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SAS/STAT® Software

Today's competitive landscape makes the critical link between decision-making and an organization's success more important than ever. From corporations to government agencies to research institutes to universities, organizations are increasingly turning to statistical analysis to help them make their critical decisions. Using the right statistical technique can provide the information that improves processes, drives new development, and maintains a satisfied customer base.

SAS/STAT Software

While there are many statistical analysis tools on the market today, only one gives you complete, comprehensive tools for data analysis–SAS/STAT software from SAS Institute. SAS/STAT, a fully integrated component of the SAS System, provides extensive statistical capabilities that meet the needs of an entire organization.

Better information. Better analysis. Better decisions.

With the SAS System, you can easily access data from any source, perform data management, carry out statistical analysis, and then present your findings in a variety of reports and graphs-all within a single software environment. SAS/STAT software enables you to evaluate data from a variety of sources, including clinical trials, marketing databases, health surveys, customer preference studies, stock market research, and so on. SAS/STAT software provides statistical techniques for applications that span every industry:

From regression to exact methods to statistical visualization techniques, SAS/STAT software provides powerful tools for both specialized and enterprise-wide analytical needs. And since SAS Institute remains committed to its long tradition of constantly enriching its statistical offerings, you know that you will have access to the most up-to-date statistical techniques not just today, but well into the future.