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Applications Development

Paper 001-2007:

 Churchill, Alan K.


How to Generate 10,000 Excel Spreadsheets in 10 Minutes (Or Less)


Paper 002-2007:

 Conway, Ted


Good Info Comes in Small Multiples – Creating Small Multiple Presentations of Data with SAS® and Excel


Paper 003-2007:

 Shvorob, Dimitri


I Want It All – Recovering Variable Labels When Importing Data from Microsoft Access


Paper 004-2007:

 Compson, Michael L. Hennessey, John C.


How Suite It Is – Taking Full Advantage of SAS® Seamless Integration with Microsoft's Office Suite


Paper 005-2007:

 Hunt, Stephen Fairfield-Carter, Brian


Zipping Right Along: Push-Button SAS® Transfers via Command-Line Invocation of the WinZip32 Executable


Paper 006-2007:

 Williams, Tim


Better SAS® Programming through Version Control


Paper 007-2007:

 DeGuire, Yves


The FILENAME Statement Revisited


Paper 008-2007:

 Secosky, Jason


User-Written DATA Step Functions


Paper 009-2007:

 Turner, Jonah P.


Spicing Up SAS/IntrNet® Applications (with Additives)


Paper 010-2007:

 Li, Houliang


Building Your Own Real-Time SAS® Server Monitor under UNIX


Paper 011-2007:

 DeVenezia, Richard A. Gerlach, John R. Hoyle, Larry Katz, Talbot M. Langston, Rick


SAS® and Sudoku


Paper 012-2007:

 Davidson, Gail S. Mills, Guinevere Z.


The Enterprise Melting Pot: Everyone’s a SAS User – They Just Don’t Know It


Paper 013-2007:

 Collado, Evangeline Borden, M. Paige


To Cube or Not to Cube? Is OLAP the Better Choice?


Paper 014-2007:

 Yiu-Morrison, Shelly


Integration of webAF™ and Table-Driven Methodology


Paper 015-2007:

 Treglio, Christopher


Extending SAS® Data Integration Studio with Java: Custom GUIs and SAS Server Interactions


Paper 016-2007:

 Kramer, Kevin M.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® OLE Automation Using C#


Paper 017-2007:

 Kobylinski, Richard W.


A Dynamic Example of Delivering Patient Management Identification Opportunities Using SAS/IntrNet®


Paper 018-2007:

 Sanders, Blake


JobTrack: Transaction Computing 101


Paper 019-2007:

 Morgan, Derek


Managing Stored SCL Lists, and Creating Text Files from SCL Catalog Entries: Two SAS/AF® Utilities


Paper 020-2007:

 Thomas, Michael Sherwood, Rick D.


Reusable SAS/GRAPH® Stored Processes for Dashboarding


Paper 021-2007:

 Zender, Cynthia L.


ODS Options and SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 022-2007:

 Dhillon, Rupinder Eberhardt, Peter W.


%STPBEGIN: How SAS Enterprise Guide® Almost Removed the "L" Word from My Relationship with SAS®


Paper 023-2007:

 Weinstein, Heather


Converting SAS/IntrNet® Programs to SAS® Stored Processes



BI Forum

Paper 244-2007:

 Smale, John


Infrastructure Matters! How the Right IT Infrastructure Adds Value to a SAS® BI/DW Deployment


Paper 245-2007:

 Vanderlinden, Mike Varney, Brian


Best Practices for Implementing a BI Strategy with SAS®


Paper 246-2007:

 Battas, Greg


A Single Version of the Truth—How HP Is Advancing Business Intelligence


Paper 247-2007:

 Trammell, Steve


Leveraging Location for Better Analytics and Reporting


Paper 248-2007:

 Black, Alexander J.


Business Intelligence—Going Beyond the Numbers


Paper 249-2007:

 Zender, Cynthia L.


SAS® Stored Process Case Study


Paper 250-2007:

 Bills, Cliff Lewis, Warren Lutz, Dharmita Roth, John R.


Good Habits for Better Living: What to Expect with Java Application Servers for the SAS® 9.2 Business Intelligence Middle-Tier


Paper 251-2007:

 Hatcher, Diane Leslie , Scott


Ask Me Anything: New SAS® Prompting Architecture


Paper 252-2007:

 Grant, Paul Blomberg, Jodi Mudd, Jeff


Using the SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform for Logistics Optimization: Linking Data Integration, Analytics, and Business Intelligence


Paper 253-2007:

 Thomas, Michael Styll, Rick


Building Intelligent Dashboards with SAS® BI


Paper 254-2007:

 Styll, Rick


Integrated Reporting Using SAS®9 BI Clients


Paper 255-2007:

 Hill, Eric Schroedl, John P. Weisz, Jon T.


JMP® 7: Statistical Discovery Meets SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 256-2007:

 Zeid, Aiman


Business Intelligence Competency Center: What Is It, and How Do You Deploy It?


Paper 257-2007:

 Driscoll, Mary


Best Practices—Top 5 CFO Challenges


Paper 258-2007:

 Spears, Joe


SAS® Business and Financial Intelligence, a Powerful Combination


Paper 259-2007:

 Choy, Justin Wilkie, Michelle


Exploring OLAP Cubes


Paper 321-2007:

 Hudson, Florence


IBM Mainframe—The Workhorse for Enterprise Business Intelligence


Paper 322-2007:

 Wilkie, Michelle Tierney, Janet





BI Workshop: SAS Business Intelligence Applications

Paper 260-2007:

 Rossland, Eric Richardson, Kari


Hands-On Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence Applications


Paper 261-2007:

 Rossland, Eric Richardson, Kari


Hands-On Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence Applications


Paper 262-2007:

 Rossland, Eric Richardson, Kari


Hands-On Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence Applications


Paper 263-2007:

 Rossland, Eric Richardson, Kari


Hands-On Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence Applications



Coders' Corner

Paper 024-2007:

 Gamishev, Teo


How to Optimize Existing SAS® Programs Generating Standard Reports


Paper 025-2007:

 Carpenter, Art


In the Compute Block: Issues Associated with Using and Naming Variables


Paper 026-2007:

 Gamishev, Teo


Affordable SAS® Tips


Paper 027-2007:

 Langston, Rick


Handling Large Stream Files with the @'string' Feature


Paper 028-2007:

 Fehd, Ronald J.


