabe


The Impact of Data Visualization in a Study of Chronic Disease Patients


Paper 226-2008:

 Christofferson, Rebecca


Old Versus New: A Comparison of PROC LOGISTIC and PROC GLIMMIX


Paper 227-2008:

 Dickinson, Wendy; Hall, Bruce


PROC CORRESP for Categorical Data: Correspondence Analysis (CA) for Discovery, Display, and Decision-Making


Paper 228-2008:

 Foster, Gary; Goldsmith, Charles


Horizon Estimation Using SAS® Software


Paper 229-2008:

 Kolln, Barbara; Palanca, Ronald; Shepperson, Kathy ; Khambhati, Shilpa


Using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Macro Variables to Create Custom Excel Workbooks with Multi-Sheets


Paper 230-2008:

 Kromrey, Jeffrey; Romano, Jeanine; Hibbard, Susan


ALPHA_CI: A SAS® Macro for Computing Confidence Intervals for Coefficient Alpha


Paper 231-2008:

 Lambert, Jennifer; Lipkovich, Ilya


A Macro for Getting More out of Your ROC Curve


Paper 232-2008:

 Lim, Choon-Chern


DocItOut: Publishing SAS® Code Documentation on the Web


Paper 233-2008:

 Lu, Jun


Local Measures of Global Warming


Paper 234-2008:

 White, Ann; Williams, Sally


Save Time! Merge SAS® Files to Themselves


Paper 235-2008:

 Matange, Sanjay


ODS Graphics Editor


Paper 237-2008:

 Okerson, Barbara


Using SAS® Graphics to Explore Behavioral Health Cost Risk


Paper 238-2008:

 Parsons, Lori


Creating a Custom Table of Contents in RTF Documents


Paper 239-2008:

 Phan, Ha


Building Mathematics-Achievement Models for Developed and Developing Countries: An Application of SAS® to Large-Scale, Secondary Data Management and Analysis


Paper 242-2008:

 Schneider, Kristan; Schneider, Barbara


How to Get Phase Portraits Animated with SAS®


Paper 243-2008:

 Schwartz, Susan L.


Butterflies, Heat Maps, and More: Explore the New Power of SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 244-2008:

 Tang, Guoxin


Text and Data Mining to Investigate Expenditures on Prescribed Medicines


Paper 245-2008:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Evaluating Sample Code for an Interview


Paper 246-2008:

 Tsang, Rita


Raising the Bar in Generating Bar Charts and More: A Push-of-the-Button Approach in SAS®


Paper 247-2008:

 Ugiliweneza, Beatrice


Analysis of Breast Cancer Using SAS®


Paper 249-2008:

 Zlupko, Taras


Exploring Treasuries with SAS®


Paper 250-2008:

 Zuidhof, Martin J.; Renema, Robert A.; Robinson, Frank E.


Understanding Multiple, Repeated Animal Measurements with the Help of PROC GPLOT


Paper 396-2008:

 Lee, Kevin


Oracle Clinical® for SAS® Programmers


Reporting and Information Visualization

Paper 251-2008:

 Martell, Carol


ColdFusion and SAS®: No Pain Meds Required


Paper 252-2008:

 Kuiper, Daniel; Vyverman, Koen


Put Your Customers on the Map: Integrating SAS/GRAPH® and Google Earth


Paper 253-2008:

 Drukenbrod, Joshua; Mintz, David


Using SAS® and Google Earth to Access and Display Air Pollution Data


Paper 254-2008:

 O'Connor, Daniel


SAS® Graphics on ODS 9.2 Performance-Enhancing Steroids


Paper 255-2008:

 Heath, Dan


Effective Graphics Made Simple Using SAS/GRAPH® ®SG® Procedures


Paper 256-2008:

 Peterson, Terek; Gordon, Robert


Increased Team Effectiveness through Information Visualization Using ActiveX Drill-Down Graphs Created via SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 257-2008:

 Wright, Jeff


SAS®: The Ultimate Dashboard Machine


Paper 258-2008:

 Parker, Chevell


Creating That Perfect Data Grid Using the SAS® Output Delivery System


Paper 259-2008:

 Derby, Nathaniel


Revisiting DDE: An Updated Macro for Exporting SAS® into Custom-Formatted Excel Spreadsheets: Part I: Usage and Examples


Paper 260-2008:

 Derby, Nathaniel


Revisiting DDE: An Updated Macro for Exporting SAS® into Custom-Formatted Excel Spreadsheets: Part II: Programming Details


Paper 261-2008:

 Koopmann, Jr., Richard


Experimenting with the ODS DATA Step Object (Part II)


Paper 262-2008:

 OldenKamp, Paul


An Interpretation of Sparkline Graphs and Their Creation with SAS® Software


Paper 263-2008:

 Shu, Haibin


Tabbing Through ODS II


Paper 264-2008:

 Wright, Wendi L.


