ODS Statistical Graphics Samples Gallery

Explore the possibilities provided by ODS Statistical Graphics (also known as ODS Graphics) with this gallery of examples. The examples are organized into five sections:

When ODS Graphics is enabled, SAS/ETS®, SAS/STAT®, and SAS/QC® procedures that support ODS Graphics create appropriate graphs, either by default or when you specify procedure options for requesting specific graphs. The first two sections provide examples of both cases.

The SAS/GRAPH® SG procedures enable you to produce graphs for data exploration or for customized displays. The third and fourth sections include examples that range from the most basic to advanced uses of the SG procedures.

ODS Graphics are based upon the Graph Template Language. The examples in the fifth section illustrate how you can use the SAS® analytic procedures, the SG procedures, and the GTL together to produce highly customized graphs.

Automatically Generated ODS Statistical Graphs

The following examples provide a sample of the graphs that are automatically produced after you have enabled ODS graphics.

SAS/STAT® Examples of ODS Graphics

SAS/ETS® Examples of ODS Graphics

SAS/QC® Examples of ODS Graphics

Using PLOT Options with ODS Statistical Graphs

PLOT options enable you to control which graphs are produced. You can exclude graphs that are normally generated by default, or you can select specific graphs to display.

SAS/STAT® Examples

SAS/ETS® Examples

Data Exploration with the SG Procedures

The SAS/GRAPH Statistical Graphics (SG) procedures enable you to produce graphs for data exploration or for customized displays. These examples illustrate how to use the SG procedures.

SAS/GRAPH® Statistical Graphics Procedures

The following examples provide more thorough illustrations of the capabilities of the SG procedures. These examples demonstrate a wide range of complexity, from the most rudimentary use to the advanced use of the procedures.

Customized Analytical Graphs Using the Graph Template Language

The graphs that are produced by analytical procedures are controlled by specially designed graph templates. These examples demonstrate how you can customize the graphs by modifying an existing template or by creating your own graph template.

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