Journeyman's Tools: Data Review Macro FREQALL – Using PROC SQL List Processing with Dictionary.Columns to Eliminate Macro DO Loops


Paper 029-2007:

 Su, Pon


Calculating Duration via the Lagged Values of Variables


Paper 030-2007:

 Pickering, Roger P.


Using SAS® Macros to Produce Tables for Publication from SAS-Callable SUDAAN


Paper 031-2007:

 Choate, Paul A.


Quick Record Lookup without an Index


Paper 032-2007:

 Atashili, Julius Ta, Myduc L.


A SAS® Macro for Automating the Change-In-Estimate Strategy for Assessing Confounding


Paper 033-2007:

 Villacorte, Renato G.


Parameter-Gathering Techniques for Data-Driven Programming


Paper 034-2007:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up! The Magical Compound WHERE Clause Can Eliminate DATA Steps, Reduce Processing Steps, Speed Up Turnaround, and Mystify Your Friends


Paper 035-2007:

 Worden, Jeanina


Hanging On by a STRING? Using Functions to Untie Text Strings


Paper 036-2007:

 Kosian, Sassoon


A Generic Method of Parallel Processing in Base SAS® 8 and 9


Paper 037-2007:

 Humphreys, Suzanne M.


Back Up with Each Submit and Save Your Sanity!


Paper 038-2007:

 Pope, David


Empowering Your SAS® Business Intelligence End Users via a SAS® Stored Process


Paper 039-2007:

 Muriel, Elena


Hashing Performance Time with Hash Tables


Paper 040-2007:

 Bhat, Srinivas G. Fang, Jim Venugopal, Vijay


An Approach for a Scalable, Platform-Independent, Automated Solution Using SAS® IOM


Paper 041-2007:

 Cheng, Wei


Graphical Representation of the Mean Measurement over Time


Paper 042-2007:

 Jolley, Linda T. Stroupe, Jane S.


Dear Miss SASAnswers: A Guide to SAS® Efficiency


Paper 043-2007:

 Leslie, R. Scott


Using Arrays to Calculate Medication Utilization


Paper 044-2007:

 Liang, Xiaoming


Using Dynamic Data Exchange and Table-Driven Programming to Manage Microsoft Excel Files


Paper 045-2007:

 Yu, Hsiwei Shen, Dong-Min


Group Headers by Template with Optional Columns


Paper 046-2007:

 Tilanus, Erik W.


Turning the Data Around: PROC TRANSPOSE and Alternative Approaches


Paper 047-2007:

 Heaton, Edward


Creating a Local Library


Paper 048-2007:

 Xia, Henry H.


Categorizing Drug Data in a Complex Survey with SAS® PROC FORMAT, INPUT, and PUT Functions


Paper 049-2007:

 Pless, Richard F.


SAS® Tools for Program Automation


Paper 050-2007:

 Murphy, William C.


Changing Data Set Variables into Macro Variables


Paper 051-2007:

 Crawford, Peter


Easy SAS® Session Customization


Paper 052-2007:

 Whitlock, Ian


Names, Names, Names  Make Me a List


Paper 053-2007:

 Hennessey, John C.


SAS/CONNECT® to Mainframes and Servers in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4 Using SAS Code


Paper 054-2007:

 Libeg, Linda L.


FUNCTIONSIZE: Process Your External Files


Paper 055-2007:

 DeMeo, John


Creating Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables from SAS® – (Part 2)


Paper 056-2007:

 Gianneschi, Dennis


Seven Steps to Regulatory Publication Style with PROC REPORT


Paper 057-2007:

 Tan, Angelina D. Diehl, Nancy Mandrekar, Jayawant N.


Saving Trees with Output Delivery System (ODS)


Paper 058-2007:

 Pless, Richard F.


Data on Demand with SAS® Enterprise Guide®: A Cheap and Easy Approach to Real-Time Database Access


Paper 059-2007:

 Rodriguez Montaño, Flora Zamudio Montaño, Miguel


Useful SAS® Macros and Routines


Paper 060-2007:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Excelling with SAS®


Paper 061-2007:

 Barfield, James David Moore, John G. Rayamajhi, Jyoti N.


Automatically Incorporating Repeated Changes in SAS® Programming Codes in Clinical Trial Reporting


Paper 062-2007:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Simple Rules to Remember When Working with Indexes


Paper 063-2007:

 Hurley, George J.


Customizing Your SAS® Initialization


Paper 064-2007:

 Yeh, Shi-Tao


Using Invisible Characters in SAS® Programming – Hidden Dragons, Episode II


Paper 065-2007:

 Walkup, Michael P. Craven, Timothy E. Russell, Gregory B.


March Sanity – A SAS® Application for Administering an NCAA Tournament Pool


Paper 066-2007:

 Groeneveld, Jim


SAS® Macro Version Control


Paper 067-2007:

 Fehd, Ronald J.


DO Which? Loop, UNTIL, or WHILE? A Review of DATA Step and Macro Algorithms


Paper 068-2007:

 Wright, Wendi L.


Creating a Format from Raw Data or a SAS® Data Set


Paper 069-2007:

 Wright, Wendi L.


Checking for Duplicates


Paper 070-2007:

 Fickbohm, David


Using the DATASETS Procedure – Part II


Paper 071-2007:

 Lauderdale, Kirsty R.


PROC SQL – The Dark Side of SAS®?


Paper 072-2007:

 Yellanki, Jyotheeswara N.


Calculating Statistics Using PROC MEANS versus PROC SQL



Communications Focus Session

Paper 323-2007:

 Mattison, Rob


Keynote Presentation: Breakthrough Business Intelligence: Case Studies in Taking Business Intelligence to Next Level in the Telecommunications Industry


Paper 324-2007:

 King, Ken


SAS Response: Impacts of New Services on Communication Services Providers


Paper 325-2007:

 Christian, Andrew


Customer Case Study: A Case Study in Clustering and Behavioral Modeling


Paper 326-2007:

 Pinheiro, Carlos A.


