SAS/OR® Software

SAS/OR software integrates essential optimization, scheduling, simulation, and related modeling and solution capabilities in an adaptable environment. Its powerful set of management science solutions provide companies the knowledge they need to identify and optimize business processes and management challenges. SAS/OR software is designed for people with operations research/management science or similar training who are seeking to build and solve decision guidance models that use one or more of the following operations research techniques:

These capabilities are supported and complemented by SAS software's strengths in data access and integration, analytics, and business intelligence. SAS/OR software tools also form the heart of optimization solutions such as SAS Marketing Optimization and SAS Revenue Optimization Suite. Some of the many applications that lend themselves to the use of SAS/OR tools include the following:

To see some uses of SAS/OR software in applications that address business planning problems, try out the supply chain optimization demos.