PROC TABULATE and the Neat Things You Can Do with It


Paper 265-2008:

 Campell, Jillian E.


Headings and Super-Headings: Using ACROSS Variables in PROC REPORT


Paper 266-2008:

 Fan, Chun; Ushveridze, Alexander


Creating Interactive Web-based Reports with SAS®



Paper 267-2008:

 Rankin, Julie; Wolf, Alan


Retail Opening Session


Paper 268-2008:

 Guard, Randy


What's New at SAS


Paper 269-2008:

 Donovan, Dave; Hunter, Chris


Business Intelligence in Retail


Paper 270-2008:

 Schafer, Bob


Financial Planning / Merchandise and Location Planning


Paper 271-2008:

 Taylor, Brian; Schneider, Kevin


Size and Pack Optimization: Meeting Customer Demand Through the Science of Optimization


Paper 272-2008:

 Donofrio , Terry


Applying Advanced Assortment Planning Tools in Today®s Environment


Paper 273-2008:

 Donofrio , Terry; Tusman, Stan; Moorhead, Jay


Store Clustering as a Support Tool for Advanced Planning


Paper 274-2008:

 Gautereaux, Jason


Optimizing Merchandise Allocation


Paper 275-2008:

 Brame, Ken


Marketing and Customer Intelligence


Paper 276-2008:

 Marinis, Chris


Revenue Optimization


Paper 277-2008:

 McElroy, Thom


Change Management and Business Process Engineering


Paper 278-2008:

 Simola, Irja


Space Management and Planning


Paper 279-2008:

 Sarnevitz, Alexi; Frey, Bob


Demand Planning and Forecasting


SAS Presents

Paper 289-2008:

 Myers, Keith


Administration Tips for Your Information Maps


Paper 290-2008:

 King, Michael; Losh, Jason


Provisioning Systems and Other Ways to Share the Wealth of SAS® Across a Network


Paper 291-2008:

 Dodson, Lisa; Herbert, Pat


Understand Your Data from the Metadata Layer to the Data Layer


Paper 292-2008:

 Sargent, Dan


Utilizing SAS® SPD Server Dynamic Cluster to Manage Very Large Data


Paper 293-2008:

 Noe, Larry; Hatcher, Diane


Best Practices in SAS® 9 Security Configurations


Paper 294-2008:

 Fu, I-Kong; Clover, Lina; Chitale, Anand V.


What's New in the 4.2 Releases of SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office


Paper 295-2008:

 Losh, Jason; Schneider, Mark; Stovic, Jane; Gibbs, Sandy


The SAS® Strategic Approach to Deployment: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond


Paper 296-2008:

 Whitcher, Mike


New SQL Performance Optimizations to Enhance Your SAS® Client and Solution Access to the Database


Paper 297-2008:

 Foley, Richard; Friebel, Tony


Power Up XML with SAS®


Paper 298-2008:

 Thacher, Clarke


Improving Your SAS® Investment from the Ground Up: SAS® 9.2 Enhancements That Help You Leverage Your Operating Environment


Paper 299-2008:

 Tierney, Janet; Zheng, Dake


We've Tested the Waters for You: Preliminary Studies of SAS® OLAP Cube Update Performance


Paper 300-2008:

 Rausch, Nancy; Wills, Nancy


Practical Tips for Optimizing the Performance of Your ETL Flows


Paper 301-2008:

 Plemmons, Howard


What's New in SAS/ACCESS®: Netezza, HP Neoview, Teradata Upgrades, etc.