Customer Case Study: Competitive Intelligence through Business Analytic and Data Mining Environments



Data Mining and Predictive Modeling

Paper 073-2007:

 Wielenga, Doug


Identifying and Overcoming Common Data Mining Mistakes


Paper 074-2007:

 Bohannon, Tom


Predictive Modeling in Higher Education


Paper 075-2007:

 Hardin, J. Michael


Teaching Business Applications of Data Mining


Paper 076-2007:

 Chu, Robert Duling, David Thompson, Wayne


Best Practices for Managing Predictive Models in a Production Environment


Paper 077-2007:

 Raja, Uzma


Predicting Software Maintenance Outcomes Using Data Mining and Text Mining


Paper 078-2007:

 Liu, Wensui Cela, Jimmy


Improving Credit Scoring by Generalized Additive Model


Paper 079-2007:

 Zahedi, Hamed


Data Mining Physician Decisions for MRSA


Paper 080-2007:

 Zhang, Rodger


OLS Regression? Auto-Regression? Dynamic Regression?


Paper 081-2007:

 Cherrie, John A.


Variable Screening for Multinomial Logistic Regression on Very Large Data Sets as Applied to Direct Response Modeling


Paper 082-2007:

 Millette, Ting


Find the Best Prospects for a New Product by Using a Data Mining Model


Paper 083-2007:

 Tesfamicael, Mussie A.


Data Mining to Investigate the Prescribing of Medications Longitudinally


Paper 084-2007:

 deVille, Barry


Ubiquitous Scoring of 1000+ Warranty Categories Using Predictive Rules Derived from Text


Paper 085-2007:

 Cerrito, Patricia B.


Text Mining and PROC KDE to Rank Nominal Data


Paper 086-2007:

 Albright, Russell D. Bartlett, Jake Bultman, David


Making Web Results Relevant with SAS®


Paper 087-2007:

 Khopkar, Hrushikesh A. King, Jay


Critical Success Factors for Rate Making Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™



Data Presentation

Paper 088-2007:

 Cartier, Jeff Heath, Dan


Using ODS Styles with SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 089-2007:

 Peterson, Terek J. Gordon, Robert


Creating ActiveX Graphs for Presentations Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Drill-Down Graphs Too


Paper 090-2007:

 Croker, Samuel T.


Presentation Quality Forecast Visualization with SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 091-2007:

 Martino, Paul Dirmyer, Richard Schley, Sara


Graphing Longitudinal Data: Deaf Children in the "Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth"


Paper 092-2007:

 Liu, Lea Guo, Nan McCarthy, William F.


Gaining Power from GTL and ODS Style to Control Graphical Output


Paper 093-2007:

 Bessler, LeRoy


How to Make the "Best Choice” from the Many Ways to Create and Deliver SAS® Graphs


Paper 094-2007:

 Cheng, Wei


ODS Statistical Graphics for Clinical Research


Paper 095-2007:

 Wright, Wendi L.


Make Your PROC TABULATE Tables Pretty Using ODS Style Options


Paper 096-2007:

 Deitrich, Woodrow Beekly, Duane Lee, William W. Koepsell, Thomas Kukull, Walter A.


Web-based Data Quality Assurance Reports at the National Alzheimers Coordinating Center (NACC)


Paper 097-2007:

 Small, Electra


Creating Tables of Contents in RTF Documents


Paper 098-2007:

 Truong, Sy J. Xu, Jing


Delivering SAS® to Excel Jockeys


Paper 099-2007:

 Zender, Cynthia L.


Funny ^Stuff~ in My Code – Using ODS ESCAPECHAR



Data Warehousing, Management and Quality

Paper 100-2007:

 Rausch, Nancy Hunley, Eric J. Mehler, Gary


Speed It Up – Active Warehousing with SAS® Data Integration: From Batch to Real-Time


Paper 101-2007:

 Kovtun, Tatyana


SAS® Data Integration Studio and SAS® Macro – Working in Harmony for Data Warehousing Projects


Paper 102-2007:

 Venugopal, Vijay Bhat, Srinivas G. Fang, Jim


Performance-Driven Data Integration – An Optimized Approach


Paper 103-2007:

 Gorrell, Paul


Simple and Effective – Using ODS Destinations to Facilitate Data Management


Paper 104-2007:

 Frank, Lisa L.


At the Controls – How We Set Up Security via SAS® Management Console


Paper 105-2007:

 Abolafia, Jeffrey M. DiIorio, Frank


The Electronic Project: Effectively Using Metadata throughout the Project Life Cycle


Paper 106-2007:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Squeaky Clean Data with SAS® Data Quality Server


Paper 107-2007:

 Sherman, Paul D.


Demeter in the Database


Paper 108-2007:

 Rausch, Nancy Wills, Nancy J.


Super Size It!!! Maximize the Performance of Your ETL Processes



DI Workshop: dfPower Studio and SAS Data Integration Studio

Paper 264-2007:

 Richardson, Kari Rossland, Eric


Hands-On Workshop: DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 265-2007:

 Richardson, Kari Rossland, Eric


Hands-On Workshop: DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 266-2007:

 Richardson, Kari Rossland, Eric


Hands-On Workshop: DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 267-2007:

 Richardson, Kari Rossland, Eric


Hands-On Workshop: DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 268-2007:

 Richardson, Kari Rossland, Eric


Hands-On Workshop: DataFlux® dfPower® Studio and SAS® Data Integration Studio



Education Focus Session

Paper 327-2007:

 Black, Ph.D., Jim


Keynote Presentation: Perfecting Strategy Using Actionable Intelligence


Paper 328-2007:

 Goben, Allen Sudar, Andy


SAS Response: FanSAStic! Results: Collaboratively Leading Institutional Effectiveness Efforts in Higher Education Institutions


Paper 329-2007:

 Sullivan, Linda


Customer Case Study: Using Data Integration and Business Intelligence Tools to Provide Strategic-Decision Support for Universities


Paper 330-2007:

 Konsdorf, Karl


Customer Case Study: The DAWN of New Era in Analytical and Business Intelligence at Sinclair Community College



Energy and Utilities Focus Session

Paper 331-2007:

 Parkinson, Leigh


Sponsor Presentation: Making Better Decisions: SAS in the Energy Marketplace


Paper 332-2007:

 Reames, Patrick


Keynote Presentation: Evolving Wholesale Energy Markets Demand New Technology Solutions


Paper 333-2007:

 Carothers, Craig McMane, Steve


SAS Response: Revenue Assurance for Energy ... Using SAS® Solutions to Leverage Corporate Intelligence to Fuel Effective, Forward-Looking Decisions in Volatile Markets


Paper 334-2007:

 Anderson, Gord Perrin, Mark


Customer Case Study: The Evolution of Financial Risk Analytics at EnCana


Paper 335-2007:

 Podraza, Ernest L.


