The GANTT Procedure

Gantt Chart

The GANTT procedure produces a Gantt chart that is a graphical scheduling tool for the planning and control of a project. In its most basic form, a Gantt chart is a bar chart that plots the tasks of a project versus time. PROC GANTT displays a Gantt chart corresponding to a project schedule such as that produced by the CPM procedure or one that is input directly to the procedure, and it offers several options and statements for tailoring the chart to your needs.

Input Data

Output data

Chart Display Modes

Graphical Features

There are a variety of features and capabilities available to you when producing a Gantt chart in graphics mode. For example, you can draw a logic Gantt chart that displays the precedence relationships by drawing directed arcs between related activities, annotate a Gantt chart, create a zoned Gantt chart separating the activities of the project into different zones, etc.


Some examples of the different types of Gantt charts that can be produced are illustrated below, along with brief functional descriptions. Clicking on the images will bring up a larger view of the corresponding chart.

Logic Gantt chart

Logic Gantt Chart

Zoned Gantt chart

Zoned Gantt Chart

Multiproject Gantt chart

Multi-project Gantt Chart

Actual versus Planned Gantt chart

Actual versus Planned Gantt Chart

Resource-Constrained Gantt chart

Resource Constrained Gantt Chart

Segmented Gantt chart

Segmented Gantt Chart

Labeled Gantt chart

Labeled Gantt Chart

Annotated Gantt chart

Annotated Gantt Chart

Web-Enabled Gantt chart

Web-enabled Gantt Chart

Special Processing Features


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