GREPLAY Procedure

MODIFY Statement

Changes the name, description, and BY statement information of entries or group headers in the input catalog.


MODIFY modify-pair(s);
modify-pair or pairs has the following form:
entry-id / description(s)

Required Argument

entry-id / description(s)
specifies the entry to modify.
specifies the number (in the order in which they were created) or name of a catalog entry or a group of entries in the input catalog. Entries must contain graphics output. Multiple entry IDs can contain both numbers and names.
specifies a character string that can be used for additional information or for BY statement information. A character string can be up to 40 characters long, and must be enclosed in quotation marks. BY statement information appears directly beneath the primary description of the catalog entry.
specifies a new name for the GRSEG catalog entry. The name must begin with a letter, and the remainder can include letters, numbers, or underscores. Uppercase letters are converted to lowercase, and periods are converted to underscores. The NAME= option value can be up to 256 characters long, but the GRSEG name is truncated to eight characters. If the name duplicates an existing entry name, to make the name unique, SAS/GRAPH appends a number to the name while maintaining the eight-character limit. See Duplicate Entry Names.
specifies a description of the output. The maximum length for description is 256 characters. The description does not appear in the output. The descriptive text is shown in each of the following:
  • the chart description for Web output (depending on the device driver that you are using). See Chart Descriptions for Web Presentations for more information.
  • the Table of Contents that is generated when you use CONTENTS= on an ODS HTML statement, assuming that the output is generated while the contents page is open.
  • the description and the properties for the output in the Results window.
  • the description and properties for the catalog entry in the Explorer.
  • the Description field of the PROC GREPLAY window.
Default:The original graph description