Customer Case Study: SAS® Application in a Deregulated Electric Retailer



Financial Services/Banking Focus Session

Paper 336-2007:

 Kritzer, Zohar


Keynote Presentation: Overcoming Commoditization through Dynamic Relationship Pricing


Paper 337-2007:

 Messier, Bob


SAS Response


Paper 338-2007:

 Enabnit, Jill


Customer Case Study: U.S. Bank


Paper 339-2007:

 Thorpe, Ph.D., Daniel


Customer Case Study: Customer Equity Driven Marketing Mix Decisions at Wachovia Bank


Financial Services/Insurance Focus Session

Paper 340-2007:

 Josefowicz, Matthew


Keynote Presentation: SOA in Insurance


Paper 341-2007:

 West, David A.


SAS Response: SOA: Hype or Revolution – What Insurers Need to Know About Service-Oriented Architecture


Paper 342-2007:

 Armstrong, Michael


Customer Case Study: Liberty Mutual


Paper 343-2007:



Customer Case Study


Financial Services/Risk Focus Session

Paper 344-2007:

 Rowland, Jan


Keynote Presentation: Risk Management Best Practices for Small Business Lending


Paper 345-2007:

 Dayton, Mark


SAS Response: Data Management for Credit Risk Organizations: How SAS®9 Solutions and Technologies Can be Leveraged to Manage the Associated Issues and Challenges


Paper 346-2007:

 Talwar, Sanjiv Carroll, Jonathan


Customer Case Study: Data Management Within Credit Risk Management


Paper 347-2007:

 Gladysz, Stephen


Customer Case Study: Revolutionizing Risk Management with Enterprise Business Intelligence



Government Focus Session

Paper 348-2007:

 Cohen, Gregory K.


Keynote Presentation: Performance Management in Government: A Complex Partnership


Paper 349-2007:

 Cokins, Gary


SAS Response: Performance Management in Government: Moving the Dials to Drive Real Results


Paper 350-2007:

 Dougherty, Kristine


Customer Case Study: Building Performance Information in a Statewide Corrections Agency


Paper 351-2007:

 Flaherty, Patrick


Customer Case Study: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Hands-on Workshops

Paper 109-2007:

 Lafler, Kirk P. Cochran, Ben T.


A Hands-On Tour inside the World of PROC SQL


Paper 110-2007:

 Fecht, Marje Dhillon, Rupinder


A ""SAS® Programmer's"" Guide to SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 111-2007:

 Nelson, Gregory S.


Planning for and Designing a Data Warehouse – A Hands-On Workshop


Paper 112-2007:

 Cassidy, Deb


An Introduction to SAS/GRAPH® Step-by-Step


Paper 113-2007:

 Fehd, Ronald J. Carpenter, Art


List Processing Basics: Creating and Using Lists of Macro Variables


Paper 114-2007:

 Fain, Terry Gareleck, Cyndie B.


Using SAS® to Process Repeated Measures Data – A Hands-On Approach


Paper 115-2007:

 Slaughter, Susan J. Delwiche, Lora D.


Dynamic Projects in SAS® Enterprise Guide® – How to Create and Use Parameters


Paper 116-2007:

 Scerbo, Marge


Win the Pennant! Use PROC FORMAT


Paper 117-2007:

 Johnson, David H. Dickinson, Wendy B.


Data Matching


Paper 118-2007:

 Pratter, Frederick E.


Using the SAS® Output Delivery System and PROC TEMPLATE to Create XHTML Files


Paper 119-2007:

 Heaton, Edward


Reading Excel Workbooks


Paper 120-2007:

 DelGobbo, Vince


Creating Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®


Paper 121-2007:

 Lavery, Russ


An Animated Guide: The SAS® DATA Step Debugger



Life Sciences Focus Session

Paper 352-2007:

 Kush, Rebecca


Keynote Presentation: Standards for Clinical Research from Protocol Through Submission: CDISC Business Case and Progress Report


Paper 353-2007:

 Helton, Edward D.


SAS Response: Concepts and Thoughts for a CDISC /FDA Pilot and Interfacing with HL7 RCRIM Projects


Paper 354-2007:

 Steffens, Gregory C.


Customer Case Study: The Use of Metadata in the CDISC SDTM/ADaM Pilot Project


Paper 355-2007:

 Anglin, Greg


Customer Case Study: Overview of the CDISC Pilot Project


Paper 356-2007:

 Bain, Landen


Keynote Presentation: Retrieve Form for Data-Capture (RFD): an Integration Profile to Enable EHR Capture of Clinical Trial Data


Paper 357-2007:

 Nsereko, Musa


Customer Case Study: Building a Clinical Trials Data Repository using the CDISC SDTM standards and ETL


Paper 358-2007:

 Pan, Ing-Ming Yu, Audrey


Customer Case Study: Turning Information into Intelligence: Clinical Data Navigation and Integration


Paper 359-2007:

 Doetzkies, Bernd


Customer Case Study: Using SAS® Drug Development to Promote Collaboration and Decision Making


Paper 360-2007:

 Higgins, M.D., George


Keynote Presentation: Leveraging Technology to Promote a Culture of Patient Safety


Paper 361-2007:

 Fleming, Ph.D., Neil


Customer Case Study: Quality: Baylor Health Care System


Paper 362-2007:

 Preston, Sam


Customer Case Study: Using SAS to Develop and Deliver a Predictive Model for Case Management Identification



Manufacturing Focus Session

Paper 364-2007:

 Maurno, Dann


Keynote Presentation: Enterprise Intelligence: The Advantage of Brains in a Brawny World Market