Paper 302-2008:

 Kalich, Tanya


Best Practices for SAS® BI Administrators: Using SAS Configuration Troubleshooter to Keep SAS Solutions and SAS BI Applications Running Smoothly


Paper 303-2008:

 Foley, Richard; Mehler, Gary; Rausch, Nancy


Take Off the Sunglasses to a Brighter Integration Future


Paper 304-2008:

 Stokes, Maura; Balan, Tonya


New SAS® Statistical Software: Just Over the Horizon


Paper 305-2008:

 Rodriguez, Robert


Getting Started with ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS® 9.2


Paper 306-2008:

 Ray, Robert S.; Secosky, Jason


Better Hashing in SAS® 9.2


Paper 307-2008:

 Huntley, Scott


How to Add a Little Spice to Your PDF Output


Paper 308-2008:

 Ciampa, Gary; Noe, Larry; Rausch, Nancy; Rubendall, Craig


SAS® 9.2 Enhanced Logging Facilities Exposed
Download ZIP File


Paper 309-2008:

 Patillo, Sherry; Styll, Rick


What®s New in SAS® Web Report Studio 4.2


Paper 310-2008:

 Jahn, Dan


Using SAS® Business Intelligence Web Services and PROC SOAP in a Service-Oriented Architecture


Paper 311-2008:

 Rubendall, Craig


I Didn't Know That Was Being Used! Keeping Track of What Is Being Used in Your SAS® EBI Environment


Paper 312-2008:

 Hunt, Arthur; Kalich, Tanya; Dickerson, Billy; Antle, Chuck


Backup and Disaster Recovery: When Disaster Strikes, What Will You Do? What Will You Do?


Paper 313-2008:

 Matange, Sanjay


Introduction to Graph Template Language


Paper 314-2008:

 Hatcher, Diane; Crevar, Margaret


Migrating Your SAS® Applications to SAS® 9.1.3 and Beyond


Paper 315-2008:

 Shamlin, David


SAS® In-Database: Deeper Integration between the SAS System and Database Management Systems


Paper 316-2008:

 Wilkie, Michelle; Weinberger, Ann


What's New in SAS® OLAP Cube Studio 4.2


Paper 317-2008:

 Wilkie, Michelle; Weinberger, Ann; Ender, Matthias


Controlling OLAP Applications End to End


Paper 318-2008:

 Hughes, Ed; Chen, Hong; Lada, Emily; Meanor, Phil


SAS/OR®: Introducing SAS® Simulation Studio


Paper 319-2008:

 Leonard, Michael J.; Lee, Jennifer S.; Lee, Taiyeong; Elsheimer, Bruce


An Introduction to Similarity Analysis Using SAS®


Paper 320-2008:

 Lee, Taiyeong; Duling, David; Liu, Song; Latour, Dominique


Two-Stage Variable Clustering


Paper 321-2008:

 Erdman, Donald; Sinko, Arthur V.


Using Copulas to Model Dependency Structures in Econometrics


Paper 322-2008:

 Erdman, Donald; Sinko, Arthur V.


Zero-Inflated Poisson and Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Models Using the COUNTREG Procedure


Paper 323-2008:

 Patel, Himesh


Enhancements to SAS/GRAPH® in SAS® 9.2


Paper 324-2008:

 Little, Mark; Erdman, Donald; Leonard, Michael


Advances in Economic Modeling and Time Series: New Features in SAS® 9.2 SAS/ETS®


Paper 325-2008:

 Berryman, Pat; Chapman, Jonathan


Modernize Your Business Reports Using ODS and SAS/GRAPH®: A Case Study from SAS® 8.2 to SAS® 9.2


Paper 326-2008:

 Herbert, Pat


DataFlux® 8: Accelerate to Improved Data Quality


Paper 327-2008:

 Ransdell, Bucky


Better Tools for Visualizing the Voice of Your Process: New Developments in SAS/QC® Software in SAS® 9.2


Paper 328-2008:

 Pirrello, Charles; Choy, Justin; Chitale, Anand V.


SAS® BI Dashboard Best Practices


Paper 329-2008:

 Hemedinger, Chris; Gibson, Bill J.


Find Out What You®re Missing: SAS® Enterprise Guide® for SAS Programmers


Paper 330-2008:

 Tierney, Janet; Weinberger, Ann


Avoid Growing Pains: New Cube Update Features You Should Know About


Paper 331-2008:

 Hatcher, Diane; Bourn, Eric


Metadata Promotion in SAS® 9.2


SAS Presents...Global Perspectives

Paper 332-2008:

 Andersen, Truls; Laahne, Lisbeth


®Styring® a Mission-Critical Solution for the Norwegian Post


Paper 333-2008:

 Grevskott, Sverre; Sture, Sten


Using PROC GENMOD to find a fair house insurance rate for the Norwegian market


Paper 334-2008:

 Silva, Alan R.


Spatial Autoregressive Models


Paper 335-2008:

 Staniszewski, Tomasz J.