Paper 365-2007:

 Newkirk, Michael


SAS Response: Optimizing the Service Chain


Paper 366-2007:

 Kondrat, Thomas


Customer Case Study: Data Mining at Chrysler Group


Paper 367-2007:

 Rey, Tim


Customer Success Story: The Dow Chemical Co: Quantitative Methods and SAS in the Chemical Industry



Media, Entertainment & Travel Focus Session

Paper 368-2007:

 Boyles, Tom


Keynote Presentation: Customer Managed Relationships at Disney


Paper 369-2007:

 Radcliffe, Scott


SAS Response: Optimize Customer Experience and Competitive Advantage with SAS


Paper 370-2007:

 Collins, Steve


Customer Case Study: BMG Columbia House


Paper 371-2007:

 Tileston, Thomas


Customer Success Story: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Accelerate Forecasting Combining SAS and Teradata



Planning, Development and Support

Paper 122-2007:

 Peters, Amy


Navigating the SAS® Training Experience


Paper 123-2007:

 Meier, Alan


Navigating a Major Regulatory Submission Project to Success


Paper 124-2007:

 Cassidy, Deb


What's a ""Senior"" SAS® Position?


Paper 125-2007:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Workforce Preparation: Equipping Undergraduates with SAS® Knowledge


Paper 126-2007:

 Milum, Jenine


Assessing SAS® Skill Level during the Interviewing Process


Paper 127-2007:

 Karp, Andrew H.


Thirteen Things I Wish I Knew before I Became an Independent SAS® Software Consultant


Paper 128-2007:

 Mitchell, Rick M.


Finding Your Mistakes before They Find You – A Quality Approach for SAS® Programmers


Paper 129-2007:

 Pruitt, Rex


Project Organization Proposal (POP) and Project Leadership Plan Guide




Paper 130-2007:

 Aboutaleb, Hany


The ABC's of Graphical Data Analysis Using SAS/GRAPH®


Paper 131-2007:

 Ayyangar, Leonor L.


Skewness, Multicollinearity, Heteroskedasticity – You Name It, Cost Data Have It! Solutions to Violations of Assumptions of the Ordinary Least Squares Regression Model Using SAS®


Paper 132-2007:

 Bao, Xinli


Mining Transaction/Order Data Using the SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Association Node


Paper 133-2007:

 Bell-Ellison , Bethany A. Kromrey, Jeffrey D.


Alternatives for Analysis of Complex Sample Surveys: A Comparison of SAS®, SUDAAN®, and AM® Software


Paper 134-2007:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Communication-Effective Pie Charts


Paper 135-2007:

 Borowiak, Kenneth W.


Perl Regular Expressions 102


Paper 137-2007:

 Bundy, Vanessa Barbeau, Paule Johnson, Maribeth


Effect Modification Investigation Using SAS® – A Model-Building Exercise


Paper 138-2007:

 Christofferson, Rebecca Barry, Kevin Condrey, Richard Geaghan, James P.


An Analysis of Abundance and Catch Probability of Sharks off Coastal Louisiana


Paper 139-2007:

 Coraggio, James T. Hess, Melinda R. Hines, Constance Kromrey, Jeffrey D. Lee, Reginald S. Luther, Stephen L.


GLMM_SIM: A SAS® Macro for Evaluating the Statistical Integrity of General Linear Mixed Models


Paper 140-2007:

 DeLancey, Apryl


Easy Graphs with PROC FORMAT, PROC GPLOT, and ODS


Paper 141-2007:

 Delwiche, Lora D. Slaughter, Susan J.


Point-and-Click Style Editing in SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 142-2007:

 Dickinson, Wendy B. Hines, Constance Onwuegbuzie, Anthony


People, Pattern, and Place: SAS/GRAPH® Data Display of Immigration Activity across the United States


Paper 143-2007:

 Jo, Chan-Hee Gossett, Jeff M. Simpson, Pippa M.


Regression Splines with Longitudinal DATA


Paper 144-2007:

 Hadden, Louise S.


Smooth Writing with In-Line Formatting


Paper 145-2007:

 High, Jerry Miller, Barbara J.


Projects, Programs, and Links – Oh My!


Paper 146-2007:

 Latendresse, Edith Djona, Maurice Fortier, Susie


Benchmarking Sub-Annual Series to Annual Totals – From Concepts to SAS® Procedure and SAS® Enterprise Guide® Custom Task


Paper 147-2007:

 Lim, Choon-Chern


7 Bulletproof Steps: The Quickest Way to Programmatically Generate a Dynamic Excel Graph from SAS®


Paper 148-2007:

 Lu, Zaizai Shen, David


Population Pharmacokinetics Studies with Nonlinear Mixed Effects Modeling


Paper 149-2007:

 Musitano Jr., Neal


Annotated SAS/GRAPH® Plot of z/OS® Goal Mode Performance Indexes Using Macros and MXG® Software


Paper 150-2007:

 Nisbet, Stuart


Animating SAS/GRAPH® Output–Telling a Story That Changes Over Time


Paper 151-2007:

 Parsons, Lori S.


Enhancing RTF Output with RTF Control Words and In-Line Formatting


Paper 152-2007:

 Patterson, Brian F. Remigio, Mylene


Don’t %QUOTE() Me on This: A Practical Guide to Macro Quoting Functions


Paper 153-2007:

 Ribble, James L.


Using an ODS Tagset to Create Distributable, Editable Data Islands


Paper 154-2007:

 Rodgers, Mindy S. Steffens, Gregory C.


The Art of Code Validation


Paper 155-2007:

 Schneider, Barbara Schneider, Kristan A.


Visualizing Statistical Inference Using SAS®


Paper 156-2007:

 Shu, Haibin


Tabbing through ODS


Paper 157-2007:

 Tian, Tim


A Simple Way to Combine Graphs and Text - DSGI


Paper 158-2007:

 Truong, Sy J. Li, Na


Can Coding MedDRA and WHO Drug Be as Easy as a Google Search?


Paper 159-2007:

 Tsang, Rita


Know Your AREA! Creating Professional SAS® Graphics in Clinical Safety Data by Using the AREAS Option in PROC GPLOT


Paper 160-2007:

 Tabladillo, Mark


A Video Guide to SAS® Help 2007


Paper 161-2007:

 Viglioni, Giovanni M.


Methodology for Railway Demand Forecasting Using Data Mining


Paper 162-2007:

 Worden, Jeanina


Skinny to Fat – In Search of the “Ideal” Data Set


Paper 163-2007:

 Wright, Wendi L.


A Legend Is Not Just a Legend


Paper 164-2007:

 Yeh, Shi-Tao


SAS® Constellation Diagram Has Many Faces


Paper 167-2007:

 Zlupko, Taras


CRSP Indices in SAS®


Paper 168-2007:

 Zou, Heng


A SAS/AF® Application to Transfer Data between SAS and XLS/CSV/XML Files



Retail Focus Session

Paper 372-2007:

 Kaul, Rajeeve


Keynote Presentation: Demand-Driven Retailing Drives AutoZone's Success


Paper 373-2007:

 Sarnevitz, Alexi L.


SAS Response: Retail Demand Intelligence: A 21st Century Shareholder Value Requirement


Paper 374-2007:

 Combs, Tim


Business Strategy Meets Advanced Planning


Paper 375-2007:

 Gautereaux, Jason


Customer Demand Forecasting Drives Merchandising Results


Paper 376-2007:

 Bunce, Charlie Sparkman, Janet


Panel Discussion: Beyond the Buzz -- Increasing Revenue and Brand Loyalty in a Multi-Channel World


Paper 377-2007:

 Levitan, Jeff


SAS Response: Driving Marketing Performance in a Multichannel Customer Centric World


Paper 378-2007:

 Rafferty, Tom


Customer Experience: Retail-Driven Demand Planning in Wholesale Distribution


Paper 379-2007:



Customer Case Study


Paper 380-2007:

 Helms, Gary Hovagimian, Howard


Sponsor Presentation: HP Category Management - Data Mining and intelligence In Action



SAS Presents

Paper 269-2007:

 Repole, Warren


Exporting SAS/GRAPH® Output for Inclusion in Web Pages and Other Software Applications


Paper 270-2007:

 Crevar, Margaret A. Ihnen, Leigh


Best Practices for Configuring Your I/O Subsystem for Your SAS®9 Applications


Paper 271-2007:

 Secosky, Jason Bloom, Janice


Getting Started with the DATA Step Hash Object


Paper 272-2007:

 Doninger, Cheryl Keefer, Tom


Best Practices for Setting Up Computer Hardware in a Grid Environment


Paper 273-2007:

 Stroupe, Jane S.


Adventures in Arrays


Paper 274-2007:

 Hemedinger, Chris


Extending SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office with Custom Tasks


Paper 275-2007:

 Friebel, Tony Foley, Richard


What's New in the XML LIBNAME Engine


Paper 276-2007:

 McMahill, Allison D.


Beyond the Basics: Advanced PROC REPORT Tips and Tricks


Paper 277-2007:

 Trovero, Michele A. Joshi, Mahesh Leonard, Michael


Efficient Reconciliation of a Hierarchy of Forecasts in Presence of Constraints


Paper 278-2007:

 Eddlestone, Mary-Elizabeth


Data Mining in the Enterprise: How to Integrate Data Mining with ETL and Business Intelligence


Paper 279-2007:

 Herbert, Pat


Real-Time Data Quality—The Right Answers at the Right Time


Paper 280-2007:

 Stokes, Maura Rodriguez, Robert N. Balan, Tonya


SAS/STAT® 9.2: Coming to a SAS® Site Near You


Paper 281-2007:

 Massengill, Darrell


Making Business Decisions Using SAS® Mapping Technologies


Paper 282-2007:

 Fraley, Jessi Tomlinson, Ben


Improve Your Quality of Life with the SAS® Configuration Troubleshooter


Paper 283-2007:

 Dodson, Lisa


Playing the Match Game—How Baylor University Saved Money and Improved Customer Relations


Paper 284-2007:

 McDaniel, Stephen


The Next Generation of Desktop Business Intelligence: SAS® Enterprise Guide® and the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office


Paper 285-2007:

 Herbert, Pat


Customer Data Integration: A Framework for Building Adaptable Customer-Oriented Business Services


Paper 286-2007:

 Hunley, Eric J. Mehler, Gary Rausch, Nancy


SAS® Data Integration Studio Product Review


Paper 287-2007:

 Ciampa, Gary T. Marusak, Scott


Monitor your SAS®9 BI Environment with Enterprise Systems Management Applications and SAS® Management Console


Paper 288-2007:

 Jahn, Dan


Web Services: The Door Is Open, All Are Welcome


Paper 289-2007:

 Noe, Larry


Single Sign-On in SAS® 9.2


Paper 290-2007:

 Wicklin, Rick


An Introduction to SAS® Stat Studio: A Programmable Successor to SAS/INSIGHT®


Paper 291-2007:

 Hatcher, Diane Matz, Ken


Case Studies in Using SAS® Information Map Studio to Solve Query and Reporting Challenges


Paper 292-2007:

 Corea, Gehan Hughes, Ed


Earned Value Management with SAS/OR®: Adding Critical Performance Monitoring to Project Execution


Paper 293-2007:

 Sargent, Dan


Utilizing the SAS® SPD Server Dynamic Cluster and Parallel Join Features to Manage and Query Very Large Data


Paper 294-2007:

 Wollangk, Brad Buchecker, Michelle


Using 'Dynamic' Variables with SAS®


Paper 295-2007:

 Wei, Jifa Chu, Robert Burke, Fred


What Models Can You Manage with SAS® Model Manager?


Paper 296-2007:

 Hughes, Ed


Adding the Power of SAS/OR® to Spreadsheet Optimization


Paper 297-2007:

 Bridgers, Michael Mebust, Scott


Creating Order Out of Character Chaos: Collation Capabilities of the SAS® System


Paper 298-2007:

 Rehm, Wes Rubendall, Craig


Easy Access to SAS Using Google Integration


Paper 299-2007:

 Ciampa, Gary T.