Business Intelligence for a Demanding Company: A Real-World Experience from Implementation of the SAS® Platform in PZU SA, the Biggest Polish Insurance Company


Paper 336-2008:

 Maia, Alexandre G.


Globalization, Development Economics and Impacts on Brazilian Labor Market


Paper 337-2008:

 Brodersen, Bernd


Risk Infrastructure: Risk Management at Allianz Group


Paper 338-2008:

 Silva, Alan R.; Alves, Patrick F.


Computational Algorithm for Estimation of Panel Data Models with Two Fixed Effects


Paper 339-2008:

 McInnis, Anne; Weisensee, Debbie


Developing a Performance Management System at McMaster University using the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard


Paper 340-2008:

 Fern®ndez, Ignaci


Cost Allocation Management for IT: the Gas Natural Inform®tica Experience


Paper 341-2008:

 Nej, Sylwester


Credit Scoring for Telco: A Case Study


Paper 342-2008:

 Castej®n, Fernando


Airline Income Optimization


Paper 343-2008:

 Ghergut, Dan Ion


Using SAS to improve data quality of short-term business statistics: the experience of Romanian National Institute of Statistics


Paper 344-2008:

 Sulikowski, Piotr S.


Mobile Operator Customer Classification in Churn Analysis


Paper 345-2008:

 Kivel®, Marko


SAS Marketing Automation Experience: A CRM System at the Heart of a New Customer-Oriented Approach


Paper 346-2008:

 Mulvaney, Mark


How the DWP Has Used SAS® to Measure, Model, Predict, and Embark on Award-Winning Customer Targeting


Paper 347-2008:

 Grizagoridis, Alexandre


SAS with Revenue Generation


Paper 348-2008:

 Cengiz, Deniz


Innovative Platform for Empowering the Tellers

SAS Presents...Solutions

Paper 349-2008:

 Brown, Mark; Tsuboi, Toshi


Analytic-Driven Multi-Channel Marketing


Paper 350-2008:

 Bulkley, Jack


Using Your SAS® Programming Knowledge in SAS Customer Intelligence Solutions


Paper 351-2008:

 Sipman, Eduard


Calculating Budgets with SAS® Activity-Based Management But Reporting with SAS® BI Server: Some Practical Experiences


Paper 352-2008:

 Davis, Bob


Service Parts Optimization: Inventory vs. Availability


Paper 353-2008:

 Thangamuthu, Kumaravel


Issues with Supply Chain and RFID in the Retail Industry


Paper 354-2008:

 John, A. Meredith; Sglavo, Udo V.


Small Improvements Causing Substantial Savings: Forecasting Intermittent Demand Data Using SAS® Forecast Server


Paper 355-2008:

 Foley, Richard; Polito, Jonathan


Understanding the Online Customer Funnel


Paper 356-2008:

 Mayes, Manya; Matz, Ken


Can You Hear Me Now?


Paper 357-2008:

 Creecy, Lynn; Klenz, Brad


It's 9:00 AM: Do You Know Where Your Critical Talent Is? Retention Analytics for Human Capital Management


Paper 358-2008:

 Trippensee, Austin


Risk Management Beyond Basel II


SAS-Sponsored Operations Research

Paper 199-2008:

 Hughes, Ed; Kearney, Trevor


What®s New in Optimization with SAS/OR®


Paper 200-2008:

 Blomberg, Jodi; Storti, William


Using SAS/OR® to Improve Emergency Response Times with Better Ambulance Placement


Paper 201-2008:

 Kelly, Chuck; Yi, Jinxin; Easterling, Philip


Using SAS/OR® to Improve Service Completion at a Fortune 100 Company


Paper 202-2008:

 Emrouznejad, Ali


Ordered Weight Averaging in SAS®: An MCDM Application


Paper 203-2008:

 Oliveira, Ivan; Galati, Matthew V.; Haigh, Doug; Pratt, Rob


Using SAS/OR® and SAS® Grid Manager to Solve Optimization Problems on the Grid


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence

Paper 280-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 281-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 282-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 283-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization

Paper 284-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


Paper 285-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


Paper 286-2008:

 Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration

Paper 287-2008:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Paper 288-2008:

 Richardson, Kari


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Statistics and Data Analysis

Paper 360-2008:

 Allison, Paul D.


Convergence Failures in Logistic Regression


Paper 361-2008:

 Cassell, David; Flom, Peter L.