Achieving High Availability for the SAS®9 Metadata Server


Paper 300-2007:

 Boozer, Forrest Zogby, Chris


Case Study in Synchronizing Identities in the SAS®9 Metadata Server with an Enterprise Security Provider


Paper 301-2007:

 Schneider, Mark


The Future of SAS® Deployment for 9.2 and Beyond


Paper 302-2007:

 Mayes, Manya Eddlestone, Mary-Elizabeth


Audio Analysis in Action


Paper 303-2007:

 Rodriguez, Robert N.


Visualizing the Voice of Your Process: An Introduction to SAS/QC® for Statistical Novices


Paper 304-2007:

 McDaniel, Stephen


The New World of SAS®: Programming with SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 305-2007:

 Massengill, Darrell


SAS/AF®: Running SCL outside the Frame


Paper 306-2007:

 Weinberger, Ann Van Wyk, Jana Belmaggio, Tina


Administration of SAS® Cubes



SAS Presents...Solutions

Paper 307-2007:

 Froning, David A.


SAS® Warranty Analysis 4.1: Earlier Warning, More Accurate Definition, and Faster ROI


Paper 308-2007:

 Handelsman, David


SAS® Drug Development: Bringing Innovation to Life Sciences


Paper 309-2007:

 Kalich, Tanya C.


Marketing Automation Administration—Going from Good to Great


Paper 310-2007:

 Bober, Andy


Real-Time Decision Management with SAS®


Paper 311-2007:

 Lieble, Frank


SAS IT Intelligence for Resource Optimization Using the SAS Forecast Server



SAS Presents…BI Architecture Tips and Techniques

Paper 312-2007:

 Gibbs, Sandy


What You Always Wanted to Know about Hot Fixes and Service Packs but Never Asked


Paper 313-2007:

 Fischer, Anja


Getting Started with Your SAS® Installation Kit


Paper 314-2007:

 Fischer, Anja Gibbs, Sandy


Troubleshooting SAS® Foundation and SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform Installs


Paper 315-2007:

 Fischer, Anja Gibbs, Sandy


Troubleshooting SAS® Application Servers


Paper 316-2007:

 Fischer, Anja


Securing Your Deployment: SAS® Metadata Security


Paper 317-2007:

 Fischer, Anja


Managing Your SAS®9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform Metadata Repositories


Paper 318-2007:

 Fischer, Anja


Metadata Backup and Restore with %OMABAKUP


Paper 319-2007:

 Fischer, Anja Gibbs, Sandy


Introducing: SAS Metadata Server


Paper 320-2007:

 Fischer, Anja


Securing Your Deployment: SAS® Metadata Security



Statistics and Data Analysis

Paper 169-2007:

 Dickey, David A.


Forecasting Methods—An Overview of Models and Techniques


Paper 170-2007:

 Chvosta, Jan Erdman, Donald


Analyzing Time Series Cross-Sectional Data with the PANEL Procedure


Paper 171-2007:

 Kearney, Trevor Hughes, Ed


Optimization with SAS/OR®—What It Is, What's New, and How It Adds Value


Paper 172-2007:

 Archer, Sandra Armacost, Robert L.


Using SAS/OR® to Determine the Optimal Path to Graduation


Paper 173-2007:

 Bursac, Zoran Gauss, C. Heath Williams, David K. Hosmer, David W.


A Purposeful Selection of Variables Macro for Logistic Regression


Paper 174-2007:

 Kegan, Bonnie E. Williams, Todd


SAS® Macros for Automated Model Selection When the Response Variable Is Nominal—Needs and Solutions Involving PROC CATMOD


Paper 176-2007:

 Sall, John P.


JMP® 7 Features: Computer Experiments, Large Scale Analytics, and Visualization


Paper 177-2007:

 Schabenberger, Oliver


Growing Up Fast: SAS® 9.2 Enhancements to the GLIMMIX Procedure


Paper 178-2007:

 Littell, Ramon C.


Repeated Measures Analysis with Clustered Subjects


Paper 179-2007:

 Flom, Peter L. McMahon, James M. Pouget, Enrique R.


Using PROC NLMIXED and PROC GLMMIX to Analyze Dyadic Data with a Dichotomous Dependent Variable


Paper 180-2007:

 Sobczak, Michael J.


Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration in the United States—Toward a Structural Approach


Paper 181-2007:

 Gilbert, Steven A. Chen, Lingyun


Using SAS® PROC NLMIXED for Robust Regression


Paper 182-2007:

 Torres, Pedro A. Macchiavelli , Raul


Marginal Interpretation of Subject-Specific Curves: Logistic-Normal Regression


Paper 183-2007:

 Cassell, David L.


Don't Be Loopy: Re-Sampling and Simulation the SAS® Way


Paper 184-2007:

 Leslie, R. Scott Thiebaud, Patrick


Using Propensity Scores to Adjust for Treatment Selection Bias


Paper 185-2007:

 Coca-Perraillon, Marcelo


Local and Global Optimal Propensity Score Matching


Paper 186-2007:

 Blood, Emily Spratt, Kevin F.


Disagreement on Agreement: Two Alternative Agreement Coefficients


Paper 187-2007:

 Mandrekar, Jayawant N. Mandrekar, Sumithra J. Cha, Stephen S.


SAS® Macros for Assessing the Symmetry of a Data Set


Paper 188-2007:

 Chung, St. Clare Groulx, Adrienne Moon, Kyung-hee (Kelly)


Using SAS® to Determine Sample Sizes for Traditional Two-Stage and Adaptive Two-Stage Phase II Cancer Clinical Trial Designs


Paper 189-2007:

 Jonsson Funk, Michele Westreich, Daniel Davidian, Marie Wiesen, Chris


Introducing a SAS® Macro for Doubly Robust Estimation


Paper 190-2007:

 Ramirez, Jose G. Tobias, Randall D.


Split and Conquer! Using SAS/QC® to Design Quality into Complex Manufacturing Processes


Paper 191-2007:

 Fernandez, George C.


Model Selection in PROC MIXED—A User-Friendly SAS® Macro Application


Paper 192-2007:

 Thompson, David M.


Latent Class Analysis in SAS®—Promise, Problems, and Programming


Paper 193-2007:

 Heath, Dan


New SAS/GRAPH® Procedures for Creating Statistical Graphics in Data Analysis


Paper 243-2007:

 Wicklin, Rick


An Introduction to SAS® Stat Studio: A Programmable Successor to SAS/INSIGHT®



Systems Architecture

Paper 194-2007:

 Raithel, Michael A.


A Simple Chargeback System for SAS® Applications Running on UNIX and Linux Servers


Paper 195-2007:

 Dosani, Faisal


Two Heads Are Better Than One – Getting the Most Out of Multiprocessing


Paper 196-2007:

 Pohl, Gerhardt Forst, Fred R. Widel, Mario Burger, Thomas H.


Pipes and Threads: Performance Testing of Advanced Scalability Features in SAS®9


Paper 197-2007:

 Chanda, Somantak


A Throughput-Intensive Compute and Storage Grid Using SAS® Grid Manager


Paper 198-2007:

 Chew, Maureen E.


Zebra, Zamboni, Zen and the art of ZFS - A SAS® 9 on Solaris 10 Performance Comparison


Paper 199-2007:

 Hatcher, Diane Matz, Ken


Best Practices for SAS®9 Metadata Administration


Paper 200-2007:

 Christenson, Paul High, Jerry


How Shall We Secure the BI Enterprise?


Paper 201-2007:

 Churchill, Alan K.


AJAX and SAS®: Smooth Web Applications


Paper 202-2007:

 Cornell, Kevin Bretz, Michael


"Ins" and "Outs" of Installing and Configuring the SAS® Enterprise BI Server at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


Paper 203-2007:

 Crevar, Margaret A. Brown, Tony


Ensuring You Have the Proper Resources for Your SAS®9 Applications


Paper 204-2007:

 Hall, Angela M. Zenick, Ben S.


“Development, Test, Production … Oh My!” Making It to the Land of Oz (also known as a satisfied IT Department) Using SAS®9 and Business Processes


Paper 205-2007:

 Nelson, Gregory S.


Architecting SAS® in a Modern World: Best Practices for Design, Configuration, and Management of SAS®9


Paper 206-2007:

 Hall, Angela M. Henderson, Donald J. Kelley, Joe Leveille, John Miller, J. Philip


Panel Discussion – It's the Server, Stupid




Paper 207-2007:

 Nelson, Gregory S.


Introduction to SAS®9 Business Intelligence—A Tutorial


Paper 208-2007:

 Whitlock, Ian


How to Think through the SAS® DATA Step


Paper 209-2007:

 Virgile, Robert


The Most Important Efficiency Techniques


Paper 210-2007:

 Olinger, Chris Weeks, Tim


The "Ins" and "Outs" of SAS® Data Integration Studio


Paper 211-2007:

 Gilsen, Bruce F.


Tales from the Help Desk 2: Solutions for Common SAS® Mistakes


Paper 212-2007:

 Hall, Angela M. Miles, Brian O.


SAS® Information Map Studio and SAS® Web Report Studio—A Tutorial


Paper 213-2007:

 Gupta, Sunil K.


WHERE vs. IF Statements—Knowing the Difference in How and When to Apply


Paper 214-2007:

 Hall, Angela M. Miles, Brian O.


SAS® Information Delivery Portal—A Tutorial


Paper 215-2007:

 Rossland, Eric


Building Reports with SAS® Web Report Studio


Paper 216-2007:

 Scerbo, Marge


Everyone Needs "a Raise" (Arrays)


Paper 217-2007:

 Cody, Ronald


An Introduction to SAS® Character Functions


Paper 218-2007:

 Pratter, Frederick E.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Stored Processes


Paper 219-2007:

 Smith, Kevin D.


The Output Delivery System (ODS) from Scratch


Paper 220-2007:

 Kuligowski, Andrew T.


Easy Come, Easy Go—Interactions between the DATA Step and External Files


Paper 221-2007:

 Smith, Kevin D.


PROC TEMPLATE Tables from Scratch


Paper 222-2007:

 Choate, Paul A. Dunn, Toby


The Power of the BY Statement


Paper 223-2007:

 Cassell, David L.


The Basics of the PRX Functions


Paper 224-2007:

 Karp, Andrew H.




Paper 225-2007:

 Gebhart, Eric


ODS Markup, Tagsets, and Styles! Taming ODS Styles and Tagsets


Paper 226-2007:

 Bilenas, Jonas V.


Using SAS® Dates and Times—A Tutorial


Paper 227-2007:

 Gebhart, Eric


ODS and Office Integration


Paper 228-2007:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Get the Best Out of SAS/GRAPH® and ODS


Paper 229-2007:

 DelGobbo, Vince


Creating Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®


Paper 230-2007:

 Bilenas, Jonas V.


Making Sense of PROC TABULATE (updated for SAS®9)


Paper 231-2007:

 Douglass, Larry W.


Learning What You Didn’t Know about Your Data


Paper 232-2007:

 Miles, Brian O. Zenick, Ben S.


Beyond the Basics: Advanced OLAP Techniques


Paper 233-2007:

 Fu, I-Kong


SAS® Enterprise BI Server Integration with Microsoft Office


Paper 234-2007:

 Lavery, Russ


An Animated Guide: PROC TRANSPOSE


Paper 235-2007:

 Eberhardt, Peter W. Brill, Ilene K.


How Do I Look It Up If I Don't Know How to Spell It? An Introduction to SAS® DICTIONARY Tables


Paper 236-2007:

 Karp, Andrew H.


Getting the Most from PROC MEANS


Paper 237-2007:

 Pass, Ray Davis, Michael L. Dickstein, Craig


DATA Step vs. PROC SQL—What’s a Neophyte to Do?


Paper 238-2007:

 Whitlock, Ian


Macro Bugs—How to Create, Avoid, and Destroy Them


Paper 239-2007:

 Rhodes, Dianne Louise


Talking to Your RDBMS Using SAS/ACCESS®


Paper 240-2007:

 Williams, Christianna S.


Using PROC FORMAT for Data Validation and Clean-Up


Paper 241-2007:

 Raithel, Michael A.


Process Your SAS® Data Sets Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere—You Choose with SAS/CONNECT®


Paper 242-2007:

 Carpenter, Art


Advanced PROC REPORT—Doing More in the Compute Block