Stopping Stepwise: Why Stepwise and Similar Selection Methods Are Bad, and What You Should Use


Paper 362-2008:

 Wicklin, Rick


SAS® Stat Studio: A Programming Environment for High®End Data Analysts


Paper 363-2008:

 Shtatland, Ernest S.


Another Look at Low-Order Autoregressive Models in Early Detection of Epidemic Outbreaks and Explosive Behaviors in Economic and Financial Time Series


Paper 364-2008:

 Stockwell, Ian


Introduction to Correlation and Regression Analysis


Paper 365-2008:

 Patterson, Brian


Applying SAS® Mixed-Model Procedures to Educational-Assessment Data


Paper 366-2008:

 Leslie, R. Scott; Ghomrawi, Hassan


The Use of Propensity Scores and Instrumental Variable Methods to Adjust for Treatment-Selection Bias


Paper 367-2008:

 An, Anthony; Mukhopadhyay, Pushpal K.; Tobias, Randall; Watts, Donna L.


Try, Try Again: Replication-Based Variance Estimation Methods for Survey Data Analysis in SAS® 9.2


Paper 368-2008:

 Watson, Wayne E.


Updates to SAS® Power and Sample Size Software in SAS® 9.2


Paper 369-2008:

 Ragavan, Anpalaki J.


How to Use SAS® to Fit Multiple Logistic Regression Models


Paper 370-2008:

 Jia, Siwei


On Predicting Log-Transformed Linear Models with Heteroscedasticity


Paper 371-2008:

 Liu, Wensui; Cela, Jimmy


Count Data Models in SAS®


Paper 372-2008:

 Tin, Adrienne


Modeling Zero-Inflated Count Data with Underdispersion and Overdispersion


Paper 373-2008:

 Pasta, David; Elkin, Eric P.


BFF: Binary Flags Forever (Or, Boole's Paradise)


Paper 374-2008:

 Dickey, David


PROC MIXED: Underlying Ideas with Examples


Paper 375-2008:

 Gharibvand, Lida; Fernandez, George


Advanced Statistical and Graphical features of SAS® PHREG


Paper 376-2008:

 Pasta, David; Elkin, Eric P.; Michaelis, Rory


Using Regression Diagnostics and Clustering Criteria to Uncover ID Errors


Paper 377-2008:

 LaLonde, Steven M.


ODS for the Professional Statistician


Paper 378-2008:

 Cai, Weijie


Fitting Generalized Additive Models with the GAM Procedure in SAS® 9.2


Paper 379-2008:

 Sall, John


New Directions in JMP®


Paper 380-2008:

 Roofe, Andrea


Reliability and Validity Testing using SAS/STAT


Paper 382-2008:

 Sun, Xuezheng; Yang, Zhao


Generalized McNemar's Test for Homogeneity of Marginal Distributions


Paper 383-2008:

 Liu, Hui; Shen, David; Huang, Louie


Factor Analysis of Caregiver-Strain Questionnaire in Clinical Research


Paper 384-2008:

 Yung, Yiu-Fai


Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis Using PROC TCALIS in SAS® 9.2


Systems Architecture

Paper 385-2008:

 Rafiee, Dana


New Architecture and Speed with a Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance


Paper 386-2008:

 Mendoza, Alfredo (Freddie)


Using nmon to Monitor SAS® Applications on AIX Servers


Paper 387-2008:

 Brown, Tony


SAS® Performance Monitoring: A Deeper Discussion


Paper 388-2008:

 Ralston, Carl E.


Making Sense of Multi-Core Processor Technology for the SAS® Environment


Paper 389-2008:

 Kent, Paul; Wolfe, Bryan; Jahn, Dan; Carroll, James; Dotson, Dan


SAS® for Real-Time Applications


Paper 390-2008:

 Moulton, Sandra


Architecting a Finely Tuned SAS® Grid Solution


Paper 391-2008:

 Doninger, Cheryl; Spruill, Jason


Balancing the Load: SAS® Server Technologies for Scalability


Paper 392-2008:

 Christenson, Paul; Flentje, Chad


Leveraging SAS® Enterprise BI Server for an Operational Reporting Workflow


Paper 393-2008:

 Atkinson, Donald R.


Chickens, Eggs, and SAS® BI: An Evolutionary Approach


Paper 394-2008:

 Hafslund, Ole-Martin


A Framework for Using the SAS® Metadata Server from SAS® Foundation


Paper 395-2008:

 Churchill, Alan; Henderson, Don


Rich Internet Applications Using SAS/IntrNet® and Microsoft Silverlight